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If you live near Corona CA, send me a message and I can get you on my calendar! A pop-up shop is a fun party where you to get to hang out with your friends and browse through and try on awesome clothing together! These are so much fun because there are no boring presentations and no pressure!

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Here's 6 awesome party ideas for you to generate more sales each month:. Know a lady who just loves LuLaRoe clothing? Why not let all her friends come shower the special girl on her special day with a wardrobe full of LuLaRoe clothing?

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She lives for the thrill of pulling together over-the-top parties and unlike me, she generally does most of it fairly last minute, into the wee hours of the night. I call her crazy, she calls it amazing.

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Potato, po-TAH-to. Oh, and she has lots of red hair to which I like to attribute her flaming personality. Nice to be here — this is my first ever blog post so bear with me! We are totally mean to each other because our sarcasm keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh.

Before I share my amazing birthday party with you all, perhaps I should give you a proper LuLaRoe introduction. I can help you with that too. The clothing is touted as affordable, modest, fashionable and simply comfortable.

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Why did I decide to throw my very own LuLaRoe themed birthday party I mean, who throws their own parties anyway? I did, I mean I do…I mean it was one of my most genius ideas ever.

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I do it on the side, sometimes for fun, sometimes for a profit, but always for the thrill of the party theme! Between throwing over-the-top parties for my 3 daughters and always helping a friend, relative, neighbor with their bridal shower, baby shower, retirement party, etc, it was time I actually worked my butt off for myself.

I had recently learned about LuLaRoe and decided it would be a great event to introduce all of my girlfriends to the clothing I had come to love. A little wine, a couple friends fine, like 40 friends and a lot of shopping sounded right up my alley for a fun party for myself. Not to mention that as a party hostess I received free clothes for hosting the party, that was a bonus.

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But I was thrilled to have my very own themed cake and cookies. So onto the party details…I invited two different LuLaRoe consultants to my house to set up their racks of inventory. Because my house is literally the size of a shoe-box I knew my furniture had to go…but how fun to make an outdoor living room space on my back porch? My husband is a saint for moving our entire living room and dining room outside for me.

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And notice the LuLaRoe colored flowers and complimentary pillows. I always plan a themed dessert table for every party I throw. With a backdrop. And an amazing cake.

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And these delicious sugar cookies. With my white dessert stands.

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I found a tutorial on Pinterest for making a ribbon-like backdrop and followed it, and it turned out great actually I just lied…my awesome friend Kristi made that backdrop once I showed her the tutorial, she helps me with allllllllll my party crafts and we share the same party brain, so I owe her a shout out! I also found the adorable paper tassels at Target and strung a few different strands together to get the rainbow tassel effect.

OMG — the cake!! A petal cake has been on my party wish list forever and I am thrilled that Amber at Amboo Bakes understood my vision.

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She nailed it! Amber also made the absolutely adorable LuLaRoe cookies…leggings and dresses and unicorns, oh my! They were perfectly beautiful and tasty! Since I just mentioned unicorns let me explain this decor item and why it was incorporated into my party. There are Facebooks groups and albums dedicated to Lula-lovers posting pictures of their sought after patterns and HUGE rushes on sales claiming to have unicorns.

And there was only one winner. So naturally, unicorns were incorporated into my party decor. I purchased toy unicorns from Amazon and spray painted them gold, then found the free unicorn print on Pinterest and framed it. I love to use simple frames with cute age at all my parties. LuLaRoe is all about making women feel beautiful and confident and I also wanted to have fun with the shopping aspect of my party.

I made each of these s with my favorite Rhonna Des app on my phone and printed them at home. Most of the friends attending my party had never been introduced to LuLaRoe, so I had the last minute idea to have my husband turn a wood pallet into an informational display board.

I wanted my friends to quickly see the different clothing styles and sizing charts. I printed the photos via Persnickety Prints love them!

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I even created a Lula-Lingo because learning the terminology can be a little tricky for beginning shoppers. I found this wood in the wood section of my craft store and painted it to match the LuLaRoe logo colors, then just printed out the logo to be adhered to it. It was the perfect finishing touch for my palette project.

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My friends and family arrived, oohed and ahhed over all the party details and they may have said I was a little insane to throw my own partywe all poured a glass of wine and the shopping began! My entire living and dining room were full to the brim of clothing racks, baskets of leggings, and excited shoppers! Every single bedroom and bathroom in my house were used as changing rooms and the excitement was real! I made out like a bandit and picked out the most beautiful pieces.

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Hurry, your unicorn could be waiting! Looking for colorful printables for your own party? Lauren ordered the unicorns from Amazon and spray painted them gold. Would you be willing to share the printables? Thank you! This was a beautiful party! Hi Tabby! Where did you find the printable? Like all the quotes and things? Is there anyway I could use them? Hi Aubree! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Linda on July 7, at am.

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A beautifully put together event! Love the clothes and party decor- everything blended so well.

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Kara on July 7, at am. Marissa Pintor on October 23, at pm.

Hosting a lularoe party

Kara on November 7, at pm. Hi Marissa! Tabby on January 19, at am. Kara on January 20, at am. Aubree Davis on March 23, at pm. Kara on March 24, at am.

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Meet Miss Frugal Fancy Pants Kara is a self-proclaimed Martha Stewart wannabe with the taste of an aristocrat and thankfully a penchant for bargains. She hopes to inspire you to live life beautifully and affordably while laughing at her expense along the way. Advertising Disclaimer. Check Out My Etsy Shop. I might actually watch the game today. I put this up January 1st. I feel like I need to t. I have soooo much wrapping to do! When it comes to my favorite Christmas decor, som. My reindeer obsession lives on! The glow of holiday lighting scattered throughout.

Does anyone else have a love hate relationship wit. Bailey is obsessed with these squeaky Christmas li.