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Fitzpatrick taught us were part of every gothic horror novel. I was a senior then, about to graduate.

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First of all, I would describe myself. Believe it or not, this story is not a fiction, but a real life incident by which I lost my virginity to my teacher. Now let me describe my teacher. Her name is Akhila, 35 years old, fair, average height and having an attractive body and assets.

How old am I 20
Meeting with: Shy male
I speak: Italian
Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
Body type: My figure type is strong
My hobbies: Surfing the net

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I teach 9th grade home ech. But I would never ever act upon them.

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But I did do something wrong once. There was a student in my class named jasmine. She was a Latina girl, she was an attitude filled 14 year old who did what she wanted when she wanted. That included barely showing up to class. Anyways one day in class she had this big lollipop.

I seduced my high school english teacher, it was totally worth it

Her lips were so big and plump wrapped around it. And how she licked it and sucked on it. I was holding back drool. But when she was leaving after the bell she threw the sucker in the trash.

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I pulled it out when everyone left and sucked on it. It was all moist and wet from her spit being on it. I got to taste her and feel her dna inside me.

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I went home that night and masturbated to her pictures. She was almost 45 yearsmarried and had a son. However I was really attracted to her always. Time passed and I got into college. I even passed college and got a job. Now I'm 31 years old.

Teacher confessions

I had to travel to another city recently because of a personal work. And surprisingly I met my high school teacher at the airport there. She recognized me too. She had grown quite old. But her smile was still the same.

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We had lunch together at the airport. She was there all by herself and had some work too the next day. I asked her if we could book and stay together for the night, as it had been a really long time. We could have a nice chat for the night and also could share the room rent for the night. She agreed. After reaching the hotel room we chatted for a long time at night. We played truth and dare games.

How i fucked my teacher in real life

And I confessed to her that I had a huge crush on her all throughout my high school time and I had even played with myself while thinking about her. On hearing that ,she dared me to get naked and masturbate in front of her. And I did. Later she kissed my cheek and wished me all the best in life. The next day I left for home.

It was a wonderful experience for me. I haven't technically sinned. One of my bosses at work who is excessively rich BTW has been talking to me for a while And in between that he confessed on liking me.

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Now he's a total playboy because he's been making advances on another colleague too. At first I shut him out since he's not my type, also he's married and a good years older But I've been feeling attracted to him not emotionally but I keep having dirty thoughts about him and I just want to have a no strings attached benefits kind of short fling with him. Every time I think about him I just want to slide in his lap, feel his cock and kiss him. I haven't acted on this weird urge to fuck him or given him any green als but I don't know how long I can keep myself from doing something I will eventually regret.

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I got a passing grade after sleeping with my teacher. My last teacher taugh me that size can matter because it was much biger than I had ever experienced, and it almost hurt but felt good at the same time. And any moments of discomfort were worth the better grade. This was only the second teacher ever that I had sex with.

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But it is a common thing at my school. My boyfriend and I were naked and having poolside sex. When we got up, I watched his father open the sliding door and ask what was going on. He had returned two days early from his trip. And we ran to the bath and got dressed. Every since then, he looks at me differently.

I fuck my teacher

A look that says, I want you. I don't know how long he watched us but I am an exhibitionist and find it a turnon. Besides he is alone and needs some love. I get excited think about him jerking his meat as he pretends I am screwing his brains out. I want to experience him and find out what he teaches. It makes me wet and feel so nasty. I will pay a visit when my boyfriend has to go out of town.

Nonconsent/reluctance stories

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Banged my teacher

Unfaithful teacher secret confess dirty. Report Please to report. Embarrassment teacher naked embarrassing cum masturbation watching orgasm. Sex sex boss adultery teacher masturbation friendswithbenefits horny.

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