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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially. Disclaimer: All individuals in this story are eighteen or older.

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Just found this little anonymous spider story running around. Thought it was sexy and cute, but I almost have a fetish for oviposition and impregnating. Tanya had already lost the physical battle long ago.

What did the creature want? Would she be eaten alive? Would it spin her into a cocoon and drag her back to a nest? Questions filled her as it held her in awkward embrace. She was lost in the awkward stare, what ever else this creature might be, she was beautiful. A sharp sting in her ass awoke her from these thoughts. A small tube pushed hard and suddenly between her cheeks. She gasped. The member was warm and smooth and plunged deeper into her than she had ever imagined anything could.

She let out a cry and squirmed.

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Tanya Struggled to no avail, causing herself only more pain and strange pleasure. The spider woman pressed herself closer, embracing her. Running her hands all over.

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She kissed her neck and Tanya was able to see the what was stuck in her ass. Horror struck her. The creature had connected a large, phallic-like tube to her rectum. It was filled with a line of eggs. The tube spasm and pulsated as the lumps moved closer little by little; son to be pushed inside of her. The tube that had penetrated her was already squirting a hot jet of thick fluid into her rectum. It was a desperate silly thought but she tightened her sphincter, tensing her body has hard as she could.

The egg was unable to get through her tight hole! A wave of triumph sung through her, but Suddenly the creature kissed her right on the lips hard and fast. Tanya lost her concentration, and the egg slipped halfway in.

Tanya bared down on the intruding egg, hoping her anal muscles were strong enough to crush it. Her lips traveled all over her face, down her neck and too her breasts. Her butt cheeks kept firmly pressed together. She kept up the fight, trying to shove the spider woman off her as she continued to shower her with kisses. But a wave of weakness took her.

Ovipositor stories

Her limbs felt heavy, her head felted fog and for a moment she forgot what she was trying so hard to accomplish. Unbeknown to her, the kisses contained special venom. It d relaxed her muscles and calmed her nerves, allowing her small, weak movements.

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It heavily relaxed her anal muscles and the egg easily slipped through her anus. Another egg pressed against her. Tanya was doomed. Egg after egg was pushed into her.

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Hot fluid helped them slide in without any trouble. Tanya laid back and stared blankly at the smiling creature. The venom kisses caused had euphoria, like a powerful drug. Tanya started to enjoy the feeling of the warm, wet eggs passing through her relaxed butt cheeks, one after another.

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Pressure started to mount inside her as more and more eggs entered her. The venom made her start to enjoy the full, bloated feeling in her body. She slid her hands to feel her own stomach. She could feel the egg-tube spasm and contract with in her and another burst of warmth herald yet another egg. Tanya had begun to accepted her fate and relaxed.


The rhythm of the eggs became soothing and the affections of the spider woman were pleasurable. The stimulation just added to her euphoria. The creature removed the tube from her anus suddenly. Her rectum spasmed and she cried out. The creature quickly plunged back into her eager pussy. Tanya thrust her hips against her with involuntary pleasure. She moaned and rubbed her expanding belly with amazement.

The venom was clouding her brain and she was beginning to to enjoy herself. Her stomach was large and round and for all the world looked like any ready to pop pregnant human should. The creature then sprayed the same embryonic oviposition all over Tanya, thoroughly lubricating her body, which would help with the cocooning process.

Tanya held stillthe cool tight silk was as comforting as the hot full feeling in her middle. The spider creature was quick with her oviposition, using her spider limbs to move and manipulate the stand. Her breasts were quickly held down tightly by the sex silk. Before it could tie up her hands, she quickly moved them down, to be tied up against her belly, so she could feel the movement inside her. The tight cocoon cradled her as The she spider hauled her up into the safety of her web.

The egg cocoon that had once been Tanya wiggled once or twice as she was secured into place. Tanya would lose her life giving birth to her enemies, her body gently nurturing the little monsters, that would soon go on to impregnate and kill many more of her people. Welcome to rodoan archive of erotic sex violent stories that cater to a wide range of interests including ponies, cannibalism, and snuff.

There is probably something that will offend you on this site, but many of these stories disappeared off the Internet in the deluge of other content and the story thought they merit giving some attention. Spider story. This site has graphic violence, sex, and story.

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Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!