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Another example, which clearly shows the differences in the process of feminization, is that of magistrates. The alarm was raised in connection to teaching when the legitimacy of women was proclaimed at the end of the nineteenth century Cacouault-Bitaud and later to the liberal professions, whose feminization has proceeded at a slower pace and with ificant differences depending on the type of profession. Anthropologists stress the permanence of our representations of the feminine, defined in opposition to the masculine and ranked lower on a scale of values. A feminized profession would thus be discredited by definition, and the highest positions in the spheres of economic and political power would remain inaccessible to women, the sine qua non of avoiding a loss of prestige. Secondly, we will show that the negative images and interpretations that are expressed each time a prestigious occupation ceases to be a male prerogative reveal outdated or mythical visions of that profession and reflect contradictions and evolutions on different levels. We will draw on historical and sociological research that simultaneously analyzes the process of feminization and changes of an instituti onal, economic, and technical nature.

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By Marcus Buckingham. In its recent special on the state of American women, Time magazine announced that the gender wars were over and declared a tie.

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It's a cooperative, with bylaws under constant negotiation and expectations that profits be equally shared. In a war, no matter the outcome of a certain skirmish or battle, the winner is the party whose attitudes, behaviors and preoccupations come to dominate the postwar landscape.

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By this measure, the outcome of the gender wars, if wars they were, is clear: Women won. Men's attitudes more and more resemble women's attitudes.

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Infor example, 72 percent of men believed men should be the primary breadwinners and women should be the primary caretakers of home and family. Today, only 42 percent of men hold those opinions, which happens to be almost exactly the same as the percentage of women who feel that way 38 percent. Men's behaviors are becoming more and more like women's.

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Inmen spent, on average, only six hours a week doing housework, as compared to 21 hours for women. Today, when it comes to the "second shift," men look a lot like women—men now spend 13 hours a week on housework, while women spend Similarly, 40 years ago, the average Don Draper spent only two hours a day caring for his nonteen kids, while the average Betty devoted almost twice that much time to her kids—3.

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Today, Betty's kid time is exactly the same, while Don's has climbed to three hours per day. Gen Y d have taken it up a notch. They now spend more than four hours a day on childcare.

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In their place, we now honor a new style of leader, no less visionary, but more pragmatic, more conciliatory, building consensus as they quietly get things done—in the Oval Office, Barack Obama; at Hewlett Packard, Mark Hurd; at Disney HQ, Bob Eiger; and at the Welch mansion, the softer, friendlier hybrid, JackandSuzy. Even our entertainment heroes have lost their masculine muscle. Arnold, Bruce and Stallone are long gone from the screen, but even the flirty, flaky, funny adolescents—Tom, Brad, Jim, and Will—no longer charm us quite as much as they once did.

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Instead, our leading men are the likes of Zac Efron who, though he can still "Michael Jordan" it on the court, now has to sing and dance charmingly to earn our affection. Or the dangerous but effete and oh-so-delicate Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame. Or the gender-bending, pirate-styling and pretty Johnny Depp. Even James Bond has found his feminine side—all he wants is a quantum of solace, crushed as he is at the thought that the one he loved, really truly loved, betrayed him.

The war is over. Women won. And, as ever, to the victor go the spoils.

Empires and ‘effeminate men.’ after britain and america, it’s china’s turn to worry about masculinity

More Home. Working Spirit: Setting Boundaries.

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Inside the World of Anatomist Joy Reidenberg.