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The term "hypnosis" comes from the Greek word hypnosmeaning "sleep. A person in a deeply focused state is unusually responsive to an idea or image. But this does not mean that a hypnotist can control the person's mind and free will.

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Pollack February 1, with Sirhan Sirhan interviewed by Dr. Diamond and also Mr. Robert Kaiser. Diamond would put Sirhan under hypnosis in the cell, give him a suggestion, under hypnosis. But when I take out my handkerchief that will be a al for you to climb the bars of your cell like a monkey.

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That was what he thought he was doing. And neither Diamond nor the attorneys would listen to me for a moment when I suggested that he may have been hypnotized and programmed to kill Kennedy under a hypnotic state. I gotta say, I get that.

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And I know that's hard for people to believe. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen. It happened.

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I was born in Jerusalem and raised by devoutly Christian parents. His death sentence was commuted to life in prison in the 70s when California abolished capital punishment. SIRHAN: Every day of my life I have great remorse and deep regret, and deeply regret the fact that I participated in a horrible event which took place in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel on the night which Senator Kennedy was assassinated and five other innocent people were wounded. Because decades later he still claims not to remember.

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ZAC: At the hearing there are two lawyers sitting next to Sirhan. The bullets were powder burn range, fired from behind. All of the witness statements indicated that he was always in front of the Senator, and he never was behind him. Always in front. DUSEK: A lot of a lot of evidence was destroyed, there are numerous holes in the door frames in the pantry. The LAPD would like us to think that those holes were there because a tray hit the wall or or somebody's pen hit the wall. ZAC: Inwhen Pepper and Dusek took over the case one of the first things they did was hire an expert to analyze Sirhan.

ZAC: Dr. If he says something, I would say exactly what he said right back to him. I did that for many sessions.

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Tell me what happened, anything else you can remember, and then and then. Israeli jet planes bombed the west bank and his mother sent him to the well to fetch a bucket of water and he pulled the bucket of water up and there was a severed hand in the bucket. Tell me more about the severed hand in the bucket. I asked him to tell me at some length about his sister who died of leukemia several years before the assassination.

Because those are verifiable memories and we could see what he could remember. Go back, your sister, leukemia.

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Put yourself in that situation. So there was quite a contrast between the amount of detail he could remember about his sisters illness and dying and the night of the assassination, which he remembered almost no details for. So that struck me.

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Later in a of interviews over the years, I used hypnosis. And it took some time to reconstruct the pieces because it was mostly fragmented, but this is what we found. ZAC: Sirhan recounted for Dr. And when he got to the Ambassador Hotel, he was self conscious because everybody was dressed up and he was not.

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And it was very hot. He went to a bar to get a drink of water. And he said the bartender looked familiar and gave him a Tom Collins. ZAC: Sirhan said he went to his car to drive home, but decided he was too drunk. ZAC: Instead Sirhan remembered trying to find coffee to help him sober up. And made it back to the makeshift bar. And he asked the bartender for a cup of coffee. The woman with the polka dot dress was sitting at the bar, talking with the bartender, apparently knowing him. ZAC: This was a breakthrough for Dr. Brown, for the first time, Sirhan said that remembered a girl in a polka dot dress.

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BROWN: She took him behind the anteroom where Kennedy was speaking where there was a coffee urn and this was an attractive girl so he was flirting with her. ZAC: A waiter said he saw Sirhan in the kitchen pantry with a girl in a polka dot dress. She was very distracted and it was hard for him to for him to flirt with her. And at some point, people started coming in through the doors. And then Sirhan immediately, suddenly, jumps up like this. Brown says Sirhan suddenly stood up in front of him, extended both arms and began firing an imaginary pistol.

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ZAC: Decades after the crime, Dr. And every time that I would give him the cue, he would jump up and go into range mode an altered personality state where he would be shooting in his mind circled targets on the range. I asked Sirhan when he was shooting, did he have any sense of what was going on around him.

And he said it was all chaos.

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And the next thing he remembers is that people are pinning him down and grabbing at his throat. They were dark brown, enormously peaceful eyes. What does that sound like to you? ZAC: Watching Sirhan go into range mode attorney Laurie Dusek thought that he might actually have been hypno-programmed.

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DUSEK: It was like finding a small piece to a puzzle and hoping that that small piece might fill in the rest of the puzzle. BILL: You think that hypno-programming is a possibility in this case?

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And if I hadn't seen what Dan did with Sirhan, I would be a little more skeptical. But having watched Sirhan being hypnotized and how quickly and deeply he goes under, Dan thinks that barbiturates were used and sensory deprivation was used. Whoever did this to him did a great job. ZAC: So who could have done this to him? ZAC: Hey its Zac. How are you?

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I'm almost out of it. ZAC: Good. I think we got to do it Bill. ZAC: I think we have to be hypno-programmed. BILL: Uh…no. Well, in a lot of ways it's the simplest explanation. And it's hard because it's hard to, it's hard to find the answer. How - How do you prove someone was hypno-programmed? What's the proof of that? You know?

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It's just, you've got all these clues but it's not like you know they leave fingerprints on your brain. ZAC: Um. Did I lose you?

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BILL: In general, usually, the simplest explanation for something is more often than not the right explanation. And so how does that relate to mind control? Because that would seem to be the most baroque, the most ornate, elaborate explanation for things. Well I have problems with the simple simple explanations because when I look at the evidence, I see very compelling evidence that two guns were firing. I see compelling evidence that Sirhan was in the company of people that night. I find compelling evidence that Sirhan is being sincere when he says he doesn't remember the crime.

Now I have trouble putting those three facts together and coming up with a simple explanation.


ZAC: Mind control and hypno-programming? Sounds more like a Cold War science fiction movie. It released in It starred Frank Sinatra. Became a cult classic.