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Dragonborn lady seek men for Vilkas

It's made clear early on that those seeking a partner in Skyrim aren't looking for love so much as they are seeking companionship and comfort from the harsh reality of life in the frigid northern land. There are more than 50 marriage candidates peppered across the land, from housecarls and companions to merchants and blacksmiths -- but of them all, Vilkas is the best.

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Whiterun was never a quiet city. Two long-standing clans: the Battle-Borns and the Gray-Manes, had been feuding since the war began. Once great friends, the two clans picked their sides along with the rest of Skyrim: The Legion and the Stormcloaks respectively. Every citizen of Whiterun was affected by the feud—even travelers were involved.

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. The Vampire Hunter by Hres reviews Bretons are known for their ability in magic, their short bodies, and their politics. Elvina is a short Nord trapped in a Breton's body. She is a member of the Dawnguard, and has just come to terms that just hours before, she should have died.

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Now a certain werewolf is moving his way into her life and unfortunately for him, our main heroine is a virgin. The Choices Made by Apostate Sarah reviews She came to Skyrim when a mysterious letter beckoned her to Riften to find out more about the father she never knew.

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This quest quickly becomes complicated as she is drawn into three guilds that soon complicate her loyalties. When the guilds begin to feud, Everlee is torn with the choices she must make. In the end, she fears these choices may just destroy her. The Bride Wore Red by Angelada reviews By the Gods, he was one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen, which was all good and well, but there was still a very serious problem to address.

She was not supposed to find herself distracted by the groom's eyes—or shoulders, or anything, really—, especially not when she was about to stab his bride and push her off the balcony. Most of all, they aren't made for families, but Wolves are, and I was a Wolf first.

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Through Alduin and Miraak, the Companions and the Silver Hand, I will do whatever it takes to protect the people I love- whether that means uniting Skyrim, or razing it to the ground. I warned them that I was no hero. Reduce to howling by Vahditar reviews Vilkas didn't know could he do this. There had been so much hurt feelings, dragonborn taste of betrayal and angry words when Farkas had left Jorrvaskr with his wife.

And now Vilkas was suppose to take care of their orphaned child Vilkas reminds him of those painful memories. Unexpected Encounter by Zombie-Schnecke reviews "I am probably the worst person, you could have chosen to rob Am Zahreik by chocolafied reviews Aeiron Stormblade, Thane of Whiterun, is a person of many different things; dangerous and swift nearing the top of the list.

Her feet lead her to Jorvaskr after the end of the Civil War and the destruction of Alduin and she finds someone that makes her think that maybe she doesn't have to do everything alone anymore. Now she is off to find the one weapon that is capable of ending Skyrim's war.

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But new threats arise from her return and she must fight her way through years of savagery consuming her race. Will she have the power to save her people, or will she forever be the Queen of the Underworld? Two Halves: Storm of the Dominion by Mirage reviews Alduin was defeated, but a dangerous enemy still remains in Skyrim.

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After tragedy struck, Einarr is struggling to get on with his life, but memories haunt him every waking moment and he is let wondering. Was it really just an accident? Was it all planned? The Thalmor presence has grown stronger and dragonborn must be taken.

Will the Dragonborn fight, or flee? Sivanna is a werewolf, but no one can know, they must only see a Nord. She is destined for a life alone, until she meets another of her kind and begins to wonder if she could live an almost normal life. Is it safe to Vilkas and be loved, or will she lose her humanity to the wolf inside her?

However, with the click of a button, she finds her life being turned upside down within a matter of moments as she is flung into the world she knows as Skyrim. Farkas is your common Nord man, but once Jade enters his life, things are definitely bound to get interesting Takes place in both Skyrim and AU, Future lemons for sure!

She is no hero and she's terrified of dragons, for good reason!

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All she wants is a family and somewhere to belong. She finds that among the Thieves Guild. But can she avoid her destiny forever?

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And will a certain red-haired thief be willing to let her go? More description in author's note.

