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DarkScape will host special events and surprises for their players during its final weeks, and players will receive incentives to RuneScape. Expect zombies, wandering bosses, and general worldwide chaos — keep an eye on the news for more details! Any player who has spent 10 or more hours playing DarkScape since its launch will receive a special cape to wear in RuneScape.

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PvP, high-stakes trade and making your own way in a dangerous world?

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DarkScape was a variant of RuneScapeannounced on 16 September It was a fork of the main RuneScape code as of late May[1] featuring an open PvP environment without "safe zones". Furthermore, only Legacy Mode combat was available; everyone started at combat level 3; and progress in RuneScape did not affect DarkScape in any way.

Runescape’s darkscape shuts down in march

These guards did not exist in the high-threat areas, some guards would avoid these areas. DarkScape used the same servers and world s that the Beta used, and Clan Chats were available, although DarkScape clans were independent from the main game. It was announced on 29 February that it would close on 28 Marchfollowing a lack of interest. More beneficial resources, such as sharks or yew treeswere instead found in dangerous areas such as the Wilderness.

This also included monsters, such as grotworms and even the Queen Black Dragon.

Play darkscape - free-to-play open world pvp

Lodestone teleports could only be used with no items equipped or held and the teleportation animation for all teleports was slower and could be interrupted by combat. Low-threat areas had varying risk levels, meaning that players could only attack other players within a certain level of their own combat level. For example: In a risk level of 3, a level 50 player could attack players between levels 47 and The risk levels on the surface ranged from 1 to 29, which was determined by a location's distance from the centre of a major city.

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Some quest areas were deated as low threat, but had 99 as the attacking range. Low-threat areas contained high level guards in towns, as well as patrolling the ro. Low-threat areas could be identified by a green shield. In medium-threat areas, there were no risk levels, meaning a player could attack any other player, regardless of their level difference.

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Guards were stationed only in towns, and did not patrol ro. Medium-threat areas could be identified by a red shield and a single sword. High-threat areas also lacked risk levels like medium-threat areas, except guards were not present at all. Two common examples of high-threat areas included the upper and basement floors of some buildings, as well as the Wilderness.

High-threat areas could be identified by a skull and two crossed swords. Some safe areas in the original game were changed into high threat areas, such as Player-owned houses and the Rune Essence mine.

What is darkscape

The Wilderness was unique in DarkScapein that the minimap was disabled and a dark overlay was placed to greatly reduce visibility. However, blocking of teleportation in high level Wilderness in the original RuneScape was disabled here. Each area also has its own Grand Exchangeand each in a threat used to have a different market to encourage trading in different areas.

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This was removed at the same time as the removal of smuggling, afterwards each were instead given a level of tax to use to encourage trading in the higher threat areas. The taxes were as follows:. Banks contained 3 static tabs for each of the three risk areas and it used to be impossible for players to access the different bank tabs.

This was later removed when the players did darkscape want to smuggle their items between risk zones. All teleportation spells had a delay to prevent instant escape. A delay was also implemented for logging what, for this same reason. Lodestones could not be used to teleport while carrying items, but could be used while a pet or Summoning familiar including Beast of burden is active.

Moreover, teleportation spells and items allowed players to teleport within the same threat zones, including teleportation from the Wilderness. Only bronze hatchets and pickaxes could be stored on the toolbelt.

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Level Guards with 1, life points patrolled every major area. These guards wore a recoloured version of the Colossus armour and could attack with chaotic weapons from any side of the combat triangle.

Keep jagex's "darkscape" game alive! many people are outraged by the money they spent.

They intervened in player fights, and attacked those who initiated fights. They could drain a player of all their prayer points, prevent teleporting and movement, and even follow players who tried to escape. Jump to:search. This article is about the game.

Eli5: what is darkscape and what happened to it

For the cape override, see DarksCape override. RuneScape News. : Removed content RuneScapes.

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