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The kid held up one hand, dangling from a tarnished, gold colored chain was a cheap looking medallion of some sort wrapped in a pair of plastic sandwich bags, one inside the other.

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me when someone posts on this thread! Getting up Jack saw the medallion in his mothers hand.

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It looked like it had some sort of faerie on it or something. As he did so a shock ran through out both of there bodies.

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A few moment's latter Jack was looking at himself in his mothers cloths, while he was his mother in his old cloths. Text formatting help.

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Oh, and I found this medallion in the yard this morning when I getting ready to leave for work. Why was it there anyway?

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Maybe the answer would be revealed soon, but for now Alecia will be patient and wait. He really did want to help his mother out but he did't really want to stop playing his new game. How was yours? It wasn't always like this, when husband passed away Alecia began to feel a little lonely and she fell into a bit of a depression, but she was very grateful to still have her son Jack with her.

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Slowly, the widow became happy again. Jack was half laying half sitting on the couch playing his new Saints Row the 3rd as his mother walked into the house from her work. Jack and his mom have been alone for as long as Jack could remember, his dad died when he was 2 years old, and Jack didn't have any siblings.

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Because of these facts Jack and his mom were pretty close, sure they didn't have all the money in the world, but they got by.