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By Rick Gonzales. Many know her as River Tam.

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From big names like Nathan Fillion and Christina Hendricks, to lesser known actors such as Andy Umberger, each of these performers brought to life beloved characters in multiple Whedon shows. First airing on Fox inFirefly ed aging juggernauts Buffy and Angel, which had been running for three and five years, respectively. While some of the actors started on Buffy or Angel and then transitioned to Firefly after making their mark, the inverse was also true.

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A night at the ballet. The arrival of a ballet company Angel last saw in prompts him to take his friends out to see a little culture. Watching the dancers, Angel realises that it's not just the same company as a century ago, but the same dancers. Investigating lands Angel and Cordy in a sensually charged haunting, replaying the act of infidelity which led to the dancers being cursed to an eternity of the same performance.

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Quiz - ten quick questions. Trivia: The ballet the team go to see is Giselle, first performed in Paris in It's a deeply sad romantic tragedy, about infidelity, madness and hauntings.

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This episode was originally deed to showcase the dancing skills of Amy Acker Fredwho studied ballet and modern dance for thirteen years. Ironically her big dance scene with Wesley was cut from the final version, though it appears on the season three DVD as an extra.

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Explore the BBC. Like this ? Send it to a friend! Wesley, meanwhile, makes his own sad discovery about the path of true love.

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