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Dog girl—> slim snake tf(hot furry tf)

Ty wished Jennifer to transform into a dog girl. Of course, the transformation hadn't started yet, and Jennifer walked out of the locker room and out of the school. Ty followed her in his invisible form. Suddenly outside, the girl pointed her nose in the air and began sniffing. Jennifer then headed for the bus stop and waited. Ty noticed her shifting uncomfortably and was putting her hand on her ass. After a few minutes, a bus arrived and the girl payed the fee and went in.

Ty barely managed to get inside the vehicle with her. The bus was somewhat crowded, and she had to stand up and grab hold on a pole. By the looks of it, Jennifer was having a hard time staying still. Her face was blushing and she tried distracting herself by shifting her weight on each foot, but with no avail. Ty was mentally laughing, he knew exactly what was happening to Jennifer.

She was in heat.

Jennifer's a bitch

The girl was trying to control herself in her horny state. Biting her lip, the bus ride seemed to go on forever. She couldn't hold it anymore and started stroking herself. However, people on the bus started noticing this and all gave looks of shock. Ty decided to spare her the embarassement, and wished for the crowd not to notice everything she was doing. Right away, the folk went from looks of shock to boredom. As she continued masturbating on the bus, Jennifer made whimper-like noises.

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She then fell to her knees and put both her hands down her shorts, increasing her pleasure. Ty looked as her black hair was slowly changing to a rather blond color. She suddenly realized what she was doing and stood up, looking at the other people but seeing that they really didn't care, so that was a relief for her. As the bus came for her stop, she walked out with a look of shame in her eyes. As usual, Ty followed her. When she arrived at her home, it was empty. She made her way to the kitchen and put her hand down her pants once again.

Pleasing herself, Jennifer took a note on the kitchen table with her other hand and read it. In a neat handwriting was written, ''We're gone for the weekend on a business trip. Take care! Love, Mum and Dad''. Jennifer smiled. It was clear that her being in heat made her horny beyond reason. This was proven as she lay on her couch and plunged both hands down her shorts and began violently moving them back and forth.

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She was whimpering some more, but Ty noticed that it was louder and more dog-like than before. Jennifer's face was red as a tomato, and she was too distracted to notice a lump forming above her ass. It grew longer and hairier until it was a full dog tail with blond fur. Still ignoring this, Jennifer walked to her bathroom.

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She then took off all of her clothes, and headed for the direction of her bedroom. However, she screamed as the hallway's massive mirror gave her a full body image of what changes she had gone through. I'm not blond! She turned around to get a view of her ass and newly grown tail. She screamed louder. She lay on her bed in utter shock, naked and sobbing.

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Jennifer had a tail! A dog's tail, no less! But all thoughts vanished when she watched her Golden Retriever, Lucky, walk in her direction. And for some reason, something about him seemed so At first she pushed the thought away, ashamed that Jennifer even contemplated it, but she couldn't ignore her feeling of lust towards Lucky, and it was a powerful sense of horniness that she just couldn't ignore.

Jennifer got off her bed and went on all fours, pointing her ass suggestively towards Lucky.

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The Golden Retriever must have been interested as well, because he put his junk in Jennifer without hesitation, and they began fucking. Ty watched as the two did it doggy style. Jennifer's tail was wagging back and forth as they did. He felt a little sorry for Jennifer, so he wished for Lucky to become a little bit more human shaped. The changes were quick, and Lucky got taller, with a relatively human build. His junk also increased in size, adding to Jennifer's pleasure. But Jennifer was changing as well.

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Two floppy ears formed from her head. Her hands and feet formed into paws. A thin coat of fur grew all around her body, particularily longer around her breasts. Ty thought that the sex was speeding up her transformation. She gave a lust filled yell as they climaxed. Lucky seemed to calm down and lay on the floor, somewhat awkwardly now that he was human-like. However, Jennifer was still coming to terms on the fantastic sex she just had with her dog Jennifer noticed that her tongue was sticking out of her mouth, and she was panting.

She couldn't care less at that moment, she was ecstatic.

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She put her back to the wall as her final changes started. Three pairs of teats formed from under her chest. Her face grew slighty as a small muzzle emerged. Her nose became darker and darker until it was identical to a canine's. Finally, she felt her boobs grow as they were filled with milk. Her ass bulged until it was almost twice its' regular size.

Her transformation was complete. She was shaped like a regular person, except for her ass and breasts that seemed to be dispoportionately big to the rest of her body.

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She was covered in fur all over, but had kept her human hair as she changed. Her muzzle was short, and still made her face look human, except for the dog nose that had grown. Jennifer's two floppy dog ears had replaced her human ears.


Ty watched Jennifer in her new form, glad she became the bitch he always knew she was. What happened next was You are not logged in. Log in. Story id:. Author id:.