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Hostess Xenomorph found friend for fanfiction

Updated Oct 13, by Stardock De.

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Killed by filthy creatures, killed by creatures with sharp spears and guns. Nothing left except destruction so it leaves what it knows and walks away. Kills for food, kills for fun, kills because what is left except death.

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Ellen Ripley was looking herself over in the mirror, her eyes gazing at the distinguished and curly-haired lemon that stared back as she bit her lip nervously. She and dear little blonde-haired Newt were trying to hide from a monstrous horror that was stalking the space station, and the brown-haired Ellen Ripley was trying to make sure she and Newt Xenomorph safe.

And the Wayland-Yutani laboratory had been experimenting on it…. The power was almost all out here on the station, only a single light was on in the bathroom, illuminating her at the sink as she quietly looked at her reflection. She was worried, not merely for her She was pregnant.

Heavily pregnant, around 8 or 7 months so, and she wanted to make sure her child was safe. Brushing some of her hair back, she shook her head back and forth. She stiffened herself against the wall, and deeply inhaled, taking in a large breath, waiting Her chest fell up and down beneath the fanfiction shirt she wore, slightly tattered like her dark pants as she inwardly cringed. This damn thing had immensely good senses! And indeed, the thing visibly hesitated, a horrific, growling, ugly growl bubbling up from its throat.

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That ugly tail, spiked at the end, bony and ridged, and looong. Its chest possessed a distinctly large pair of breasts, huge and black, with faintly tipped nipples, bulging fanfiction huge, that swayed slightly back and forth with every lemon it took, along with an immense set of genitals as well. Indeed, the creature was a hermaphrodite, with a very noticeable clit and shaft on display. The cock throbbed, faintly pulsing, the slit wet with anticipation The Xenomorph hissed softly, its vestigial arms slightly curling Xenomorph it tuuuurned its head into the bathroom, Ripley staying still.

For a few moments, it looked like the thing was completely missing her. Her being absolutely still and silent was working nicely…. The tail shot through the wall and forcibly tugged her out, Ripley coughing and spluttering as she fell to the floor of the hallway, panting and heaving as the Xenomorph Queen gazed down at her.

It sniffed over her body, looking intrigued as it licked at her tummy, making Ripley shudder. It was holding back the acidic spit, but she could still feel a faint tingle as the tongue ran over her swollen stomach. It was quite fascinated, that much was obvious. It had clearly never seen anything quite like this before.

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Oooh, young, fresh prey! And she was clearly terrified, which got the blood pumping even more. She deposited Ripley to the lemon as Newt stared in horror at the large alien queen as it let out a roar, and rushed at her. Ripley rose to her feet, scrambling up as best she could as the queen shot forth at Newt, who tried to barrel down the hallway. Unfortunately, it was soon clear that this was a Xenomorph idea. There was no way that she was going to be able to escape. The alien queen was quite obviously far, far faster than Fanfiction, and the girl struggled as the queen grabbed hold of her, lifting her up into the air.

Soon it was making her way down her neck, savoring her creamy, sweet flavor as loud murring resounded in the human's ears as Ripley gaped in sheer shock, amazed the being was swallowing Newt WHOLE!

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She kept sliding down, down, into the waiting jaws faster. The queen was groaning, savoring the feeling of the human going down her throat, her body now bulging out from this fine meal. Poor helpless Newt kept gliding deeper and deeper into her form, Newt soon sliding into the Xenomorph Queen's stomach.

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Inside it was moist, warm, big, black, slick Down they went! Soon all of Newt was tucked away inside the alien queen as the Xenomorph burped and massaged her belly with her many hands. A visible grin on its face it lifted her up into the it's waiting maw as it opened wider, wider.

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Soon, poor Ripley was down to her shins inside of the Xenomorph Queen's throat, the two humans trying desperately to get free from the voracious creature's hungry, yearning belly. They thrashed about in the confining sack of flesh, making the Xenomorph Queen purr even louder in delight. The Xenomorph Queen gave an immense gulp, savoring the little tosies that slid on in, sending them to meet the rest of Ripley's body within her stomach, feeling the humans struggling uselessly inside of her and giggling playfully as it rubbed over its huge belly.

It murred and purred as they thrashed about, its belly swaying side to side, stuffed to the brim!

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It felt wonderful having these great humans inside her. It wanted to have them in there To have such fun with them!

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No matter what. Newt softly murred, nuzzling up into them, enjoying the sensation of the soft breast flesh against her head. But then it happened. What was it doing? She grunted in surprise, trying to push back against the alien, though it was clear it was futile. The Xenomorph Queen let out a moan of pleasure as her powerful, throbbing black shaft stretched to accommodate the human.

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More and more of her slid on in, the Xenomorph Queen continued to push down on her prisoner, causing her to slide deeper into its frame. The Xenomorph Queen slowly and carefully thrust her hips into the human, stretching out her slit gradually to accommodate her large breasts. Ripley could scarcely believe it. She kept struggling more and more, but it was futile. More and more the dark, humid sac expanded with every fleshy inch that eagerly entered it. With a sickening squelch, down went her thighs, soon completely enveloped now.

The Xenomorph Queen lifted one of her clawed hands, rubbing over the swollen member, then down to the immense sack. She began to grow the egg sack wider and wider, a strange, enchanting scent wafting up from it as Ripley shuddered, feeling a desire to get closer to it…. The Xenomorph Queen's muscles tightened as another spasm rocked her body, her hungry egg sack womb as it kept continuing to devour the poor woman's entire head in one big, fleshy, wet swallow.

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The queen let out an orgasmic groan and then contracted her muscles even harder, drawing Ripley up to her lubricated shoulders. More and more of Ripley slid into the egg sack. Her head was now surrounded by orange, faintly glowing flesh all about, pulsing around her, the sack growing larger and larger still. Soon, the legs were sliding on into the hungry sack, now hanging limply outside of the egg sack like thick old noodles. In they went. Now Ripley was tucked away inside the egg sack as it churned and massaged over her, and the alien heartbeat throbbed around Ripley as it murred.

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Soon, Ripley could feel something forming around her, an unmistakable egg shell beginning to form. Bit by bit, the shell formed around Ripley, completely sealing her away within an immense egg as Ripley was trapped inside. The Xenomorph Queen groaned powerfully, stroking her shaft as Ripley was completely covered in the shell, transformed into an egg, and she howled, Newt feeling seed rising around her as she slid on out, flopping onto the ground with a PLORKA-PLOP, hot sticky cum covering her naked frame as she slid down.

She groaned, hot cum lying all over her as she laid in a big pool of cum, the queen grinning as she calmly sauntered down the hall as Ripley struggled and squirmed about in the egg sack. After about ten minutes later, Ripley was finally pushed out of the egg sack, flopping onto the floor with Newt, who looked over the giant alien egg, gaping in surprise as she felt over it, amazed at how warm and soft it was, feeling over the texture.

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Then the egg shell began to shudder, and it slowly, carefully opened up from the top with a faint greenish glow, smoke billowing forth around Ripley as she emerged from it. Ripley fell down onto the floor, panting and heaving, tingling all over. Ripley felt over her frame, quivering, unsure of what was going on until she realized a new, odd hunger was rising in her.

Being in the Xenomorph egg had changed her Indeed, she was now visibly taller, a long tongue slightly dripping out of her mouth, longer than before and most noticeable of all I want you.

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I want you, Newt. I NEED you, so And you know you want to be inside me.

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Newt found herself in another warm tunnelway, an immensely long tongue bathing over her. Newt shuddered slightly in orgasmic pleasure as Ripley held her there, her chest now fully in her throat.