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The game was made by a handful of ex. I want to address the way this game portrays women. But first a little bit about the game in general….

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While the world outside beckons with summer sunshine, I have decided to return to the cold, faraway lands of Stoic Studio's The Banner Saga instead. Since the last part of this series, which now finds its conclusion with The Banner Saga 3, an unexplained darkness has warped everything it touches.

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Return to the main. A hunter from Skogr and father to Alette, Rook takes on the role of leading the caravan of refugees from Skogr. Compared to the other caravan leaders, he's very charismatic. He's also very protective of Alette. In game he's a Hunter, wielding both an axe and a bow with a special melee ability that gives all friendlies in range a free attack at the target. Rook's daughter and a formidable hunter, Alette nonetheless hates harming varl or humans, though she has no problem with killing dredge. The player can themselves decide whether to force her to do that or to keep her from battle.

Her mother died when she was very young, leaving Oddleif to take on the role of a maternal figure for her. A varl warrior who lives in Skogr with the humans and a friend of Rook. Even Rook however, does not know what Iver was before he came to Skogr and Iver prefers it that way. Iver does explain that he's killed dredge in the past but refuses to elaborate. A young human warrior from Skogr.

'the banner saga' series is a beautiful journey of struggle and loss

While inexperienced, he's still a capable fighter and if allowed to, will fight alongside Rook and Iver during the invasion of Skogr. A human archer, married to the Chieftain of Skogr. During the attack, she leaves with Rook and the caravan and becomes one of Rook's most trusted allies.

Before the game begins, she took on the role of mother for Alette and taught her archery among other things. Despite this, she and Rook rarely spoke. A human spearman from Skogr, he's described as being the guy you hope doesn't sit next to you in the tavern. In the first game, he's only available to Kickstarter backers, but s the caravan in the second game regardless. Next in line to the varl kingship, Vognir appears in Strand after the Skalfings are dealt with.

He is accompanied by Hakon. A varl tax collector who serves as the main character for chapter one. At the beginning of the story, Ubin arrives at the trading town of Strand to collect the tribute the town owes, and is promptly drawn into a local conflict. By his own estimate he's the second oldest varl alive.

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In the first two games, he was the only main character so far not to engage in combat, however he becomes a playable character in the third game. A varl warrior who is essentially the second-in-command of the varl Caravan.

In the past, he actually lead his own clan, but quickly grew tired of it and now finds himself travelling with Ubin and Hakon. In game he's a shieldbanger, the party's deated tank. Ubin's varl bodyguard.

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He is generally silent and not much is known about him. In game he's a warhawk, dealing massive amounts of damage in each swing but having little armour. An elderly human member of the Ravens. He has the ability to insult enemies, moving their turn to the end of the enemy turn queue. A new Ravens recruit. He specializes in throwing axes and drinking ale.

His throwing axes allow him to attack at both close and long range. A human prince who's in line to become King. He s the party with Vognir and Hakon, en route to the varl capital Grofheim to seal the alliance between human and varl. Compared to the rest of the caravan, he's quite cynical and believes the ends justify the means.

In the game, he wields a spear as the spearmaster class, which allows him to attack enemies from an extra tile away. An elderly Valka that Bolverk finds defending Bindal from the dredge. Her spells allow her to make her allies stronger.

An advisor to the Governor of Strand, Eirik is described as the person who gets things done in the city.


He's shown to have contacts around the city, and isn't afraid of fighting himself. In game he's a warden, allowing him to boost the willpower of allies.

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A Human Warrior from Frostvellr, he offers to you after you defeat him and the rest of Ekkil's thugs in battle. His special ability allows him to charge through enemies, damaging them twice while moving through them.

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A widow that Oddleif can teach archery to. Her special ability allows her to shoot enemies at longer range than most archers.

The banner saga 3 review

A horseborn warrior. He speaks the tongue of man somewhat more fluently than the rest of his kind. The leader of a large herd of horseborn. She worships the Serpent as a god. Unlike most of her kind, Canary is fluent in the tongue of man.


A strange and quiet man who sneaks his way into the Ravens' caravan at Bindel. Gudmundr is the only person who knows anything about him. He can go into stealth when he's next to an allied unit, allowing him to bypass some of his target's armor. Twins who the caravan after it leaves a village. Though similar in both personality and appearance, they nonetheless share a rivalry.

Their special abilities allow them to attack an enemy several times for small armor and health damage. The leader of a group of refugees that the Ravens come across on the road to Bindal. He lost his mind when his wife died and now he talks to his spear, Lofn, like it's a person.

His special ability gives him a higher critical hit rate depending on how many allies Bak is adjacent to. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. You think we are just large men with simple minds. I have been alive for hundreds of years! You rush around fearing for your banner lives, like babies calling for their mothers! How we live is more important than how long! The Ravens. Bolverk The leader of the Ravens mercenary band, he's first encountered during the last act of the first game, where his band is tasked with defending and keeping order in the besieged town of Boersgard. Animal Motifs : Bears. He wears a bear skin, his axes are called Claw and Fang, and one of his special abilities is called Bear Rage.

Once during the story he narrates that he used to "hibernate" in caves during winters. And perhaps the most of all, his cross and unpredictable temper is romance much like that of a bear. Anti-Hero The Bolverk is not a nice person at all. Even if you make heroic decisions while playing as him, it's made clear that he's a brute who only does what's right when it benefits him. The Berserker : He's one of the last remaining varl Berserks.

When he sagas, he tends to go into a rage and attacks enemy and ally alike. Which means that he can randomly attack allies that are adjacent to him when he attacks enemies. He also lives up to the literal meaning of the word "berserk" by wearing a bear skin. Chekhov's Gunman : He only makes a brief appearance in the first game, but is a player character in the second game.

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Crutch Character : Of a sort. He isn't the most durable character, but he is very strong, and if you play him right he can single handedly dominate a battlefield. This will mean that the other Ravens who don't have the same raw power will be hurting for XP though. And if you let him suck up too much experience and don't level Iver enoughhe may be impossible for you to defeat as the final boss.

This doesn't make the game Unwinnable though, it just changes the ending.