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This forum is for all those teen girls who were or are spanked at home? How were you spanked and who by? Did you just get a straight spanking or was there a ritual? Did either parent intentionally try to embarrass or humiliate you?

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horny wife Lyla

I have written a poem revolving around that but I am at a loss to remember the title or what I ate for breakfast this morning! It seemed to cover mostly spanking of children especially boys that I wasn't interested in.

sweet miss Olive

I did like some forums that were about spanking teen girls and had posts about daughters getting spanked by there fathers. But if I remember it had a dislike of adult spanking. And a couple of posts regarding families where both the mother and teen daughters were spanked were rejected by their moderators.

beautiful wife Rosalia

And I lost interest in it. But it is a pity forums like that are rare on the internet now. Their was one on the internet regarding Domestic Discipline in which people posted the spanking of wives by husbands.

lonely babe Eleanor

But any post that included a teen or even adult daughter being spanked by her father was rejected. I've read and seen a lot Then writers start fantasizing them big time bring in completely "nude" and spanked in front of the whole neighbor hood themes Most of the s in Voy forums of any subject are fraught with unbelievable fantasy. Such heartless and perverted parents surely do not exist in society toady.

Voy spanking forums

I think i's all wanking fodder. By definition, most spanking stories have to be a bit whacked or even out of this world to make the plot work. As said, they are just fantasies to satisfy our minds and they do not have any connection to reality. They do not work in real life and no one wishes for such people to exist. It's the same as cinema.

passion girl Sierra

As much as disaster movies constantly top the movie scene where millions upon millions die when the planet collapses, no normal person actually wishes for the world to end or thinks it's going to happen like that. It's just entertainment and strictly for the inside of our he.

Voy forum spank

Voy Spanking Forums. Goodgulf: One of the few posts I clicked on involved a woman taking her two boys to a yard sale and being seduced by a heavy wooden hairbrush - with the women running the yard sale looking at the boys and instinctively knowing why the poster was buying it -- Didn't someone here in the LSF write a story with that theme?

horny bitch Brianna

Often -- Didn't someone here in the LSF write a story with that theme? I've got a story called "What I Found at the Estate Sale" that somewhat matches what you're describing. But in my case, the mom goes to an estate sale and finds an antique hairbrush selling for cheap because the owner has bad memories of her mother using it on them growing up and wants to see it gone.

eye-candy moms Elliott

So she happily sells it to the new owner who plans to start a new family tradition with it. But in my story the boys are on a camping trip, not with her, so they don't know what's waiting for them when they get home.

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