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As Twilight and Applejack were passing the back ally of the local pub; they heard a sound coming from it. They rushed to the opening of the back alley to see a mass of fur and feathers. Applejack approached the the hurt pony; relieved to see that it's chest was rising and falling softly.

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. The s seemed out of focus even though he was wearing glasses. He lifted his arm closer and read the s. Raising his wrist again, he focused. Being a regular lucid dreamer, he recognized changing s on the watch as a clear of a dream.

He knew exactly what to do next, in order to confirm his suspicions. Fecal matter floated up from the ground under the effects of his telekinesis—an action that could not have been done in reality.

With lucidity established, Butch knew that he had a whole range of dream manipulation abilities at his disposal. Besides telekinesis, he could fly, traverse through solid objects, teleport over small distances, and stop time, just by willing it. He had discovered all these superpowers by experimenting in his lucid dreams. They became almost like second nature to him whenever he discovered that his current conscious existence resided in a dream state.

Looking around from above, he saw the same old dirty streets he saw every day. The mundane surroundings bored him, so he contemplated what to do with his achieved lucidity. Just levitating around the old town would be a waste of this fairly rare dreaming state. He could make use of this opportunity to visit an unreal land and experience something he could never experience in real life. Flying into space and finding himself some alien buddies could be fun. However, it was also risky. Instead of hanging out with him, the aliens could just as well try to kill him, which would result in him waking up to reality.

Reaching down, he felt his Derpy Hooves toy in his pants. He pulled it out of his pocket and held it in front of his glasses. He laughed as he put the toy back in his pocket. He had never performed such a feat before and flying there was out of the question because no connection existed between his simulated hometown and the made up pony land.

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Changing the entire dream into a different plane could work, but the mental strain could wake him up, wasting his chance. What he needed was a connection between the worlds. He focused on the air in front of him. A translucent sphere formed and hovered just above the street.

He extended both hands toward it.

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Outlines of a different world formed in the wobbly sphere. He recognized the colors. They were the same as in the show. The image, however, was still too blurry for him to make out the shapes. The sphere stopped shaking. The world on the other side connected to the dream version of his hometown. The glowing portal morphed into a hoop.

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The pathway to another dream was formed. The new world shook and warped around him. Colors mixed together as if slowly being stirred. Distorted voices echoed from all directions. Those colors. He was in Equestria alright. Despite having gone to strange places in his lucid dreams many times before, that was the first time he got immersed in a landscape from a TV show. The details looked great and the surroundings seemed stable.

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Very stable, in fact, almost like this was real and not just a dream. Only distant objects were a bit blurry. He wiped his eyes with his hand, then looked around. The portal he had come through was no longer present. Lucid dreams had never lasted long.

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He wanted to make use of the little time he still had, and a portal to his boring town played no role in it. Looking around, he realized he was on the outskirts of Ponyville with railroad tracks extending in both directions behind him. Smiling at his successful dreamscape experiment, he reached down with his hand to grab his lucky Derpy toy. Fingers slid over his pajamas. There were no pockets for him to reach into. Why would pajamas have pockets anyway? He picked up the sheet from the grass. Wrapping it around his neck as a scarf, he approached the town. Streets were empty, probably due to the early hours.

The sun was barely peeking from the edge of the horizon. Leaning against the wall, he gazed into the clear sky, not sure if Derpy heard him. It would be a tragedy to miss on the opportunity to meet, not just a talking pony, but his favorite pony of them all.

He thought about flying after her.

This series contains examples of:

With the maximum speed that lucid dreams allowed for, he could fly almost as fast as Rainbow Dash. On her back, she was carrying her saddle bag filled with letters. She turned around, her tail tucked between her legs. She leaned on her forehooves and kicked, sending her bag through the air above her head with letters flying out of it. Her left hind leg missed, but the right one struck Butch in the stomach.

For instance, how did you get your cutie mark? It felt the same as the rest of the coat. This would be molesting. He retracted his hand from her pussy. Drawing it closer to his face, he observed the sheen of the moisture spanning down to his knuckles. He closed his eyes. The intimate liquid tasted somewhat tangy. Pressing his lips together, he sucked on them.

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His increasing erection pressed against his underwear. Bending forward, he tried to alleviate the tension, but it was to no avail. Butch grabbed the edges of his pajamas along with his underwear and pulled them down. As they dropped to his knees, his penis swung and hit Derpy on her rump. Biting on his lower lip, he pulled his hips back then narrowed his eyes at Derpy.

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Butch looked down and slid the tail to the side. Snaring it with his thigh, he pinned it against the wall. He caressed the dock under her tail and slowly trailed down. His fingers slacked and circled around her anus.