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Tags: imabloodynerd esoltis Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy.

The best for both of you was to go on separate ways and if destiny wanted it, you would meet again somewhere. The first days after the breakup were complicated, but what came three weeks later, when you saw yourself sitting on the toilet of your house with a pregnancy test between your shaking fingers, was much worse. You had tried calling your ex, who was of course the father of the baby, but every time you considered it, a fierce fear overcame you, making you turn off the phone and throw it away, to the other side of the bed, like the devil himself could come out of the device.

You spent the day in your room, coming out just when you had to go to class, even though you never really got there, and when your mum, Nikki, called your name to have dinner, lunch or breakfast.

23 and pregnant

Everyone at home, even Paddy, had noticed that something was wrong with you, but they just assumed it was because of the recent breakup and they decided to give you space. If they only knew…. You knew you needed to tell someone, but the only person you trusted enough to talk about such thing was your brother Tom. Unfortunately, he had been away from home for weeks now, from one country to another, promoting the next Avengers movie. Because of it, the only thing you could was wait until he came back home.

A week before Los Angeles premiere, Tom came back to London to rest for a few days before the hectic days waiting for him in the States. Maybe he was your little brother but you were afraid of disappointing him, of being judged by him, of him telling your parents.

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So you kept quiet once again. Tom always felt happy when he came home. He loved being able to rest, walk around old Kingston and spend time with his siblings. The first night, despite the jet lag, he took Sam and Harry to the pub to take some pints. He tried to talk you into it as well, but you refused saying you were tired and you would go to bed soon.

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Tom was surprised by your answer, since you were the one he spent most time with, but he supposed you were really just tired. Sam and Harry shared a meaningful look before sighing and looking at his old brother. You had always been a responsible person and you even loved your degree, you enjoyed and made the most of every class.

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So knowing you were skipping class just worried him even more. When Tom walked the twins back home, he saw the light off in your window. Since it was pass midnight he assumed you were sleeping and he promised himself he would talk to you next day. He said goodbye to his brothers and walked towards her own house, busting his head as he tried to figure out what was going on with you. Next day showed up like the rest. You woke up thanks to the marvellous morning sickness.

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When you brushed your teeth and face you decided to go downstairs to the kitchen to grab something to eat, hoping to avoid Saturday family breakfast. You dedicated her a small smile and opened the fridge to take some water. Ever since you had taken the pregnancy test you avoided hugging people. You knew it was way too soon but you were afraid people felt something. So you wrapped your arms around him terrified. You looked at your mum, who looked at you with an excited smile and then at Tom who had his eyes slightly narrowed but he was smiling as well.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Before they could stop you, you had made your way out of the kitchen and were going upstairs. In the kitchen, Tom and Nikki looked at the door, like they were waiting for you to come back. With a sigh, Tom looked at his mother who had tears in her eyes. Quietly, he walked to your door, focusing on any noise coming from it. When he heard a sob coming from your room his heart broke.


It killed him not knowing what was going on with his sister and not being able to help her. But that was about to change.

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You barely had time to dry your tears before Tom came in. When you heard the door closing, you turned around with a small smile that erased the moment you saw the expression on his face. You looked at him shocked.

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How did he know about that? It was impossible for him to know.

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Biting your lip you looked down at the floor, feeling smaller than ever and trying not to cry again. You had been in silence for too long, hanging on, struggling and stressed. Tom laughed and kissed your head. With a deep sigh, you took a seat on your bed, looking at your hands as you tried to figure out how to break the news to him.

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Tom sat by your side, close but giving you space and waited. That was the first time you said it out loud and you immediately felt a weight off your shoulders. You had said it. It was no longer a secret, you could talk about it with someone.

You took a deep breath and looked back at your hands, giving him time to process. You nodded silently, remembering the four pregnancy tests you had taken, all of them with the same result: positive. Will you tell them that you got gas? He let out a huge breath and looked at the ceiling before looking at you with a big smile.

You looked at him tearing up, unable to say anything. Actually, having a baby looked even better.

You looked at your belly and rubbed it before looking at Tom. Tom laughed. He offered you his hand. You were pregnant. At the age of If they only knew… You knew you needed to tell someone, but the only person you trusted enough to talk about such thing was your brother Tom. Tagged: tom holland tom imagine tom holland imagine tom x reader tom holland x reader reader insert imagine pitubea siblings.