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Sniffing would like look up soiled that like panties

God it has been quite a long time since I have submitted a story, all true, I have had so many naughty panty sniffing episodes as well. I cannot get enough of having those dirty smelly panties over my nose with the crispy gusset being rubbed over my nose and lips, the aroma and taste is simply intoxicating.

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A former federal law enforcement officer, accused of having a sexual motive for smelling a girl's dirty underwear in her bedroom, will be allowed to serve unsupervised probation.

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I sniffed a pair of panties from a 54 year old woman. I'd doubt she has any STD but i'm worried.

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I put her underwear by my nose for maybe 3 seconds took a whiff, smelled nothing and put them down. I washed my face immediately after because i was worried if she had an STD i somehow inhaled it or go it on my the top of my lip or in my nose. Is it possible to get any STD from sniffing panties? I would guess the panties had been there all day.

At least 12 hours. Panty sniffing worries have nearly become a QTND question that never dies. My response is always the same. See below. You were licking a girl's thong with dry white stains and menstrual blood??? Did you perhaps run out of tortilla chips or other more tasty snacks?

Or maybe you mistook the thong for dental floss???

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Oh never mind. Your HIV risk is nonexistent. Olfaction the sense of smell is one of life's pleasures and it enhances our enjoyment in the sexual as well as non-sexual realms.

Are you at risk for HIV from panty sniffing? Sniff away bud. I'll repost some information from the archives from other sniffers. I found a used pair of panties at the laundromat. They were unwashed, and there was a spot on them with dried vaginal secretions. Can I get any STD's from licking it or putting my penis on the dried vaginal secretions? Another panty thief! I had no idea knickers were so difficult to keep a hold of.

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I knew people stole cell phones, iPods, wallets, purses and the occasional presidential election, but soiled panties??? Lick away! But I really do think it's easier to clean them in the Laundromat washing machine, don'.

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I found some almost dried brown spot on my shoe and without thinking properly I sniffed it in order to know what it was. I didn't smell anything from it and hold it about 3 cms away from my nose. I wonder if it was hiv infected blood and I sniffed it in.

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Can I become infected with hiv too this way? Need you sincere opinion on what is happened to me. For 3 weeks I work abroad in UK. I moved with a colleague of mine. I keep my personal items in my room, but my friend is keeping his items in the bathroom.

Around 10 days ago, somehow, I was touching his toothbrush, only by the handle. Since, last friday, I continue to touch his toothbrush but not the brush part. First time, I was curious in a way, but the other times I was thinking that somehow I've put his toothbrush in my mouth. I just remember, that I was touching the toothbrush, looking very close to it, and somehow trying to smell it from a distance of cm from my nouse and mouth. His toothbrush, has the same colour as mine blue - whitebut the brushs part have different colours.

I'm thinking that by mistake, I've used his toothbrush, but after I concentrate I'm sure I was not putting it in my sniff, just in my face to look to it from 2 cm. I'm positive that if somwhow I've put it in my mouth, or have touch my skin, panties with it, I notice soiled not right in that moment, but after a few moment.

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But I don't have a feeling that I've used it, the thoughts of using it, lead to my behaivor in a way. Ecah time, after I handle the toothbrush, I wash my hand with soap and hot water. So, handle a toothbrush, "smelling it" from a distance of cm, but not put it in my mouth, is a risk? Or just fear of HIV HIV from touching a toothbrush handle and sniffing it?

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Your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent. Your fears are irrational and unwarranted. I'd suggest you seek counseling psychotherapybecause, Sweetie, thoughts like yours are really whacked. Quick question. I have a fetish for sniffing undies. Any chance I could catch the dreaded "bug"?

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Thanks, Freddy Fetish. You're wondering about contracting HIV via sniffing? Believe it or not, you're not the first person to ask! Bob, you are a great.

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I was worried because of an incident I had where I intensely sniffed a wet vagina of a female of unknown status. I sniffed her a few times and I am worried that a small amount of her fluid may have gone up my nostril or acne crack near my nose.

Weeks later I am experiencing symptoms such as weight loss, diarrhea, sore throat, fever, thin white coating on tongue, sleepiness.

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Was my activity high risk? Please answer. Thank you. Sniffing wet pussy?

For : smelling dirty panties

No, that is not a risk for HIV transmission, even if you had the suction power of a Hoover vacuum cleaner. The fact that sniffing is not a mode for HIV transmission is a good thing, because if you had to wear a latex condom on your nose, you wouldn't be able to panties. I must admit I'm just a bit curious though. Is that all you soiled Just sniff and then walk away? Didn't your partner find that a bit odd? Seems like a behavior better suited to the perfume counter at Macy's, rather than a wild night of unbridled passion.

Can you get HIV from underwear that was sniffed out of the clothes dryer. I took a pair of girls underwear out of the dryer and about 10 minutes later I used it to masterbate. I wrapped the underwear around my penis for a little and then I started to smell them.

Std from sniffing panties? (sniffing and hiv, )

There were no stains on the underwear but there was a slight odor, and I think that was from the hot air that came of the dryer. I took my tongue and licked the crotch part of the underwear, I did not taste any vaginal secretion that would normally be on a pair of used underwear, and now I am concerned that I could have gotten HIV from this. I would assume that the clothes were washed because none of the clothes smelled or looked dirty. Would the hot air thats in the dryer KILL the virus?

Sniffing dirty panties stories

I know that this is a strange question but I called the CDC and they told me in a nasty way that I need a therapist, they thought that there is something wrong with me to even think that I could have gotten HIV from this. I looked through all the responses and have not found any questions relating to this. I am hoping that I did not put myself at riskbut I would appreciate your expert advice and a Woo-Hoo.

The CDC was nasty and told you that you needed a therapist for sniffing, tasting, and whacking off with girls' underwear you swiped from a clothes dryer? I don't agree with that, unless of course the underwear belonged to your mother, in which case, yeah, a therapist would indeed be in order.