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Prior to wrestling she was a fitness model, winning several competitions like Miss Galaxy and the Women's Tri-Fitness Championships. She got her start in wrestling when a boy she was dating brought her to a WCW event - and she was brought backstage to meet the wrestlers. At the time she was trying to break into the entertainment industry, and got offered the chance to walk to the ring with Scott Steiner.

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Wrestling has given us some of the most attractive women in sports. Among the most popular and better looking of them all was of course Torrie Wilson. Torrie was a solid talent in the ring. Not great, but good enough to put up some decent matches.

But the real appeal in her career were the visuals. The buxom blonde bombshell checked out a lot of boxes and was the perfect fit for what WWE was doing at the time. She had the looks and charms to win over any fan, and she rarely failed to make both wrestlers and fans alike turn for a second glance.

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Throughout the entirety of her seven year WWE career, Torrie made use of her fantastic looks. She was rally one of the best looking Divas on the roster and still stands as some fans personal favourite almost a decade after her retirement. Throughout her tenure, Torrie gained a reputation for not being afraid to show off her more salacious side on camera. Of course, so did that of its most prominent female stars. Torrie was of course one of the biggest names in the group. Fans fell in love with her eye popping looks and confidence.

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A good deal of both are on display here, as she struts down away from the ring right near some eager fans. The WWE asks its female talent to do a lot, more than we fans sometimes realize. Apart from taking part in storylines, they have to sell the brand by sometimes interacting with fans, partaking in numerous photo shoots and whatever other miscellaneous tasks in which they can promote their employers and help make the company more money.

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The blue top looks incredibly tasteful on her and her smile shines brightly, instantly captivating you. Obviously, the wrestling is the key component there. Pink is an underrated color on Torrie. We know that she looks great in lighter shades, and this certainly makes her look very appealing to the general audience.

They were beautiful women who just so happened to wrestle. Even a popular Diva like Trish never actually won a championship. Her popularity was greatly based on her charm and looks.

Torrie wilson to be inducted into the wwe hall of fame class of

One thing Torrie seemed to have no problem doing was pleasing the crowd. As you can see here, she was willing to go above and beyond to do it. Provoking, angering, exciting or even frustrating them were all effective means of finished so. While a lot of the male talent had to Torrie this, female wrestlers were especially adept at getting fans to really get in the mood. Torrie herself was great at riling up the crowd. WWE programming is a lot different now than it used to be. That meant over the top violence and beautiful women packaged in one package.

While the men were beating each other senseless, Divas were taking a somewhat more bodily route to conflicts. You can probably remember them, lingerie matches, bikini matches, mud wrestling, the list goes on. It was the closest the WWE could go in pushing the limit without getting in any real trouble, and they treaded that line a lot.

It might be hard to believe, but Torrie looks even better now than she did in her prime. Hard to believe the woman in this gif is looking that much better so many years later, but she is. Not wilson.

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As fans, we focus in on what the camera focuses on. We essentially see what they want us to see. WWE takes a lot of time in putting together good programming for their fan base to enjoy, so everything is meticulously planned out in order to ensure that a good show is put on.

Fans got a nice taste of that here as we see Torrie quickly adjusting her underwear while leaning over the ropes. Wrestling fans are still reeling over the recent leaked pictures of Paige that randomly popped onto the internet. She lasted long in the WWE after all, so she had to be physically fit. Most female wrestlers that came around during her time came and went without so much as a pop. Here see see one of the skills that won over so many fans. Her ability to dance and move in a way that just made you have to drop everything and invest yourself in the program was unrivaled among her coworkers.

Look at her go Torrie herself was the template for a successful WWE Diva. Buxom, blonde and a sweet and dangerously charming personality were all the makings of a future star.

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Torrie pulled off the look and executed the character very well. Torrie understood the formula of the times. We know that Torrie Wilson looks good in just about anything she wears. The beautiful blonde can pull off pretty much any look she wants to. The WWE was great in that regard, with finding talented beautiful women to push their brand and deliver quality entertainment. Torrie was one of the best at doing it. WWE was also pretty well known for what it made its Divas wear at times. Here we can see Torrie looking her best in an eye popping red corset.

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After all, Torrie looked good in anything she wore, so finding a little less revealing outfit that still suited her was an easy task. They had some pretty memorable interactions together and proved to be a steamy pair when together.

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It was definitely pleasing for wrestling fans to have not one, but two salacious blondes at a time in the ring. The two were quite a pair out of the ring too, as their t Playboy issue was both a surprise and a fantastically received move by fans. Among all Diva appearances in the magazine that remains one of the most jaw dropping.

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Divas had it rough at times. While there were many different methods for doing this, photo shoots were among the most popular and well received. Torrie was no stranger to these kinds of photo shoots and here it shows, as the water glistens off her body and she moves through the water like a professional model on the job.

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Once again, helping the company sells their product. Anyone can wilson two people to brutalize each other in a ring, but WWE sells its brand by spinning tales and keeping fans genuinely invested in their stories. Here we can see her showing off the same charisma, charm and playfulness — among other things — that made her so popular and which keeps her popular among fans.

Torrie and Sable had great chemistry together. Things are much different now though, and the fanservice has been scaled finished to about a two. But looking back on it, it could get somewhat ridiculous. Look no further than here for a definite answer. Bret Hart has revealed the list of the wrestlers, past and present, he regards as the best technically.

Share Share Tweet. Bret Hart Names His Mt. Rushmore Of Technical Greats Bret Hart has revealed the list of the wrestlers, past and Torrie, he regards as the best technically. Related Topics Wrestling. Adriano Valente 77 Articles Published. Aspiring writer. Huge sports fan, yet terribly unathletic.

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