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Conan: The main character, Conan's parents and grandfather were frozen in stone by Wrath-Amon, he is on a quest to free them and the send Wrath-Amon and his serpent warriors back to another dimension. He has many tools to help him with this such as his Star-metal sword, his shield which houses the phoenix Needle, and the Amulet of Vathelos. Greywolf: Greywolf aids Conan on his journey. He is an air wizard with magical powers amplified by his staff. On the end of the staff if the Claw Of Heaven.

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A small village community in danger qps Zombie Info A small village community around the Royal Serpent inn in the continent of Cantador is facing an unknown threat.

The staff of epimetreus vs the silent legion armor or pvp with horse! | conan exiles

Your quest is to find out whats happening, what is the threat to the stability of the religion and finally eliminate this threat you might need help of your fellow adventurers in this last part. Ailurophile 10qps Zombie Info Some say there are two sorts of folk in this world: Cat lovers and Dog lovers.

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Lachesis being the former has a simple task for you. Within the walls of ZombiCity there are several cats and dogs.

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Pet one of the cats and kick one of those idiot mongrel dogs to make Lachesis smile and your task is complete. NOTE: Player pets are not valid for this task, as they are wild beasts. You also have to face the captain of the ship somehow to complete the task. Arachnophobia 35qps Zombie Info Your task is simple, get rid of your arachnophobia.

In order to do this you must kill 15 of these hairy insects called spiders. As you might have already noticed spiders are quite common and can be found from many different places.

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Area Search 14qps Zombie Info It is hard to find enough monsters from the city, so knowing the areas in the outworld is most important. To complete this quest visit all the areas located near Zombie city.

Conan exiles update for ps4 and xbox one released

Quest Help There are seven areas, all within a room radius of the city so you don't have to go far to find them. Kz is known for his light punishments and it is quite clear that he will release Verne soon enough. There is no doubt of the fact the Verne will seek revenge and has his chances to accomplish this goal since he will probably get many chances to catch Kz off guard while being released.

To assure the presence of forces of thunder on this plane in the future the taskmaster has decided that you should seek out Verne and destroy him.

Exiled lands improved : staff of epimetreus gameplay

Some of Kz's guards might try to stop you but do not worry; You will not be charged for anything if you disable these unwise creatures. Seek out Verne from the dungeons of the Castle of Thunder in the Realm of Thunder, there is rumoured to be a gate to the cloudy kingdom somewhere on the continent of Cantador.

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Become a dragonslayer 80qps Zombie Info Your task is a become a true dragonslayer. To complete this task you and your friends if necessary must slay 10 dragons. Any dragon will do as long as it is a dragon. So hurry up and start looking for these fiery creatures.

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Quest Help The easiest way to do this quest is to simply kill the black dragon in the druid tower 10 times. He's 73k and not too difficult. There is also a k dragon in the psionicist guild, and a dragon lair with aggro dragons ranging from 73kk hidden in the samurai guild, Kurgan knows how to get there. Break into the Dwarven Storage Vault 45qps Zombie Info Lachesis has heard of a tightly guarded storage vault that the dwarves use to store their recently mined minerals. Break into this vault and return a piece of quartzs to Lachesis as proof of your task completion.

Break the cartel of Zombie city merchants qps Zombie Info Residents of Zombie city are fed up with city merchants. Merchants are known to have this 'cartel' to keep their prices up.

The staff of epemitreus

Now the city council has decided to put a stop to this madness. You're hired as their hitman to teach those greedy merchants a lesson. Bring a spellcomponent pouch to Lachesis qps Zombie Info Poor Lachesis lost his pouch and now he has no place to put his spellcomponents in. Find him a new one, maybe there could be one in the guild areas. Bring Lachesis one of the famous pies of Minda 10qps Zombie Info Lachesis has heard that Minda makes wonderful pies and he'd love to taste one.

