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I am nair female who anus bites

Most people grow hair around their anus and on their buttocks.

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Butt hair: We all have it. But what does that floof between your cheeks actually do? Turns out, your inner butt hairs are basically pubesjust in a different location.

What is my age 20
Orientation: Man
What is my gender: Woman
What is my favourite drink: Gin
My favourite music: Easy listening

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You gotta buy the right kind, though. They make a special ass-crack Nair. It doesn't say that on the bottle, but it's implied; "bikini region" or some shit.

passion cunt Noor

Breathe through your mouth, I'm warning you. It will also grow back relatively quickly, I'd say it's not worth doing on a regular basis. Also, take a good long think about the words "crack chafe," and what they mean to you.

I've always loved how a Nair bottle warns against applying to "breast nipples" -- What a relief to know that it's totally safe for my elbow nipple.

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I went to a hotel once and they had Nair for Men for free, like with the tiny bar of soaps and such in the bathroom. I brought it home and one day decided to use it on my ass.

damsel moms Annika

To my great delight, despite stinking to high heaven, it worked pretty damn well and was much more aesthetically pleasing like wearing nothin' at all, nothin' at all. Then a little while down the road, I decided to repeat this experiment, but at the store they did not have Nair for Men, only all of the kinds for women. I just decided to get the kind that said it was scented so it wouldn't smell as bad.

single women Ayla

Don't do that. After a few hours my whole ass started to break out in this rash thing and was covered in large red blotches for days. To make matters worse, I then got really drunk with my best friend and his girlfriend, blacked-out and recounted the whole tale in gory detail. The next morning, they knew I wouldn't remember, so they just laughed and held it over my head for awhile, telling me I recalled some very intimate details of my life to them the night before.

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They laughed so hard when they eventually told me how vividly I described my ass nairing. Never again. It's a dangerous world down there.

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In honour of this commenter, I move that all Nairing of ass-hair be henceforth termed "snorching. I'm going to become an English teacher just so I can make my students write a word essay on what the words "crack chafe" mean to them. Alright, bear with me here, buddy. I have ridiculous amounts of ass hair I'm talking toilet paper getting intertwined with the wiry hair back there, resulting in me having to rip out hairs to get the tp out - yeah, it's that awesomeand I have a few questions.

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First of all, I need to know if you're serious. I'm actually fucking desperate here.

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I'm so sick and tired of having a shag carpet in my ass crack. Second, you say they'll grow back quickly. Does this make it more or less pointless to do? Is it something I'd have to do more than once a week which isn't a problem?

foxy wife Aniya

Will the nair eventually kill the roots of the hair? Lastly, crack chafe. This alone makes me reconsider.

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Details, dude. Like, retardedly bad chafing? Or walking long distances in the summer chafing? Either way, it's ass chafe, and it doesn't sound pleasing. I'd ask my doctor all this, but I'm a little embarrassed about it. Actually, more than a little. This is a pain in my ass. Yeah but even the Bikini Region stuff you're not suppose to do Brazilian style or anything that close to the vag with it. Many women do it anyways, but I know from experience that some women are too sensitive.

He said it was raspberry.

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That has to be the official ass-crack Nair! My buddy got tired of doing it all the time so he went and got his balls and ass waxed. Found the internet! Is it safe to use nair on my Ass pubes?

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Continue this thread. The voice of experience here. Please heed this man's advice! I learned the hard way This guy knows.

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