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Espanol seductress found Simone especially the hardcore

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That one legit took me more than a dozen attmepts. When I finally killed him my heartrate spiked and my hands felt fuzzy. I was probably on the verge of passing out. Funny, I one shotted him with ease. It was Artorius that was difficult to me. Mainly all the trash mobs between me and the road.

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You need to use his weakness, wing clip rank 3 to immobilize him. You also gotta keep multishotting Rank 1 to kill the homing beetles.

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His fear will also kill you unless you use 3x Greater Shadow Protection Potions. I am also having trouble with the fears themselves pulling me too far away from him, causing him to evade.

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Feels like its bugged, sometimes I have hit him for the last 5 seconds, then he fears me and instantly evades away. Also, regarding Simone the Seductress, I tried trapping her and killing the pet separately, but when I ran back the pet had respawned.

Instead, I found it really easy to just trap the pet, and kite her alone, the pet will reset and run away god knows where, while you have alone time with the demon.

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No hassle, used one major mana potion. Adding to my comment about Nelson the Nice, I'm going to attempt it again with priest and druid buffs, maybe even a tremor totem shouldn't reset the fight.


Also going to have a warlock duel me and cast Curse of Recklessness on me, so I am immune to fear. It feels almost impossible to do without being immune to fear, because he resets during the time I am fleeing.

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Franklin is pretty much impossible to melee I would say, he melee'd me for 2k before I managed to scatter shot him after his enrage. I just kited him for 10 minutes, used 3 major mana potions.

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Just kite and keep aggro with arcane shot rank 1, I used max rank serpent sting as well. I did the quest last week, and I actually killed him only by kiting - no wing clips.

Summary of the rhok'delar quest chain

If you never wing clip, he will not fear you. You just have to use the terrain in the ruins to extend the path he runs by jumping up and down cliffs. Another tip, if you bring a warlock friend with you, duel and have him put rank 1 curse of recklessness on you. The curse makes it so you cannot be feared, which makes the boss trivial. Yeah, that's also a viable option.

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I killed the pet first, but you have to be quick about pulling her afterwards. Once the pet is dead, run back, get health and mana, then immediately go. And yeah, Nelson took me the longest to do, only because he resets super easily. Once I got the timing down and didn't let him reset, it worked. Yeah, I did this one after I finished the guide.

World of warcraft

The key to him is timing - he enrages on a set interval. Once you figure out the timing, it's easy. This way you can just save scatter shot for emergencies if you ever mess it up at all. You are posting as a guest. If you have anin now to post with your. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.

Rhok'delar quest: guide to stave of the ancients

or insert images from URL. General Guide Comments. Reply to this topic. Recommended Posts. Damien 1, Report post.

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Posted September 26, This thread is for comments about our Rhok'delar guide. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Guest bindi. Posted September 28, Got my rhok'delar now by the way Impakt Posted October 3, the conversation You are posting as a guest.

Rhok delar quest faq

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