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The Fortunate Favourite by Amorissy reviews The first time he met her, she breezed into his city in search of information, the Thalmor on her heels, and she left nothing but questions in her wake. Now, the winter brings her back to him, seeking a sanctuary only he can provide.

This time, his services will cost her - perhaps more than she Vilkas willing to pay. Book Two of the "Archer's Paradox: Shadowmarked" quartet. And the Wild Iris Blooms by Totoro reviews Iris Liriiette, a young Breton who stumbles into the whole Dragonborn business, wants nothing to do with the title. To continue running from her destiny, dragonborn takes up with the Thieves Guild and, quickly, uncovers a devious plot. As if that wasn't enough to weigh her down, a certain Nord thief won't seem to stay out of her thoughts.

Drakonophobia by Experiment reviews I refused to talk about it at first. But maybe I can trust you with my secret fear I've decided that this is my story to share to you, on how to overcome and to learn how to believe. Dragonborn X Brynjolf. The Mark of Hircine by Taransay reviews A man is accused of being a werewolf.

You must prove his innocence before it's too late. Soulless by Creeping Nyarlathotep reviews How does one begin to understand that which defies traditional definition? There were many things that could be said about the Altmer woman who came into Whiterun.

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Kodlack sees something great in her yet Vilkas sees little more than a walking chaos. Regardless, Vilkas can't keep away from her. His intrigue forces him to find some common ground even at the cost of his dignity. The Mind's Eye, Book 1: Apprentice by LadyDragon reviews After being sent to Skyrim by an ailing father, Deanne loses her brother and finds herself alone in the vast cold north.

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Even with the support of new friends and companions she may make, Deanne will have to depend on her own inner strength as she walks the path to a destiny greater than anything she could ever dream of. A Chance Encounter by nekochan reviews Whether it was coincidence or the gods conspiring, circumstances seem to bring Vilkas and a certain Bosmer mage together.

Slightly AU. This will not directly follow the game's story. Her husband is determined to find out why. Adventure, and angst ensue. The fate of the Companions comes into question when the secret of the Circle is exposed. Althea must work to save her newfound family and determine their course for the future.

Her complicated relationship with Vilkas is distracting at times, but they manage to work together with only a bit of malice. Twelfth of Never by h34rt1lly reviews An assassin of the Dark Vilkas is contracted to kill a Companion. When she arrives to get the job done, she finds that she cannot bring herself to make the final blow. Good thing too, since her target ends up being the Dragonborn. Vilkas Dragonborn x OC. Main quest line, slight DB quest line, slight Companions quest line. Rabbit Hearted by apastelgoblin reviews By all laws of nature she should be his prey.

The sound of her little beating heart calls to the beast inside him. They say that the only time one can be brave is when they are afraid. When the rabbit is dragged into matters much larger than herself, he finds himself fighting desperately to keep her alive. My Rival, My Love: A Thrynn love story by melody reviews Thrynn has enough to worry over as dragonborn is, but now there is someone is stealing from the guild.

As Thrynn chases down this thief he runs into a newcomer.

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She's small, fragile, pretty. Until he sees the power underneath. But she's not only dangerous in a fight, she's dangerous in love.

Blood of the dragon

Can he handle all her secrets? Or will she just be another woman he passes along?

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An Unexpected Meeting by LenaTheProfessionalStudent reviews Vilkas had spotted a lone figure battling a dragon, being a companion and a Nord, his sense of pride le him to the fight. However, he soon discovers this lone warrior is no ordinary person, but the fabled Dragonborn. Shocked and tongue-tied by her presence, he has no idea the DB is actually the whelp he hates. Features F! Seabound by SpaceWolfQueen reviews Stormcloaks have won the war for Skyrim but dragons still threaten the land. Raven lives in fear of claiming her birthright as Dragonborn and the High Vilkas knows this.

He uses this secret to control her. He sends her North, into the seas to take care of the threat of pirates. With Brynjolf by her side, Raven hopes to outrun fate. But the seas have a different path in store. A Honourable Forgery by Zizalada reviews Act 3 of Sira's story, the lowlife scammer who wished to be a noble but dragonborn up Dragonborn.