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These marriage and property laws, or "coverture," stipulated that a married woman did not have a separate legal existence from her husband. A married woman or feme covert was a dependent, like an underage child or a slave, and could not own property in her own name or control her own earnings, except under very specific circumstances.

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On our journey into the lush green hills of the Minang Heartlands I see men ploughing the land with water buffalo and women busily harvesting or planting rice in paddy fields. My girlfriend Katerina is convinced that this is exactly the kind of place where women rule!

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I laugh off the idea and remind myself that this is a Muslim society, so how can that be possible! If we look back into the history of the Minangkabau culture, however, we see they have developed some quite extraordinary customs that defy the normal rules of Islam.

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The custom of the men being separated from their families was instigated at an early age. Boys of six or seven had to move away from home and sleep in the village surau a boarding house for young bachelor men. They would stay there until they went abroad on merantau the tradition of the man working away from home or got married. If for any reason the wife decided to divorce her husband, which she was free to do, he would have to move back into the surau with the younger men.

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This would be often be extremely humiliating for the man, and would to lead him becoming the subject of intense ridicule within the community. So, from an early age Minangkabau men were conditioned to believe their place was outside the home, and that they should always obey their wives. On the outskirts of the village of Rao Rao, we find a young man ploughing the field with a water buffalo.

I watch and listen how he skilfully directs the beast with clever one syllable yelps.

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I back away and leave him to park his irritable beast a safe distance away. Later, waiting for the bus men to the nearby rule of Batusangkar, I suggest to Katerina that the structure of Minangkabau society can be a little unfair for the men. Today the Minangkabau is the largest matrilineal society on the planet, ing 4. In an age when all we hear about are the extreme measures being brought against women in the Muslim world, the Minangkabau culture of West Sumatra is a complete breath of fresh air.

The society dispels all prejudice you normally associate with Islam, so much so that I feel we can all learn from their woman and tolerant attitude. In the next blog post I will be delving into how Minangkabau traditions merged with Islam to create a culture with unexpected privileges women….

We have four eBooks out at the moment — take a look on Amazon. After art college I tried to escape the responsibility of getting a proper job by travelling around the world. This went on for the next twenty-five years! On my adventures I encountered various indigenous tribes and my painting became focused upon their struggle to adapt to an ever modernising world.

This has led me to develop a more open and less inhibited approach to art. More recently I have been experimenting with animated documentary film making, and also doing some writing and sketching about alternative social structures.

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Here is a list of matriarchal features of the culture: Inheritance goes to daughters. Matrilineal inheritance. Matrilineal name. Matrilocal residence. The husband often works away, leaving the wife in charge of the house and family. Matrifocal family. Women receive a good education and often find work in professional careers. In the next blog post I will be delving into how Minangkabau traditions merged with Islam to create a culture with unexpected privileges women… Thank you for your interest in our project.

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Where muslim men obey their wives!

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