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We get stats for everyone else, Superman's height Thor's weight. Depends on the artist really, but they usually look like DD's. They are definitely not GG.

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Hobbes: Is Amazon Girl's super power the ability to squeeze that figure into that suit? Calvin: Nah, they can all do that. This most common of metahuman attributes seems to range from a D-cup size upward for any character just past the onset of puberty a time when many comic-book characters start to manifest superpowers.

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This most common of metahuman attributes seems to range from a D-cup size upward for any character just past the onset of puberty a time when many comic-book characters start to manifest superpowers. They are not only large, but remarkably self-supporting and perky for their size.

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One theory behind this phenomenon in comics that American superheroes are drawn in a "larger than life" artstyle. Heroes are supposed to look dynamic and impressive, villains look evil and shady, and thus women are sometimes drawn to accentuate any womanly features far more heavily than a realistic style would.

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And yes, to the extent this is true, there is a Double Standard at work here that males aren't depicted as super-manly men nearly as frequently. A Sub-Trope of Heroic Build. For tropes related to actual common superpowers, see Stock Superpowers Index. Please limit examples to justificationslampshadesand Played for Laughs. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Comics like big busts, and they cannot lie.

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Hobbes : Is Amazon Girl's super power the ability to squeeze that figure into that suit? Calvin : Nah, they all can do that.

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Anime and Manga. After all, you can't market your superhero as a sexy dominatrix with just a B-cup, now can you? Instead, she simulates it thanks to her super suit equipped with fake breasts made of "Paff-Paff X", a material bouncy enough to reflect anything, including incoming missiles.

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My Hero Academianaturally, as its based on superhero comics like the ones below. A lot of the professionals, and even some of the students despite their young age are already developing quite nicely, showcased quite nicely thanks to skintight uniforms being the norm for heroes and heroes-in-training.

Of particular note in Class 1-A is Momo Yayorozu, which made be related to her lipid-based quirk of Creation. Comic Books. The urban legend goes that legendary comics artist Wally Wood, one of the original artists for Power Girl at DC Comicsstarted enlarging her chest issue-to-issue to see how far he could go with it before the suits upstairs caught on.

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Again, this is just a myth; however, it started a tradition, and it's often considered one — er, two of the main features of the character, i. Plus the "boob window" over her cleavage making them that much more obvious. Power Girl in her costume with the big window in the chest asks why everyone is suddenly staring at her before realizing the obvious. Well, the pair of obvious.

Most common superpower

The same issue gave us this other great lampshading, when Superman and Batman talk with the Toyman about his invention after Power Girl is done distracting him: Superman : Will it work? Arrowette : Oh God I'll have to get a tight, skimpy, black leather outfit that shows off my cleavage. Oh God I'll have to get cleavage.

Empowered : 'Racktastic'? Having allegedly large breastesses, that's not a superpower.


Ninjette : Au contraireCount Rackula. Believe me, I would so flaunt them if I had 'em. Empowered : That I do believe, coming from someone with 'Ninjette' printed across the back of her shorts. Ninjette : And I'm a super-heroine tragically lacking the most common superpower for girlcapes!

As in, well, boobs.

Most common super power

Alex : A wig? Outlaw : Well Outlaw : What, did you reckon that they just grew all of us out on a perfect body farm somewhere?

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Alex : Well, I just naturally assumed MarvelMaster 's Marvel Universe fics attempt to justify it - apparently, the X-Gene attempts to compensate for its rarity by making its carriers more attractive there is also a higher sex drive attached, which is why these fics are often Porn with Plot.

One fic actually has Jean posing for a Playboy centerfold, and the playmate responsible for shooting asks outright who does her boobs - she cannot believe they're real. Heftily deconstructed, however, in how much unwanted attention this sizes her - also, regrettably, Truth in Television - meaning that she's spiky, defensive, and has very few genuine friends. In any case, she's built in a fairly Amazonian fashion all around, so it's proportionate.

With the eventual confirmation that she's descended from Captain America and Peggy Carter, this is both unsurprising and possibly explained by the super serum causing her to, ahem, develop earlier. In any case, no one dwells on it in any detail - Harry is uncomfortably aware that she's a very attractive young woman despite their Just Friends dynamic and occasionally gets a little hot and bothered about it thanks to their increasing USTbut that's as far as it goes.

Diana during the temporary Plot-Relevant Age-Up. Though she is drop dead gorgeous and an Amazonian Beauty being a 12 year old Wonder Woman, there's a brief adjustment literally and figuratively scene for the group at large, in which she finds them rather uncomfortable, awkward and embarrassing. Bra that, they aren't mentioned again, with the narrative focused on the fight. Since before and after said age up she's a petite twelve year old on the cusp of power, this discomfort is hardly surprising.

Jean Grey, is developing this, like her comic counterpart, but on a more realistic girl, as is and Maddie Pryor a. Rachel Grey, her twin sister. And they are remarked upon several times, not only by other people, but by Alex herself and especially Louise, Alex's girlfriend, who really, really appreciates them.

Floating Hands parodies the trope; its version of Psylocke has breasts that overshadow her head. In Glorious Shotgun Princessone of the side effects of Shepherd's Exaltation is her breasts going up a few sizes. Harry : So aside from those breasts, what other superpowers do you have?

The true history of power girls boobs!?! click now to watch the video article!

Films — Live-Action. In My Super Ex-Girlfriendthe advent of G-Girl's metahuman abilities is heralded by an, er, expansion, of her bosom, followed by several other cosmetic changes. Which is a total Big-Lipped Alligator Momentas no-one ever points this out and her breast expansion is never once mentioned in the entire film. As well as the fact that in every scene of her as an adult, G-Girl seems to be pretty average-sized up top. Zigzagged in Zsazsa Zaturnnahin both movie and comic book versions.

What size are they?

Zsazsa's boobs can fire lasers. This may or may not be a gag of people looking at women's breasts instead of their eyes. Lampshaded in Perry Moore 's Herowhere pyrokinetic Miss Scarlet says during an icebreaker that she grew up by a nuclear power plant and one day in her teens, she woke up with her flame powers and "a rack that would make Dolly Parton jealous.

John Taylor : "She wore two bandoliers of bullets across her impressive chest. Live-Action TV. In RoseanneDarlene makes David redraw their comic book to remove this superpower from all the female characters. Amy : Can you show me a female superhero whose bosom couldn't be used as a flotation device?

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Stuart : Sorry, most guys around here indicates to the usual losers like big boobs. Most of them have big boobs. Tabletop Games. Aberrantpart of the Trinity Universehas a "Mega-Attribute" section of powers which are enhancements of the standard "attributes" that all characters have in the Storyteller system—strength, dexterity, and so forth.

Although "Mega-Appearance" comes in many forms, the pic accompanying the section is of a woman with gigantic breasts being photographed by paparazzi. This is partially justified by the way that nova bodies tend to reshape themselves according to the subconscious desires of the nova upon eruption; thus, if a woman wants to be a big-boobed goddess, she gets to be a big-boobed goddess.

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Video Games. In City of Heroesthere has been some complaint from female players that even the smallest bust option on females is at least a C-cup. It's annoying if you're trying to make—say, a modestly-proportioned speedster.

It is possible to create the illusion of smaller breasts with judicious use of the waist, hips and physique sliders. And some clothing also tends to downplay them.