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Wonderful wrestling wife friend with for flirtbook

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That's great, and yes it's hot I have to admit, also love how she always has to win, beavers gives up.

What is my age 59
Sex: I'm girl
What is my body type: My figure type is muscular
My favourite music: Techno

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My wife was out shopping, and son was away at a baseball game. My wife told me her girlfriend who I have been asking my wife to think about having a 3some with might stop by and just text her if she stops I causally replied,"ok". Her friend never came over by herself but it was nice to know about it.

Suddenly I heard a door bell ring and went to the door. She was at the door, I greeted her,"hi honey" She replied. I said, "She said for you to come in when you get here". Her friend stepped in wearing an old sweatshirt with the sleeves ripped off, and blue jeans with flip flops. I saw her toes and couldn't help myself.

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I started to stutter and closed the door. I told her, "hey I got a bone to pick with you honey. I quickly grabbed her head in a playful head lock. She used her left arm to grab my waist and her right arm to attempt to dislodge my head lock on her, her flip flops slipped off as I saw her lovely tops of her barefeet. I then slowly brought her knees to the carpet and completed the take down by rolling her onto her back, quickly straddling her.

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She was shocked as I grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the carpet. She was pinned to the carpet with me straddling her she replied,"if your wife comes home you are screwed, how are you going to explain why you are sitting on top of me, pinning me? As we looked at each others eyes, I started to feel a connection to her, i was getting very aroused sitting on her stomach it was only a matter of time until I had an accident in my pants.

Now get the off of me before I scream you pervert".

My wife can beat me at wrestling

I then moved up her chest into a tight schoolgirl pin. I started to grind her chest so hard that she moaned in pain every grind, I could feel my knees getting rug burned. It only took about 10 grinds I then hugged her tight as I Had my accident. Nothing ever came of the incident as I think she was so embarrassed and didn't want my wife to think she was coming onto me by entering the house without her.

Sex advice: after confessing that i felt turned on by my wife play wrestling with her sister, she called me disgusting. what can i do?

I will never forget that day and am always nervous whenever my wife brings up her friends name. You were wrong since she did not want to wrestle you. If you had ever say it was ok for the two of you to wrestle and the girlfriend say yes then go for.

It sounds like you have a wrestling fetish. This is ok, but dude wrestling your wife's best friend is really pushing it. Start trying to wrestle other females without any connection to your wife.

Wrestling with my wife

What better way to cop a feel with a female than wrestle with her. Wrestling foreplay in bed is the best. Either way you win. Love the wrestling posts. For me I like when 2 females start fighting and one straddles the other and I watch how the pinned down female reacts. Does she give up or continue to fight. Wow that is hot.

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My buddy was playfighting his girlfriend and ended up pinning her down. I caught myself staring at her feet. After she essentially gave up her feet were both firmly planted on the carpet in a submissive position not moving. Very sexy.

Privately wrestling my wife's best friend

Always wanted to see my wife wrestle her friend. Sounds like you better not ask this particular friend. Money talks! My wife also has a friend who I would love to see them wrestle. My wife someimes would wrestle her her best friend the matches were always good and they were equal i skills I would wrestle her friend once they were done my wife gave us her ok we we go had it and I would make her submit in the end. A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you.

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How wrestling is saving my marriage

Like us? I went out the other night with friends This is a true story of my brother and When I was 16 there was a lady who My wife and I met in high school. I was passed up for another promotion I don't know if anything is wrong with You are such a liar! You told me you I'm a newly married female My wife and I were at a hot tub party My husband has told me he would like me I am only 13 but like most girls these I am 40 years old and have been married Privately wrestling my wife's best friend My wife was out shopping, and son was away at a baseball game.

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Caught wanking by my 14 year old sister when i was 16 2 years ago and the worst Cancel Post. Sort Newest.

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How can i get my wife to try wrestling another woman?

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