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I wearing caught her who panties Sister

By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Oct 8, by anonymous views 15 comments. I'm a guy and when I was growing up, I use to like stealing my sisters panties and wearing them.

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Don gets caught by his sister and her friend wearing her panties

He was quite upset the first time his sister and her girlfriend caught him wearing these panties. They stood staring at Don wearing nothing but pink panties. Don was both upset and embarrassed because the girls kept looking at him. He finally came out of his daze and pulled the sheet off the bed to cover himself. Is that ok with you Judy? His body was thin and there was little hair anywhere.

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He watched as the girls inspected. As they did he felt something stirring in him. He could see them looking directly at his little dick and it began to swell. It was clear the girls were staring directly at the little budge in the panties. My little sissy brother is getting hard on. Don was beside himself.

Sister caught me wearing her panties

His sister had seen him naked many times but never like this and never with a hard on. However, there was also something exciting about it. Don did not know much about sex but knew it felt good to rub his little dick. He also was surprised that he liked the girls looking at him and his little dick became even more erect. What could he do? He pushed one side of the panties from his crotch.

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As they slid over his dick it plopped out from one side and the girls giggled. Don was embarrassed but he noticed it also felt quite nice standing naked in front of his sister. Don turned around and they even had him bend over.

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They examined his asshole and his little scotum sack as it hung between his legs. He could feel the cool air on his tender asshole.

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He could also feel his dick wobble as it began to hurt a little because it was so hard. Judy tentatively reached over and pressed down on his dick. Jane took her turn and pushed his dick down. As she let go it sprang back up.

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The girls laughed. Don walked across the room and flinched when he saw what Jane had in mind.

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She was holding a small vacuum cleaner with a hose on it. Jane pulled the hose back just enough so it was not against his skin but still sucking the air past his dick. His dick had never felt quite like this.

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Don did not know what he was feeling. He did not know what a blow job was but he knew his dick had never felt like this. There was a strange pressure building and suddenly his dick began to swell and he felt his balls tighten. Don had never cum and did not know what was happening as he near his first real sexual experience. Jane and Judy noticed what was happening. She also felt other things and fought the urge to let her hand go between her legs.

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The vacuum suck up all his cum into the little clear cylinder where it whirl around making a mess of the little vacuum cleaner. You enjoyed that.

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Neither Judy nor Jane had any real sexual experience other than a few orgasms from masturbation. They knew the mechanics of sex and like to talk about boys. They had even watched a few porno tapes one of the girls had. Today though their fun was going to be a little different. Don did not know if he liked the sound of this.

He tried to hide the fact that his little dick was beginning to grow again. However, wearing nothing but silk pink panties left little to the imagination.

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She walked over to Don. Don took a step backward but that did not stop Jane from pulling the panties aside and freeing his little hard dick. Get the vacuum cleaner again.

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It felt good at the time but he did not like the idea of his dick stuck in a vacuum cleaner hose. The lady in the movie loved it. Judy thought about this for a moment. She could still feel the wet spot between her legs and her little clit was slightly swollen enough to rub against her pussy lips in a delightful sort of way. Don tried to take a step backward but Judy pulled him forward. She reached around and grabbed his butt cheeks and held them as she took his dick into her mouth. She felt the head rub between her lips.

Judy could not believe the taste of this little cock and what it was doing to her. She felt her pussy becoming wet and her clit was shouting to be rubbed. As Judy continued suckling his dick she allowed one hand to slip down between her legs and rub her pussy.

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Jane continued to watch this and did not miss this fact. She was watching her best friend suck off her brother while she masturbated herself. Jane could not believe how this was affecting her and soon her hand was between her legs as she watched the show. It did not take long for Don to begin to moan. His first two cums came within minutes of one another. He shot a load that hit the back of her throat. Judy could do nothing but swallow and gag but this did not stop her attention being placed to her little pussy. She slumped down onto the floor with her legs spread as she finished herself off.

He had mixed feelings about this. Their game had been fun and had felt really good but it also was frightening.

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Don would never admit this to the girls but he felt really strange after their game. We will make you look like a girl. One part of him was extremely excited about this possibility.

Caught wearing sister's panties

Even letting his sister and her friend dress him was very appealing. However, there was another part that was afraid of the very thing that was so exciting. As his pants fell Judy grabbed is underwear and soon he was standing very naked. It did not take long for his little dick to stand up straight. Judy remembered his dick tasted quite good. Jane knew Judy loved her first oral sex experience. They had talked about it quite a lot. And he loved it when she took his entire cock inside her mouth and sucked on it.

He was in heaven.

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Judy was also enjoying it. Only a week ago she had her first experience of sucking Don off and she loved it. She loved the smell and the taste of his dick. She also could not wait to have another load of cum in her mouth.