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Ray boob Rachael that job hostess

During the Live with Kelly and Ryan! So I had to go to a plastic surgeon. The damage was worse.

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The most common incision used for breast augmentation is the inframammary under the breast incision. It is usually well-hidden and has a low complication rate. The periareolar incision scar around the colored part of the nipple is another option. This incision typically heals well, but is located on the front of the breast. Studies are showing that the periareolar incision in a higher risk of complications, such as capsular contracture.

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It's not boobage per se Well in fairness, she's standing next to the biggest boob of them all. Because she has tiny tits.

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So tiny tits being forced upwards like that look artificial. If they weren't forced up so much tape? It'd be a non-issue. They're kinda hard to miss here.

Rachael ray boob job

They look horrifically unnatural, and not at all in a good way. Like they were airbrushed away and then pasted one a time at weird angles. Like they are almost under her pits? It's so weird. I don't care if she's shows them but if she's gonna she needs a bra that keeps them where they belong.

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They look terrible! They're not displayed in the most flattering fashion, for sure. It's like a blind person applied her boob tape I can't believe a bra created the problem. But there's plenty of gossip about her husband being a swinger, so the notion she has a wild side beneath all that EVOO sweetness doesn't surprise or bother me much. It really really is, and that's why it's so noticable. The brain is basically all "boobs don't work that way. I agree with most of the posts. I was really shocked and thought that it was so inappropriate.

It was so unnecessary. It really was in poor taste. I am a fan of Rachel ray but she should of known better. I hope they stop running that spot. Even my 12 year old daughter was like "eeeewww why are her boobs sticking out like that".

People really will complain about anything. Rachael is poorly styled as usual; she just has never learned what looks good for her or learned to trust the right expert.

Rachael ray boob job

I like her, even though I don't watch her shows anymore she had seemed bored or exhausted for a long time ; cleavage doesn't really jibe with her usual style or with this kind of innocuous, middle-of-the-road TV show. Big difference Giada is very easy on the eyes and Rachel's exposed cleavage is extremely unattractive Please cover them. In a similar way so that I don't get called s3xistI'd much prefer to see Robert Irvine in a tank top than Guy even though I really enjoy Guy. Seems to me that Rachel should be proud of her new boobs.

If I could afford it I'd get mine done too. I am just saddened that people feel they have a right to complain about a grown woman's appearance.

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No one is taking the males to task for their perpetually off outfits. It's gender-specific, double-standard prudery at its finest. I'm sorry. I lost track of the article after you said "boobs. After seeing the commercial about five times now, I decided to google "Rachael Ray weird cleavage"! I'm so glad it wasn't just me I like Rachael, but her top and "new look" isn't flattering and made me embarrassed for her!

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Clearly you don't pay much attention to the criticisms aimed at Guy Fieri or Robert Irvine then. I'm not sure but I think I saw the promo again and they edited out Rachael.

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I wasn't watching at the moment, but I could swear I only heard Guy talking. So maybe they redid it and took her out? If food network wanted some cleavage they should have bought her some fake titties, not smash those things together with cutlets and cut the front of her shirt out. The boobs showing isn't a problem It's 'those' lil boobs that looks weird. Just my opinion though. We have the right to complain about whatever we want. Like your garbage outlook on this situation. Leave it to a woman to make it about herself.

Rachael ray boob job xxx photo

The first time I saw this commercial, I called my wife over said, "Hey, look Someone in production must have had it out for her to let her be taped in that outfit. I almost feel sorry for her. What if starting tomorrow no female Chef ever showed cleavage but instead wore a tight tank top or snug pullover sweater?

Just wondering who's idea it was Maybe Rachael needs to spend more time getting folks to spell her first name correctly. There's a list of the most misspelled chef names, and she's on it.

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It must be Opposite Week. I never thought I'd be reading about people complaining about Rachael Ray's headlights over Guy Fieri.

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Sandra's high beams keep me on point. Giada's look like 2 raccoons fighting under a blanket. Of course her grimace of death grin is scary. Rachael's are maybe the only boobs I've actually looked away from. I thought they were pecs on a weightlifter.

Just weird, not good looking. If they weren't exposed, I would have figured they were just little and that's it. Now I'm sure they're odd. I'm not complaining or judging her. I was actually concerned.

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I googled "What's wrong with Rachel Ray's boobs? Well if it is just a bad outfit I hope that's all it is. Still love FoodNetwork!!! Rachael Ray's cleavage is disturbing, kinda looks like monkey boobs. If she's trying to look sexy, at least wear a push-up or something!

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They have 1 commercial where it is Guy only, and 1 commercial where it is Rachael only. They are still airing commercials with her in them. I love Rachel Ray but those boobs look like the bottoms have been chopped off. Whoever dressed her is wrong and needs their job taken away.

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I cant believe she went on with the witch's boobs. At least Giada's look normal. Must have been a really bad push-up bra because it didn't look normal. Unfortunately, her boobs look strange-- like they are all muscle, or she's had a bad bood job. They start at her clavicles and point diagonally downward.

The problem is that normally low cut tops stop somewhere between the boobs. Don't be cruel people. Rachel's breasts are anatomically high on her chest wall and spaced farther apart than most women and it her breasts are small. Therefore whatever she is wearing in this photo is not her most flattering wardrobe choice.

But let's try and stay kind. Great at a cocktail party but what's the purpose of such a low class look on a family friendly food channel? Ok, don't compare Giadas breast with those nauseating things attached in a strange manner directly under her chin.

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Ray is vulgar in every way. Does she not understand that more and more children are watching food shows now? I truly dislike this woman. Ya, cover 'em up and figure out how to get them back in the right place. It's just creepy!