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Stacy was wild.

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I can be such a bitch sometimes, but only in a good way of course. The sweet kind of bitchy that makes a Sex Story just a bit more fun and exciting. This is a Sex Story about Daniel. I swear he lives for jerking that dirty dick of his. With conditions of course.

How old am I 30
What is my ethnicity: Bangladeshi
Eye tone: Misty gray eyes
What is my sex: Fem
I understand: Spanish
Smoker: No

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Add to list. With His angel snuggled into His arms, Luke felt well sated and sleepy, stroking her hair, Luke drifted off into a deep sleep….

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It felt rough in His hands, dying to use it on her, he stood in the doorway, leaning his back softly against the door frame blocking her way out if she tried to leave before he was ready for her to. Watching as her small round bottom wiggled in her long black dress as she turned down the bed, how he loved to watch as she swayed her hips to the fast beats of her loud music. Her chest moving up and down in the time to the fast beat of her heart as the anticipation built wondering what was about to happen.

Just looking at her deliciously wet pussy He could see it was getting slicker and slicker with her juices. Does that thought excite you girl? Pulling his fingers from her He puts them into his mouth and sucks them cleaning off her juices enjoying the taste of her before kissing her lips deeply so she could taste herself in His mouth.

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As He returned to his bound girl he noticed how her breathing was fast as the anticipation built more and from the angle of her head she was straining to hear His return, knowing it was useless to try and be quiet He walked right up to her, smiling as He looked down at His arm full of toys wondering which to start with. Looking upon the glisten of the sweat so clearly present on His girls beautiful body, He had the perfect idea of how to cool her down.

Throwing the feather over His shoulder, knowing later when she cleaned up it would be something she might clean and keep as a reminder of the first time she was completely helpless to His will.

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Reaching down to a bowl that He had placed carefully onto the floor He grabs something from it carefully trying to make as little noise as possible as to not give away what he was about to do to her. Slowly He bring it down onto her nipple chuckling as He hears the sharp intake of breath as the cold ice cube comes in contact with her warm body.

When He had made sure both of her nipples where nicely iced, Luke leaned in and blew lightly across the both, watching as she reacted as He had hoped to the sensation of warm onto her freezing nipples. She grasps with pleasure as he continued to blow on her nipples.

Tied and teased

Knowing already how much she enjoyed the sensation of pleasure and pain an idea popped into His mind, reaching down He grabs the little black nipple clamps he had selected especially for the type of grip and the amount of pain they could cause her, quickly He clamped them onto her nipples tightening them a little less then usual due to the cold nature of her nipples.

Revelling in the screams of utter pain she released but knowing under that she was enjoying herself He could feel it deep inside how she craved the pain as well as the pleasure. He knew where He would take the first half of the day already just by her reactions.

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This time going straight to her clit and running it slowly around making sure every little bit of her nub was cold, chuckling happily as she struggled against the ropes to close her legs and bring her hands down to push Him away to no avail but still trying with all her might. Smirking as he puts the ice cube into His mouth enjoying the taste of her juices mixed with the cool icewhilst he sucked on the ice cube to make it smaller, he ran his hands up and down her body every now and again pinching her clit or flicking her nipples so that there was a near constant feeling of pain running through her.

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His erection was steadily become more and more painful as all He could think about was being inside her. Knowing she was yet again getting close to release He pulls back and kisses up her body before kissing her deeply.

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Sliding his finger inside her again, He kisses his way back to faith rose colour lips, nibbling on her neck before biting her, making her moans louder then He thought she could go, before removing his now slick fingers from her pussy down to her star shaped anus rubbing his fingers around it, lubricating it a little to gage her reaction to this type of attention, knowing it was something they had never tried and whether she was as ready to try this as He thought she was.

Seeing her reacting going from surprised to enjoyment as she got used to the feel of where His finger where.

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Kissing faith deeply a couple of times as a new wave of love for His girl rushed through Him before grabbing the vibrator from the tease Tie ice water and turning it on high as He slide it inside of her, instantly making her scream from the cold and the fact it had forced her over the edge of her orgasm that shook her whole body and make her pant.

Watching as His angel screaming out in joy a few more time in quick succession, He knew the time was right and quickly removed His jeans and boxer to the floor releasing His engorged story and grabs the lube before placing Himself between her out stretched legs, squirting some lube onto His finger to get her ready for Him….

Suddenly Luke shot up and bed, rolling His angel onto her back, looking over to her He realised it had all been a devilishly tantalising fantasy which He intended to fulfil in real life, looking down her body as He brushed His finger through His hair, He felt how much He needed to release, leaning down He lightly kissed His angel awake intending to use her now, planning in His head how the next day He was intending to get all the supplies He needed to make that fantasy reality but for now she could just service Him with her hands so that He could sleep.

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The G-spot is in the ear. This sensuous is not pornerty Something to work on is: Be careful with capital letters.

Tied and teased

And some minor grammar needs to be correctedm The dream seemed so vivid. I liked itthanks! Announcing our Android App! Open in App x. Inbox x.