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Love like and for Spiderman black loves laweekly

But when we get to the end of the movie, we get a big memorial for Iron Man with a huge of famous heroes showing up to pay their respects, while Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch Elizabeth Olsen hang out in the corner having their own private mourning ceremony for Natasha and Vision, who apparently nobody other than them — and Bruce Banner Mark RuffaloI guess — cared about.

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Natasha Romanoff, the Avenger known as Black Widowis one of the deadliest spies in the Marvel Universe and a character whose past is one of mystery and intrigue. Born in the Soviet Union and orphaned as during an attack on Stalingrad, Natasha was rescued by Ivan Petrovitch Bezukhov, who took her in and raised her. He trained her until her talents caught the attention of KGB, who recruited her into their ranks and sent her to the Red Room.

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Prompt idea: Peter P takes videos of the avengers doing stupid things like playing monopoly or fighting over the last cookie and saves them to a flash-drive. One day they find the flash-drive. Btw I love all your posts.

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Every single week when a new episode goes up, it blows up the internet, able to push even the most serious news of the day into the background for just a few minutes. Meh, we figure the details out later. Anyway, this is a very special episode because, well, I read your comments — love them, by the way, thank you so much! A picture is worth more than a thousand words? The footage is a weird angle, making it quite obvious that the video was taken in secret, but you can see a kitchen.

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In the middle of the kitchen island sits Hawkeye, wearing cartoon pajamas and eating cereals. Without looking up, Hawkeye nods, taking another spoon of cereals. A robot rolls over to him, carrying something in its claw.

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War Machine, the new Captain America, and the White Wolf are sitting on a couch, their entire attention on a tv screen off camera. Tears are in their eyes as they sit on the couch as stiff as boards, Captain America even biting down on his fist to keep still. War Machine sniffs as the White Wolf tries to subtly wipe away a tear from the corner of his eye.

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Suddenly, the music rises and all of them let go a shocked gasp, looking even more distressed now. At a speed that seems way too fast with all the stuff lying around, the robot from before rolls back into the frame and immediately starts dousing him again. After this project, you should stick to swinging around, not making videos. Once again in the lab, but this time, Iron Man is already completely covered in the foam from the fire extinguisher.

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The entire screen is filled with a not-that-great looking chocolate cake. In the background, there are two very familiar voices arguing. Sure, it was the Great Depression, but you never said no to it when my mom made it!

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The doors of the lab open and Iron Man walks in. Of course, the robot appears at his side out of nowhere and sprays him with the fire extinguisher once more. This time, Iron Man barely reacts, sighing deeply as his shoulder drop and he wipes some of the foam off his face before turning towards the robot.

Spider-Man is back, chuckling lightly.

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Which, by the way, you can apply for. Anyway, I need to go hide now because they will hunt me down once they see this. See you all next week! After a second, the video cuts back to the lab one last time.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Iron Man is sitting in front of the camera, a towel around his neck as he looks like he had been doused one more time, bits of foam still stuck in his hair. Pointing at the camera, he smirks. It finishes with a clip of the robot from before dousing Spider-Man who just fell from the ceiling of the lab. Tag list: joyful-soul-collector sheabeeprime spideyspeaches zanderljones jelly-pies ftopbn lost-lunar-wolf peter-is-a-bean a-moon-fairy mrs-potts-stark supernoetta glorified-red probablyprocrastinatingrightnow thecrazymarvelfan hatakehikari aixabi sublimedragonherohumanoid bittersweetbeneath vintervittrannerd anarinette always-loki zetasaturno99 sdottkrames potter-turn-to- doctordumblesstark its-funnier-when-you-say-it fangirl gaycinnamonrollgirl bettyadinnye 0adore0 loveliestdisappointment lunars—world just-things-things chaos-with-a-pen onlyonepotatochip dreamingtreees liviemma nightingalestakeflight imwatermeloness baloobird randomfandomcheeto hold-our-destiny underoosandtonystank peterparkeriswholesome.

Ruben Fleischer. Robert Downey J r on dad! Tony trying to do his best looking out for Spidey in Homecoming. Anonymous asked: Prompt idea: Peter P takes videos of the avengers doing stupid things like playing monopoly or fighting over the last cookie and saves them to a flash-drive.

However, when the video appears on the website, it actually breaks the internet. Jump cut.

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Sparks starts flying around. The video only shows the ground, a foot and part of a leg.

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They deserve it. Captain America: Civil War dir.

An avenger's homecoming

Joe and Anthony Russo. See this in the app Show more. Top Photos. Recently Liked.