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Wild at Heart is a Side Quest in Velenlocated in the town of Blackbough, where a hunter seeks his missing wife.

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Speak to Niellen and the missing woman's sister and they'll tell you to search the woods and talk to the neighbours. Glenna and the armourer will tell you look in the woods too, and suggest there's either wild dogs, wolves or something else in the trees. Head on over there. Around the forest you'll be attacked by wolves. Put them down, then speak to the sister, who will offer you money to go back and tell Niellen his wife is dead. You can choose that option now, or carry on and complete the quest.

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The Witcher 3 's Wild at Heart side quest asks players to look into the disappearance of a woman named Hanna at the behest of her husband Niellen. As fans pursue this task, they will be forced to make several choices, and indeed their decisions will impact how the quest ultimately unfolds. For those players that are looking for more details on the choices in this The Witcher 3 side questor are simply stuck at some point in Wild at Heart, a full walkthrough may be helpful.

Family matters (continued)

After picking up Wild at Heart from one of the noticeboards in Velen, The Witcher 3 fans should head to Blackbough and speak with Niellen. This NPC can be found standing in front of a house speaking with a woman named Margrit, and players should agree to search for his wife during this conversation. This will prompt Niellen and Margrit to provide the names of several characters that Geralt should question about Hanna's whereabouts, and speaking with them will point players in the direction of the nearby woods.

While searching the marked area in these woods, Geralt will be attacked by a pack of wolves, and dispatching them will cause Margrit to appear. Here, the NPC will offer to pay Geralt if he agrees to tell Niellen that Hanna is dead without any further investigation, and this marks the first choice that players must make in The Witcher 3 's Wild at Heart quest.

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More specifically, fans can accept her terms to essentially end the quest and receive some XP and Crowns, or they can refuse and continue to look. The Witcher 3 players that opt to proceed with the investigation should now examine the disemboweled dog by the tree and then follow the trail of corpses and claw marks. This will lead Geralt to conclude that a werewolf has in fact killed Hanna, and fans should continue forward until they reach a tree with a stone leaning against it.

Next to this tree, players will find a tuft of fur that Geralt can use to track the werewolf to its lair below a shack, and this should be entered after meditating until nighttime.

The witcher 3: wild at heart

Before engaging with the werewolf in Wild at Heart, fans should first dispatch the three lesser wolves and make sure that they are adequately prepared. Indeed, the fight with this werewolf in The Witcher 3 can be quite challenging, and it is recommended that players take a highly aggressive approach. This means using fast attacks with the silver sword and relying on dodges, s, and bombs to mitigate the beast's health regeneration.

At a certain point during this battle, Margrit will appear once again, and players will now discover the truth behind Hanna's death. This will lead to the final choice in The Witcher 3 's Wild at Heart quest, with fans deciding if they will let the werewolf kill Margrit or if they will instruct her to run.

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If the first option is selected then the beast will slaughter the woman before submitting its life to Geralt, and if the second is picked then players will need to finish off the werewolf in combat. In either case, fans will complete the quest and can loot a key from the dead werewolf. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions are in development. William Parks is an editor at Game Rant with a background in visual arts.

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Now, William enjoys playing Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch with his daughter and finding time to sneak in the newest From Software game when possible. Share Share Tweet. William Parks Articles Published.

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