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I'd what looking m4m massage who wants champagne

Everyone has his own definition when it comes to Sensual Gay Massage or M4M Massage, so it is left open to the male masseur to give his own interpretation of what M4M Massage encompass. It is a massage that does not attempt to ignore sexual arousal but actively embraces it as the natural process that it is. The best M4M Massage should always be given to the whole body and as well as incorporate the effleurage and kneading techniques of traditional therapeutic massage.

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He is professional, personable and an excellent massage therapist. I would highly recommend. Please read both of these documents by clicking on the preceding links. If you do not agree to adide by all sections of the documents, please do not proceed.

Age 55
Nationality: I'm czech
What is my body features: My body type is overweight

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For an Appointment call Chris.

Celebrating 15 years with 16 very different settings for a entertaining experience

Open 7 days a week from 8am until 10pm. Door knobs and everything is and has always wiped down with lysol wipes, after each customer. Mouth wash, hand sanitizer, masks and shower are all available. In Need of Adult Novelty toys and products? Yes i have my own online Toy Store and you can also purchase your items during your visit. This is my very first setting, and a very relaxing one at that. Be sure to check out all new Galaxy Experience as well, for a darker, more vivid experience into deep space.

Details are near end of site. This is my most popular setting, where you can choose from, thousands of full length mature videos in Full p HD! This is an updated version of the venues, that use to line the streets of Times Square in the 70's. And after your session as you get dressed, you can watch movie trailers, just like you would at real cinema. For starters you may be asking yourself what is Christophers M4M? Where else? With 16 very different settings, there is something for everyone.

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And are for entertainment purposes only, they are not recommended for those seeking a therapeutic massage for any physical therapy or medical conditions. Making your first appointment. But if you must text for privacy reasons, just know its a longer process. Also refrain from any explicit language.

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Also if you're on the heavy side, this is the time to let me know, so i can suggest the settings most comfortable for you. What type of setting is best for me? Now if you want a walk on the wild side, choose one of the cinema options. But you still have the full hour, if needed so you're not rushed in any way.

Now that i have made my first appointment, what can i expect? When you arrive, please arrive on time as most likely there will be another scheduled appointment after you.

We are here for you and your pet

So if you're running late, or need to cancel please call, i know traffic in Orlando can be brutal. No showing without cancelling your appointment, may get you ignored for future visits.

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Once inside please leave shoes at the door, as i try to keep everything as clean as possible. Be aware most of the settings take place in dimly lit rooms, so it may take a while for your eyes to adjust.

Since the location is my private residence, its clothing optional. And Finally the fun begins, everything here is relaxed, we go with the flow, pressure used is light to medium. If you have any more questions, you may need to read everything over again, as i think i covered it all. Cash is the preferred method of payment, but all forms of payments are accepted, including credit, debit, and contactless payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

All charges on your statement, will appear as HWC Outlet. Can you believe that was me back in ? Yes i made the centerfold of one of the most popular magazines back in the day. Christophers M4M is also the home of the websites hottest online Toy Store! Christophers M4M Adult Toys!

Everything on the website is here for you to check out in person!

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The store is located in Cinema Max Room! Everything you need! Check out website at this link!

And have your shopping list ready! If you have ever wanted to see your favorite mature videos in VR! These are the same videos you watch in the cinema room, but they are all VR titles.

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Prepare to be transported through the screen and be totally immersed in what you are viewing! For the ultimate experience. Just like some theme park rides, you put on the VR heet on and instantly you are transported into a world of virtual reality. Option 1 You can watch in VR 3D where the actors appear right in front of you, like you are actually in the scene with them. Option 2 You can watch on the VR screen that magically appears in front of you.

Here at Christophers there is always a variety of choices. Disposable VR face masks are used with each person for sanitary reasons and to keep the VR clean. You will use VR for first 20 mins, followed by a what 30 min session, or you can have your session while watching your favorite videos for the entire duration of the session.

My Annual Halloween Spooktacular is up and running until Oct 31st. Now you can request all the newest mature videos, during your cinema or cinema max experience. Just pick out a studio like Noir Male, Men or M4m Boys, or a video title and i will stream it for massage. You can watch the whole movie if time permits or the parts you want to see. The lightning in the Cinema Max room creates a cozy and warm ambiance, that resembles a private screening room.

In fact the entire room is lined with LED lights, lighted posters like real cinema and a one of a kind floor lamp, that must be seen and its only at Christophers. With this setting, you have 2 Choices, you can do the faster cinema experience pace and watch the videos during the entire time, or start off with a nice relaxing back, legs, buttocks rub with soothing music for the first 20 minutes, followed by your feature presentation.

This setting also comes with a small bottle of Sutter Home Chardonnay, for you to enjoy during your session or you can take it home and enjoy later. The candles are the only light source in the room, for those that want total darkness! Brand New! And In the coming weeks, wine will also be available for this one of a kind experience.

The Room of Lights!

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Let the lights spin! Creating another one of a kind experience.

What you need to know about m4m massage

Christophers M4M carries the best lube on the market. Not only can you feel the volume, but you can see the lyrics right on the giant screen next to you, like you're at a night of Karaoke or watch your favorite music videos!

The Calming Room is for those who just want to relax and keep it simple, well my form of simple. Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions, that allow stress relief and better relaxation.

Setting also features soothing New Age music, together this creates a warm, inviting one of a kind experience. Are you ready to party? Plus it comes with Cinema Max! Yes all of this is happening all at once! You also have the option of not having cinema max playing and just plain white screen in the background for the lights to reflect off of. During your session? And let the Good Times Roll….

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If you want to book your appointment in advance? Please contact me before scheduling, as date you want could be booked. M4M Toy Store. Planetarium Setting This is my very first setting, and a very relaxing one at that.

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Room of Candles. Cinema Experience. About the Sessions. Clothing optional.