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Wonderful dick touched up guy especially for daughter

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We have a 6 and a half year old daughter and she is recently very aware that daddy has different parts than her. She asks him to see them, tries to lurk while he is changing or in the shower, and sometimes will even go as far as to reach out to touch! My hubby doesn't know how to handle the behavior. He gave her the spiel You aren't in trouble but it is not okay for you to touch someone else's parts, even daddy's.

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Aug 19, by ConstructionMike views 46 comments. My daughter and I share a small one bedroom apartment. She gets the bedroom and I sleep on the couch.

We only have one TV and it is in the living room. At night she climbs onto the pullout bed with me and we watch together.

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I have a manual labor job. Most of the time, I'm asleep within a half-hour.

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She always finishes watching the show and goes to bed. A few nights ago, I woke up around one o'clock, and she was squeezing my hard dick through my underwear. I froze, not knowing what to do.

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She was moaning quietly as she masturbated. I feel guilty about letting her continue but didn't want to stop her either.

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It wasn't long before she was panting and issued a long low moan as she squeezed my cock. She stayed for a minute, then got up and went to bed.

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By then, my balls we're full. It took just a few strokes to finish me off. I admit I am shaken and confused and don't know what to do or say. I'm her dad for god's sake! It just means she's horny and wants dick.

But don't get your hopes up just because she done this eledged action. Just because she done that doesn't necessarily mean she wants you or wants to fuck you. It just means she wants some dick. Maybe give her someone alone time to herself so she can invite a guy over. I get that she may be horny, but she has more opportunities to have, as you say, dick then I care to think about.

She could be doing the entire football team between the time she gets home from school and I get home from work. That's a scary thought, but I trust her judgement. Next time you feel her doing that reach over and finger her and say "mmmmm it's so wet". Let her continue to touch it then suck daddy's cock.

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Nice dream you were having, you lonely fat bastard. Why would anyone be interested in, let along consider appreciating advice from someone who can't even spell. Is your cock still in your undershorts when she plays with it. You may want to let it "flop" out in the open before you fall asleep, before it gets harder.

Maybe she will Jack it while you pretend to be a sleep She is 23 and so sexy. This is her baby pic shes always been a cutie.

Why is she a "whore", just because she likes playing with a hard cock? What gives you the right to judge her? And, just for the record, I'm a guy. Change it up by sleeping nude.

Re: daughter had become very interested in daddy's partsyikes!

Take it slow. Let her be in control. For all you guys responding so positively, I'm just curious what you would say if it were a boy in such a situation, playing with his father's cock while he thought the man was asleep? Something tells me the tune would change dramatically. All these incest confessions involving dad and daughter and mother and son are written by men who have a craving for cock and are closeted homosexuals. Most of these assholes are losers and pathetic lonely bastards.

I am also a single parent and my daughter was 10 when she stood naked by my bed one night, took my hand and squeezed between her legs. She was almost in a panic and said she was all wet down there and whether she wet her bed, but at the same time she said it didn't smell like pee. She was actually wet and I explained to her what a wet dream is and why girls get wet at all. She then wanted to see my penis and I had to admit that with all the talk about sex and that I should feel with her how wet she is, I had an erection.

She took it pretty cool, though. She touched it and said how hard it was, then she went back to her room. And what was next night? How much time from this night to your penetration and ejaculation deep inside her virgin pussy? Please ,story of her first sex! Look, if you both want to have sex together go for it. But just think hard of consciences as it could destroy your relationship but you are the one who knows your daughter the best and what can happened.

Just one fact to state, if you are already here on this website it just means you are thinking very hard to proceed with all this, after all you said you were hard and had to masturbate, so if you think you two are going to be ok with it, just go for it and enjoy. Good luck.

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My son plays with my breasts when he thinks I'm asleep. Don't worry about it. Enjoy it. The commenter of the story.

The story is totally fake, saying that the daughter is 23 and a construction guy living in one bedroom apartment? These ppl make good money, so ,no I don't buy it. My stepdaughter is 14 and came home quite giddy from hanging out with friends and drinking their mom's wine coolers. Giggling euphorically she reached up my boxers and took a hold of my cock which immediately sprang to attention. Taking it in her mouth I had my fingers in her tight little wet pussy and followed by my rock hard cock.


She squealed and squirmed slurred drunkenly"don't, stop! Well I deflowered my 14 year old stepdaughter that night Take it from a daughter that used to touch her father's penis. If she is touching you without being forced, she likes touching you.

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I did. I loved how he got so big and hard. His penis looked so big and powerful and when he came, the spurts looked so big and he moaned so loud.

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Then, he would always tell me how good I was. As a matter of fact I was staying with my sister for a couple nights when I was travelling cross country. I was staying in my nephews room and he was 7 or 8. When we were in bed he asked me if I had a big dick because he said his mom was talking about me.

I usually sleep in my boxers and I pulled them off and let him see my dick. I asked him to let me see his and he had a normal kid sized dick. He wanted to touch it and I let him and I got hard.

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He sucked in his breath and said it was really big. Well big compared to his. I started rubbing his dick and he was enjoying it and I told him to keep stroking me. He said his arm was getting tired so I took over and jerked myself off. My cum shot up about a foot and landed on both of us. I told him he needed to play with himself at least once a day to help his dick grow, and he should look at pictures and videos of girls. I showed him how to log-in with my porn and he was enjoying looking at the videos and touching himself.

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When I left a few days later he told my sister that he wanted me to visit them more often. Not a daughter, but my niece was staying with me when she was a teenager.

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