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Fullfill Lachesis's request. Quest Help Minda is usually at the entrance to the brownie fields, but people just love to kill her. If you are unable to find her, Umbriel tends to carry around pies of his own around the field. Bring Lachesis the ring of fire qps Zombie Info Lachesis has heard that there is a fabulous ring which protects the wearer against fire attacks. He wants that ring badly, bring him the ring and you shall be rewarded.

Quest Help Same area as visit the wise old man.

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Care Bear Stare 70qps Zombie Info Lachesis has seen a fashionable Carebear t-shirt and would like to obtain one to give to his niece for her birthday. Find the person that currently owns this highly fashionable garment, kill him, and return the t-shirt to Lachesis so his niece may have a nice birthday. Clan McFaerun 50qps. Clear the plane of earth of dopplegangers qps Zombie Info Journey to the Valley of Mystery, find a way to open the portal to the plane of earth and slay the dopplegangers inhabiting it.

To complete the quest you have to kill 3 of each type 3big, 3small. Combine the Araman qps Zombie Info Thousands of years ago the greater gods made a weapon known as Araman, the godslayer in order to be able to kill lesser gods who would oppose their rulership.

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There was much bickering who would be trustworthy to own this weapon and not use it against others in order to raise ones' power. An agreement was never made and the gods decided to break the weapon into six pieces and The them in secret places, so that the weapon would be never used. Now there is a great need for this weapon to be combined again. Find the pieces from their secret hiding places and combine Araman, the slayer of gods again. Quest Help Veryvery easy quest. Just put together pieces of araman.

Ask on sales to buy all araman pieces. Contract Mercenaries 90qps Zombie Info Lachesis has heard of a distant shop where one can purchase contracts to hire mercinaries to fight for epimetreus cause. Seek out this staff shop and see if it still is in business, and report back to lachesis with your findings. Quest Help The shop is located along the western edge of Shadizar desert. Count the Obelisks 25qps Zombie Info Archmage Coham is interested about finding out the correct of navigator obelisks located around the world.

You are charged to travel to the guildroom of the navigators guild and count the obelisks from the large globe. Quest Help The navigators guild room is located in the southeast corner of Shadizar Desert.

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Crazy priests 95qps Zombie Info Starwind and his crazy priests have been slaying merchants and adventurers who have passed his forest. They probably use the bodies for dark rituals. Lachesis wants you to stop this quickly.

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Gather a party, go to the Starwind's temple and slay him. Cultural centers of Zombie City 8qps Zombie Info Within Zombie City, in addition to the shops and guilds are several places of culture, including a library, a museum, an art gallery, and a church.

You must visit each of these places. Deal with the rodent problem 35qps Zombie Info The city baker is fed up with rats.

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They cause him constant trouble. Now he is asked his old friend task master Lachesis to do something and Lachesis now wants you to kill ten rats. Chefs in castle Concordia, just east of Zombie city, have reported similar problems so maybe you can find these annoying rodents from there. You must do this quest on your own.

Conan exiles update for ps4 changelog

Defeat Arkteor, the ancient lord of bats, permanently qps Zombie Info A small village in continent of Cantador is facing a new threat. Arkteor, the ancient lord of bats, has become active again.

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Many wisemen thought that he is gone, but no. No one knows what kind of twisted plans he has now. You must slay him and verify that his soul is slain too, otherwise he will be back sooner or later. Defeat Kellin at Magic Stones!

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Now is your chance to be famous as the first to defeat him! Travel to the seedy backroom of a pub in Ravenkall, on the continent of Cantador, and defeat Kellin at his own game.

Phoenix-engraved sword

Defeat the Mysterious Knight 85qps Zombie Info A mysterious knight of evil is rumoured to be living in Carcuul's maze, perhaps he is it's guardian, perhaps it's prisoner. Whatever the case might be the knight is evil and you are to end his pathetic life. Depraved taskmaster 90qps Zombie Info In one of his more bizzare moments, Lachesis has requested that you bring him a human arm capable of being used as a weapon.