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Panties story seeking men especially for Vibrating

When my boyfriend handed me the box, I thought he had splashed out on some expensive lingerie for me. I was flattered but had also hoped it was a new sex toy for our collection. I slipped them on, adjusted the vibrator so that it sent vibrations through my clitorishanded my boyfriend the remote, I then proceeded to leave the room and he upped the vibrations until I was basically, weak at the knees.

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Since we live three hours apart, we decided it was fitting for him to pay me a visit so we could celebrate.

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R showed up this past weekend with a package in hand. These panties were black lace and tied with ribbons at the sides. A small plastic vibrator gets slipped into a pocket of the undies, and is powered by remote control. I find it really hot when he tells me what to do, and he gets aroused at seeing me obey.

This time, his task was for me to wear the vibrating panties while we took a trip to the grocery store.

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He, of course, would be in charge of the remote. Just as I was pulling on some tight black leggings, I felt the vibrator buzz against my clit for the first time. It felt delicious but intense, and in my surprise, I grabbed at the lace to pull it away from my clit.

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R gave me a dark warning look — a look that I knew meant to either let the panties do their job, or risk punishment. I chose the former. Being the benevolent Dom he is, R agreed to keep the vibe off while I drove us to the store. However, the moment I vibrating out of the car, he switched it on. I jerked a little, and a small moan escaped my mouth. The vibe shut off for a few panties, and then went back on as we trudged through the parking lot.

Inside the store, we headed for the produce section, debating about what vegetable we wanted to put with our dinner that night. Just as I was suggesting broccoli, R clicked the vibe on again, causing my voice to waver. My cunt was getting wetter by the minute. This play continued on throughout our shopping experience. Most of the time, R left the vibe on only long enough to get a reaction from me, but in the checkout line, he increased his torture.

The toy buzzed energetically against my clit, and I could story how very wet I was.

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I was so goddamn horny, but I did not want to cum in that store. My fear was that I would moan in such a way, that everyone around would know exactly what was going on. I pitifully begged R to turn it off, and he just smiled, the remote tucked away in his pocket.

Lesbian vibrating panties stories

While R panties his story card, I made a decision. In a moment of bold desperation, I plunged my hand into his pocket and removed the remote, finally switching the vibe off. I was wrong. I wanted to argue. But I could see from the look on his face that continuing to defend myself would only make things worse. I handed him the remote and muttered an apology.

Once we got to my apt, my friend suggested I change out of the vibrating undies. When I opened my bedroom door again, R was standing there, tapping the paddle end of my riding crop against his hand. Before I could think, R grabbed me and shoved me forward onto my bed, pinning my upper body with one hand while yanking my shorts and panties vibrating with the other.

The riding crop came down hard against my ass once, twice, three times.

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When I felt his grip on me loosen just slightly, I started to crawl away. R grabbed my ankles and pulled me back to him, using his bare hand to deliver another quick few spankings. I yelped at the pain and managed to flip onto my back, shoving him away from me with my legs. An intimidating look came over his face, as he turned me back over, held me down, and spanked me many more times. At this point, I was tired from wrestling someone much stronger than myself, and my ass felt like it was on fire.

I begged R to soothe my pain, promising to be good for him.

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In a moment of surprising gentleness, R bent his head to kiss and lick my reddened butt cheeks, blowing on the worst parts to cool them. It felt like heaven, but I was still determined to get away. Quick as lightning, I turned over, braced my feet against R and shoved hard. As he stumbled back several steps, I pulled my shorts back up and scrambled off the bed, dead set on getting out my door.

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It was in my sights when an arm wrapped around my stomach and hauled me off my feet. Once again, I was flung on to the bed. With a menacing look, R grabbed the waistband of my shorts in his two hands, and suddenly yanked them so hard, my shorts ripped down the middle.

My experience wearing vibrating panties

The back seams pulled painfully against my legs as he ripped them from my body, following them with my panties. Naked and more vulnerable now, I tried yet again to get away. R yanked me to him and shoved my legs apart so hard I was seeing stars. Before I could react, he was lowering his head and hungrily eating my wet cunt.

I watched as he noisily sucked at my clit and rubbed his face all over my pussy. After a couple minutes, he plunged a finger inside my cunt as I moaned loudly. Soon, R was working the zipper on his jeans and shoving them down.

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I tried one last time to clamp my legs closed, but my friend easily moved them apart and pushed his cock inside me. R pounded me as fast and as hard as he could with his thick fucking cock, occasionally spanking my ass. I moaned and whimpered louder than ever.

I used vibrating underwear for the first time

I began dirty talking to him, encouraging him to show me who was boss, to punish my pussy for how badly I had behaved. I told him how good he was making me feel. Finally, he came inside the cunt he so loves to torture, and we collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed. Source: reddit.

I let my fiancé control a pair of vibrating underwear in public — here's what happened

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