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What is my age 45
What is my favourite drink: Beer
What I like to listen: Reggae
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Serena williams sex story

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Published 5 years ago. It wasn't long ago that my girlfriend admitted she had a crush on Serena Williams. And I know it took a lot for her to say this.

Serena williams stories

Brought up a strict Catholic she felt that homosexuality is a sin. So when I told her I had the same fantasy, about a black woman like Serena and her, it made us both swirl with heat. We came furiously together, and it happened every time we made love. My beautiful girlfriend is 5'3, petite, blond and brown-eyed. She is so gorgeous and I am so lucky to call her mine.

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I am ten years her senior and know that other men envy me. Not just because she is physically lovely, but because she is true in her heart, warm and tender, and fiercely honest.

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So when she told me that it is hard for her to make love to me without thinking of Serena, it both thrilled me and confused me. I was hurt by it, but it made me so excited.

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So I suggested to her that we find a black woman with beauty and physical strength to share our lust with. She told me that she wasn't sure she could do that with me. That it would inhibit her.

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I know without her saying it that she wanted my permission. Again I felt hurt, but the thought of her with a strong black woman was so exciting to me.

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And, as I looked her in the eye, I saw that it's what she wanted, wanted in the worst way. And I wanted to give it to her.

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It was an act of love. Part 2 We began our campaign to find a suitable partner for her through Craigslist. And as we did so, my beautiful girl cried. I never wanted to hurt you," she sobbed.

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She took my hand and looked at me through tears. I want you to have this.

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I love you. How has it been? The worst never came to pass. She talked about the sex, the heat of it, and the great pleasure she had in doing it. But we are even more in love than ever before.

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And she says that she has no desire now to repeat it. Perhaps, she says, she will again, at some time in the future. But not now, not with me in her arms, in her thoughts, in her heart. Of course we still play at it.

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I asked afterwards what was the sexiest thing about their lovemaking. She blushed and said, You mean besides her incredibly hot body, her strength and her fierceness with me? You mean besides feeling like her toy, her white bitch slut, who she could do whatever she wanted with?

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I felt it was like a little cock, a woman's cock. I wanted her to love me like a man.

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Of course not. This time it felt different.

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My honest girl, the one I loved. It was different.

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