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Statt Helene Fischer. Mehr Infos hier. Nur funktionale Cookies. Secrets from the Sex Lab ePub. From First Kiss to Last Gasp.

Autor: Judy Dutton. Jetzt bewerten. Kommentar verfassen.

Secrets from the sex lab

Produkt empfehlen. Did you know that the scent that turns men on the most is pumpkin pie mixed with lavender? For anyone who wants to know more about sex, attraction, and how to improve Download bestellen. In den Warenkorb. Rausch Helene Fischer 5 Sterne.


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Adventskalender Knobelspiele Holz 5 Sterne. For anyone who wants to know more about sex, attraction, and how to improve his or her chances with someone cute comes this indispensable resource from Judy Dutton. Secrets from the Sex Lab takes you into the simmering world of sex researchers who have been documenting the many esoteric aspects of the erotic realm for years. With this book the laboratory door is finally open to you.

Follow the fictional couple John and Jane as they meet, flirt, kiss, have sex, and try to figure out what their attraction means and what to do about it. Backed by hundreds of scientific studies and interviews with people just like you, Judy Dutton reveals the why behind John's impulse to rip Jane's clothes off before he gets to know her.

Even more than the science, though, Secrets from the Sex Lab gives you hands-on lessons on how to take your sex life up a notch and put science to good use. Nowadays, anyone on the Web can call themselves a "sexpert" but have no more credentials than your clueless best friend.

Judy Dutton interviews the real experts who devote their lives-and their graduate degrees-to the subject of sex. But all her research wasn't done solely with people in white coats. She also hit the streets to see just what's going on in the world of attraction.

Secrets from the sex lab: a spicy floral scent makes women appear 12 pounds lighter to men, and other stories

As a result, Secrets from the Sex Lab is an illuminating and accurate look at what turns us on, what turns us off, and how we can get better in the sack. Bibliographische Angaben.

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