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Princess Leia Organa watched, mortified, as her love was taken away from her. Two Gammorean guards pushed his blinded, stumbling form ahead of them. Amused onlookers stepped out of the way, watching as the guards exited the chamber.

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I write Slave Leia fan fiction, and will do more fan fiction in star wars. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. MasterJabba hide bio. Author has written 6 stories for Star Wars. Sort: Category. A vision of the future by shadowgirl reviews Takes place during "Padme in the Palace" with events taking place after "Passing the torch".

Events in Padme's life as a slave to Jabba led to her having a vision of her future daughter. Rated M for nudity, non-consensual sexual material and sexual abuse, adults only. Please comment and favorite, Rated M. Woman in gold: the lost chapter by shadowgirl reviews Just a little in-between chapter of Leia's enslavement in ROTJ. Originally in-between chapters 4 and 5 of my "Woman in Gold" epic, but scrapped.

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Adults only. Please review.

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The Royal Slave by Monroe reviews Leia has to deal with the consequences of being Jabba's permanent slave after the execution of her friends. The Hutt shows her off to his guests,men and other Hutts as well, dealing with his constant yanks, pulls on her chain and sexual pleasures of Jabbba, and humiliation he does to the princess, as he treats her like a royal slave.

The woman in blue by shadowgirl reviews Leia's first meeting with Mara Jade, when she was disguised as Arica.

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How do the two women interact while Jabba has Leia on a chain? Rated M for nudity and sexuality. Princess in gold by shadowgirl reviews Takes place after "A punishment fit for a princess". Leia is taken with Jabba on a visit to his son, Rotta. Rated M for nudity, sexual references and humiliation.

Jabba's slave is leia

At long last, here is the definitive, unexpurgated volume illustrationg what exactly had occurred during her time with him, and with zero cartoonish erotic content. CW: Nonconsensuality, bestiality, squick. Leia endures the humiliation and degradation as she is brought low for fear of Han being hurt.

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My first multi-chapter epic, so please comment and tell me what you think. Adults only, sexual content and humiliation inside. The galaxy will never know for sure; enter this story. Based entirely upon strongly suggestive elements, themes, and nuances of behavior in the film, this is a hypothesis of what actually happened between Leia and Jabba the Hutt in a realistic, yet unflinching, light. To her dismay, Jabba doesn't subject Leia to torture or sexual violation Mother of the Desert by SerenLyall reviews "Oh, child," the desert sighed.

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That is not to say, however, that there is no aid. A short look at the day Leia spent as Jabba's slave, and an exploration of the Skywalker's bond with the desert. Princess Leia copes with being a visitor to the notorious gangster's hideout, and the fact a certain bounty hunter is there to call her bluff any chance he gets Reaching Out by Moony reviews Sequel to 'Caught'.

Six months has passed and Mira is still trapped on Nal Hutta. One night, she reaches out to one of her fellow slaves.

Rated M to be safe. Hey, a little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone Leia: The Slave Princess reviews Leia deals with the consequences of being Jabba's permanent slave after the execution of her friends. Jabba shows her off to his guests,men and other Hutts as well, dealing with his constant yanks, pulls on her chain and sexual pleasures of her master.

Leia endures the humiliation, molestation, and degradation of and life as the lowest form Leia's Life as Jabba's Slave and Perception of her outfit and Life Explores the life of Leia as a slave and her perception and thoughts of her slave outfit and life as Jabba's slave girl. As she is subjected to Jabba's molestations, yanks, and tugs. Leia deals with her enslavement. Galactic Weekly - Extract from Article on Jabba the Hutt reviews This article was assisted by Princess Leia Organa in order to raise awareness and educate people on the terrible existence many people suffer because of slavery.

Darth Yuthura Monroe 8. NiceTryRiraito 0.

PorryThePlortypus 2. SerenLyall Terms of Service. edid:Profile Updated: Darth Yuthura 12 erikascandle 2 Monroe 8. SerenLyall shadowgirl

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