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Very Subtle by Midnight. No Haley and no baby. Where Words Fail by a-little-blonde-distraction.

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He was also the deuteragonist — behind Toothless — of the first film and the tritagonist of the sequel. For a great man has fallen.

My age I'm 35 years old
Eye tint: I’ve got clear blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Gender: Girl
Color of my hair: Bushy flaxen hair

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Hiccup and ruffnut fanfiction lemon

Arel Chig is a fallen prince, the only one who dares to break the rules in a society separated by race, language and origin. When he meets Nikto, a strange man of many secrets, Arel's life is going to change.

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Or touch the weird artefacts? And did that guy have a tail!?

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Valkyrie and Caelen from the Skulduggery Pleasant series, set in the middle of the sixth book. The beginning of another drabble series inspired by colors.

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Turmoil and strife threaten the Realm. An ancient prophecy about to be fulfilled, or is it?

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Can an unconventional trio overcome their long held prejudices to become the force to unite and protect? This will post in word drabbles, each chapter with warnings in the header. Everyone and Anyone is welcome to participate! Just follow the rules here!

Smutty fics/one-shots/drabbles

When he runs into hood friend, he ignores her warning and finds himself being recruited by the local pack. Unfortunately for him, they don't care whether he's interested in staying. In a world where humans are little more than slaves to demon kind, Nell must make the best of becoming the apprentice to a demon named Sallos. He must learn how to be a decent hunter or his own life will become just another human corpse, left behind by an uncaring world of blood and magic.

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Aaron's math teacher needs to talk to his mother about her boy's big issues. This story is ridiculous and unrealistic. When Red Spider Lilies Bloom One chilly summer night, a young gal named Sonia was rescued by the mysterious red-haired woman. Yet, once their eyes met, both were drawn closely to each other, but, the very little they knew what kind of fate awaits them Emma By : Frazero- Published : August 20, There are some kids that are pressured into ing the family business.

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Sometimes they are dragged along to see how the business works in hopes that one day they'll pick up the mantle. Austin knew these pressures all too well however most kids didn't have to deal with the knowledge that their family business involved the contracting and devouring of human souls. That was the reality of being the son of one of the best contracting demons on the planet but Austin's father has been gone for years now and Austin is expected to fill in his father's shoes.

Really, he just wants to be normal.

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Wulf shadelostwolf Published : February 9, Levi Sharpe just wanted to get out of high school without causing trouble for his mom. In the aftermath of the latest incident, his mom decided to move them to her old hometown in the hope of Levi being safe.

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Rhea Sharpe just wanted the last two people left in her little family to survive well into adulthood. Until a fateful night that sparked a series of events. Prison Island By : daemondhart Published : May 20, A sexologist interviews a woman whose intire life has been dedicated to the pursuit of maximum sexual pleasures.

Macguffin Published : October 7,