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Scot wife Taking boy to strips

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When it comes to taking your girlfriend to the strip club, a little common sense and planning can go a long way. Realistically evaluate whether your girlfriend is a good candidate for going to a strip club. Is she insecure about her weight? Are the girls going to make her feel worse about herself, and will she accuse you of really wanting to be with a girl like Chastity or Naomi, instead of a girl like her? Is she jealous? Does she really want to go, or does she just want to spy on you?

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Feb 25, We went out on Sat. I don't drink, but she does, and she had a few and was feeling pretty good. She got up and danced with a lot of girls. We went to 'Angels Rockbar' here in L'Ville Angel's has half-naked server girls, and she was up dancing and grinding with them Anyways, since the girls were half naked anyways, at some point in the night 2am I suggested we go see some fully naked girls Her first time strip club!

She had a good time, but had lots of questions for me about the place, why I like it, etc.

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I loved seeing her enjoying other girls She enjoyed the company and attention from several hot girls! I wanted to get her a lap dance, but the place was packed and it was close to closing time am so we left, went home and had the hottest sex in a long time. I know my wife is interested in girls, and my our?

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I don't want to move too fast, but I know she is interested, we've talked about it briefly a couple times Any ideas for me? Really liking the direction this is taking!

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ed Oct 18, I came across this thread by doing a Google search on taking my wife to a strip club. She has said several times that she'd like to go with me sometime, so I'd like to make that happen. How did your wife like PT's?

Strip club with wife

I've never been there myself, only Deja Vu and Trixxie's. Have you taken her anywhere else since then? Would you recommend one place over another? We just went to Cincy the other night for some clubbing since L'ville doesn't seem to have any good dance clubs anymore.

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I've been to Angel's once on Derby Eve, and although it was good, it wasn't the club atmosphere we were looking for. I guess that might be a good warm-up place though since like you said, the girls that work there are half-naked anyway and then heading off to a real strip t. I'm just hoping this all works out well and she doesn't get jealous.

For : wife at strip club

Although I guess I should have nothing to worry about since she's the one who said she'd go. Anyway, I look forward to hearing how things are going for you now. ed Oct 5, ed Sep 3, My husband and I went to a strip club one time when we were in Macau. I didn't enjoy it too much. A group of Chinese men were sitting in front of the Russian girl who was dancing. She was not happy and seductive. She had no emotions, maybe she had a bad day that day, anyway she wasn't happy.

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I didn't like it. Then we went to the sex show.

Still a group of Chinese men were sitting around the round bed. We sat far behind. I didn't enjoy it, same reason, the Russian man and woman were not happy, they had to put up a show, they were there dancing and having sex with the soft music. The man even lost his erection during the show.

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It wasn't fun at all. The second time when we were in Macau, we didn't want to go there again since it wasn't arousing at all. I haven't been to any clubs in North America. I don't know if I would be able to check out the clubs there next time if we go to Canada. We don't have strip clubs in Taiwan, it is illegal. Anyway, it isn't fun if the people you are watching are not happy! ed Sep 23, I'd visited strip clubs in Macau, Thailand and Australia. I really don't think it a big deal.

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It's just for fun and curiosity. Posted via Mobile Device. MsLonely said:. Go to Thailand, it's the best place for night life. Consider I've been to Thailand 4 times and seen all kind of adult shows. The most weird to the sexist.

ed Mar 29, We started out with FF porn and then went to some swinger clubs. She wound up seducing the neighbor girl in their hot tub and then we got hot with probably two dozen various girls since then. It all faded away for awhile and now shes come back to life. Last weekend we went to a gay bar.

Took wife to strip club - she liked it!

I didnt care for all the men making out and it was mostly men but she saw one dancing on the bar that sent her home with some wet panties. He was very muscular and she liked that. I've never shared her with another man but that may be in the works too. She say's she'd like a woman again and if you are up to it in your relationship go for it. Look online for swing clubs and call them up of them and ask if the crowd is mostly female bi or full swap.

Get comfortable and don't do anything you both don't want too.

10 rules for taking your girlfriend to the strip club

Two girls can put on a hell of a show and the soggy leftovers are great!!! ed Oct 28, My wife enjoys it, as well. We've found a club that we enjoy, and go at least once a month.

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Sometimes we go with friends, and sometimes just the two of us. There are a couple of the dancers there that are particular favorites. Just a fun time, with beautiful women to look at And, as an added plus, the club that we enjoy has a "date night" promotion every Saturday night, during which couples get in for free. ed Mar 10, I enjoyes a long run as a bachelor. When i got older, wiser and perhaps bolder I inquired with women about their interest in other girls.