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I'm looking up men who breedings Poz

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Years old 22
My Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
My favourite drink: Brandy

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By tnbiohazardAugust 14, in Bareback Short Stories.

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I went to the bath house one night. I was a bit depressed, and just wanted anyone to fuck me. So I got in and undressed in my room. I then went to the hot tub and soaked for a bit.

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Nothing seemd to bite there, but it helped me to relax a bit, which proved helpfull later. I then got out and showered reall quick to remove the smell of chlorine. I went back to my room and turned the light down real low, and left the door slightly opened. I laid on my stomach, and pulled my towel down a slight bit, just till my ass could be slightly seen. It took awhile, but finally a big black dude walked in. He dropped his towel and a large cock with a mushroom head popped out. He said he was 14 inches I believed him. He then started to try and get me to suck him.

I've sucked lot's of cocks in my life, and prize myself on the fact that I can get them down my throat with out gagging. This guy wasn't breeding anywhere. His cock was so big it hurt my jaw to even get it inside. There was no way it was going to make it down my throat. So he finally pulled out, and crawled up ontop of me. I felt his cock start to push against my Poz, but my ass didn't want to let him in. He started kissing the back of my neck, and I could feel his story take a dive into my ear.

I started to turn my head, distracted by this attention, and that's when he went for it.

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With one quick shove he was in, while his hand was around my mouth, keeping me quiet. I moaned and felt my ass clinch as my cock leaked some cum. He then started to shove himself deeper and deeper.

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Finally I could feel him pounding away like mad, while he still kissed my neck between panting. It took awhile, but he finally came like a fucken firecracker. I felt his cock swell inside of me, and the hot juice explode inside of my ass.

After several more thrusts, he laid on my back, and kissed my neck a bit more. He then pulled out, and I could see some cum still at the tip of his cock. I did my best to clean it off, and savor the taste of his sweet seed.

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He then quickly grabbed his towel, and left the room with the door open. I saw that there was another guy outside. This white dude took no time in getting his towel off, and fucking my cum filled hole, shoving his load in ontop of the other guys. A week later I came down with what I thought was the flu. It lasted for a couple weeks, with a fever that wouldn't go away. I hadn't heard about the fuck flu yet, but soon after I became poz.

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I don't know which of the guys was poz, or if both were, but I know I enjoyed every minute, and don't regret it one bit. Met a black guy off of craigslist in Feburary. Planted four lo into me and I got the news at the end of April. No regrets either and I have seen him twice since, not mentioning anything to hin either. Dam that is a hot story and like mine!!

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I was depressed one night and checked craigslist and chatted with a hot sounding black guy who invited me over. Got there and is was a rough neighborhood and he met me at the door and i went up to his breeding. I said i didn't want any and after getting me naked the main man started fucking me which was great. Said he was clean. His young bud who was really hot and had an awsome cock took over and he plowed my hungry hole all night and into the morning. I just wanted more of his beautiful cock. I left and about a week later got a bad cold that lasted for weeks.

Got tested and was poz. But I Poz remember how hot that story was and get an instant hardon everytime I think about this huge young stiff black cock pounding away. I'm ready to do it again!! A man who fucked my wife and I told me he knew he had it. He asked me to either let him breed me, and be a breeder, or become a gangbang slut to allow stealth breeders to prey on me. I became his to use as he died from what he gave me.

A boy’s own story

Your stories are hott! I thought him to be neg The first way I ever heard about pozzing was on some dating app. There was a guy with a biohazard tattoo and in his job description, he stated"pozzing neg holes". At first, I was repulsed by it. But the more that I thought about it, the more it turned me on.

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Now the only thing that turns me on Poz than the word poz, is the word aids. Now to the man that pozzed me Back in those days, I got involved in the party scene. Now if you've ever partied before, I now that it just makes you nasty. I was partying with him, and when he took his shirt off, he had a biohazard tattoo around his naval which was hot as breeding So I looked him in the eye and told him to poz my ass. He was more than happy to flip my legs up and stuff his pierced poz cock up my ass and fuck me for hours.

A few weeks later I got the diagnosis and told him the great news, which prompted us to story with each other again that weekend. I started barebacking around and went to the clubs. Got a lot of lo there mostly anonymous lo in the darkroom. So no have no idea who pzzed me. My first ever fuck was when I was I was living in a gay hotel in Chicago, I wasn't out yet. I took the room there because it was cheap and close to work.

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As a charter bus driver in the beginning of the carrier my days off changed. It was an early fall day and the A c was shut off so I had the window and door open. As I sat watching tv I noticed a young black boy cleaning the floor in the hallway.

He had a very cute face and was shirtless. His pecs absorbed and arm muscles were perfect. He stopped at my door to talk. Later that afternoon he came back and gave me my first fuck. I came out and had sex with men quite late — These changed my life!

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So back to those early days. The sensation of knowing a cock is inside you, his skin rubbing the inside of ass is still a huge turn on many years later. We started making out, had a beer and got on well. It got to that moment, he was nudging my douched ass and I was getting excited by the prospect.

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I could feel his big dick pressing my ass. He was fantastic — thoughtful, firm, and very transparent. We kissed like demons — always the hallmark of great sex. Anonymous or non passionate, mechanistic sex is a waste of precious sex time, for me.

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He had to work and slide his chunky cock in. Poppers and one beer were enough, and he let me catch up as my sphincter adjusted. We fucked and had a great day-time, cheeky, bare-back fuck. He came deep inside me, kissing me as he came, always one of my hot buttons.

I clamped my legs on him and held him in.