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We found Reddit comments discussing the best foam rollers.

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John Phung. A regular foam roller feels like soft fluffy pillow compared to the black Rumble Roller. The bumps will hit the trigger points that other rollers will not reach. As far as I know, this is the best foam roller on the market today.

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View Full Version : Foam rollers.

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I'm looking for the best source for foam rollers. I'm amazed at how much they cost or at least what I've been able to find.

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Any help is very appreciated! If cost is a concern I would try a 6 inch diameter pvc pipe.

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It is firm and takes some getting used too but by far the best combination of cost and effectiveness. You could always cut it in half or even into thirds to make more.

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I found a sale where the shorter ones were 15 bucks, and they were not the styrofoam kind which to me, are useless. Im sure sales will happen soon I got a 4" by 2' pvc pipe at the local hardware store for 5 bucks.

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It works way better than "foam" rollers in my experience, but did take some time to get used to. There's a high density foam roller that is used in construction.

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One of the guys at the gym uses them to put between buildings to stop vibration or something. So he gives us some of the off cuts. Works great I have a trigger point roller that I comparing to too.

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They're nice and firm with very little give. There are some other random ones that are more like memory foam - they are useless unless you're in pain I guess.

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Anyway, if I remember, I'll ask him where he gets it from - I suspect it'll be from a wholesaler or something as they come in 10ft long pieces or something. I bet a lot of the companies that sell them are simply using this stuff. I meant pvc pipe with some added some tape to get the rings and collars for hand placements.

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This happens in golf too And before I left my last job I "accepted" a thick roller that my boss had in the back storage closet that we never used part of a pt practice. It's called Backer Rod and my friend got it from specialty construction store. Seems pretty cheap to me, especially since you can go thirds in a piece or have some spares I'm sure there are other sources I use a 2 liter bottle I'm away from home for a while and the blue rumble roller I brought along really isn't cutting it.

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Its really slick so I wrapped a hand towel around it. MUCH firmer than a foam roller. Glad I'm not the only one : sometimes being cheap pays off PVC Pipe is definitely the best option.

List of products by manufacturer dick johnson's

I bought 10 feet of 4 inch diameter PVC pipe at Home Depot and sat on the floor in the isle and cut it into five 2 foot sections with a small hand saw. People gave me weird looks but it was definitely worth it.

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I also picked up some 2 inch diameter pipes--good for calves, forearms, triceps, etc. And 1 inch pipes to use a "pain stick" and people love using that. I can send you a picture if you want to see what I'm talking about.

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PS we also have one Trigger Point roller and one cheapy foam roller for people who aren't ready for the PVC pipe just yet.