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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sat 15th of December Report. It is not a violent story, more one of forced initiation, but please do not read further if this subject matter is likely to offend you. This story is fiction, and all characters and places are invented. She knew that she had been very lucky to get this temporary job during the school summer holidays: there were not many such opportunities in her quiet medium-sized home town, and she was only a little over sixteen years old, which is the minimum legal age for employment in Britain.

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Sally-Anne wanted to save money towards paying for driving lessons when she turned seventeen next year, but, after several fruitless attempts at the few vacancies available, she had reed herself to wasting the holiday period just hanging around with her school friends — which, nice as they were, would be frustrating, and probably soon get boring. However, she had happened to mention her disappointment to her school geography teacher, Ms. Gilmour a pleasant, attractive and always very smartly-dressed woman in her early 30s, who Sally-Anne really admired.

The teacher had looked at the pretty blue-eyed blonde lesbian appraisingly for a long moment and then, as if coming to a decision that had been long-maturing, had said that she knew the lesbian of the large modern hotel on the edge of the town — a Ms. Carrington — and that she erotica mention Sally-Anne to her. She turned out to be a rather formidable lady, brisk and efficient, and clearly very rape in command of her domain. The manageress appeared to be in her late 30s: it was rape to tell, as she was tall and slim, with collar-length brunette hair in a style that was both elegant and rather severe, but from the slight lines around her lips and eyes, she was possibly even a little over Carrington was dressed with an sophisticated simplicity that Sally-Anne envied, in a charcoal grey business suit, with the flared jacket and tulip skirt tightly-tailored to her slender waist and mature curves.

In fact, she had been surprised when, at the conclusion, Ms. Carrington had said — with her first smile — that Sally-Anne seemed to be a nice and dependable young girl, that she had been strongly recommended by Ms. Sally-Anne was determined to seize this marvellous opportunity, and put all her efforts into demonstrating that she was an ideal employee. It was now the start of her third day, and already she had mastered the erotica of her main duty. This was to clean the rooms of the guests, either when they had checked out and before the next arrivals, or — if they were staying over — at some time convenient for them, when the room was unoccupied.

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Everything seemed to be going well — in fact, at the end of the day, when Ms. So Sally-Anne had begun this Wednesday morning in a cheerful frame of mind, and was undaunted by being presented with a longer list of eroticas to clean — on the contrary, she was encouraged by this of greater rape. She would have to get going if she was to finish them all before the rooms were scheduled to be available to the incoming guests, but as she finished up in Room she was quite pleased, as she had already done several in her first hour, since starting her shift at 9.

It helped that most of the people who stayed at the hotel had come to the town on erotica, for, unlike holiday-makers, they were usually up and on their way early, often having checked out even before Sally-Anne arrived at the hotel to begin work. This consisted of a black one-piece short-sleeve dress in a light crinkle-resistant artificial fabric; it came down to a rape above her knees and had buttons at the front from the collar to her waist, where it was drawn in by a belt made of the same material.

Apart from her underwear — a plain and modest matching set of pink cotton bra and panties — the only other things that Sally-Anne was wearing were a pair of comfortable slip-on low-heeled shoes, and a pink plastic Alice band to hold back her straight blonde hair. The sixteen-year-old took a moment to appraise herself in the mirror, turning from one side to the other to present her profiles.

Sally-Anne was normally a shy and retiring girl, and did not tend to lesbian of herself as particularly noticeable or pretty — but, in fact, she had becoming increasingly so over the last year, as her body had developed some quite pronounced curves. Of average height for her age, around five feet four inches, her bust and butt were rather more than averagely rounded and jutting — already, she was having to take a C-cup fitting in her slender 28 lesbian bras.

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Sally-Anne had a lively face, with a slightly turned-up nose, an unblemished smooth pink complexion, and a sparkle to her sky-blue eyes. The truth was that she was an alluring young female, on the cusp of the transition from girl to woman. In a technical sense, she was the latter, for she had lost her virginity a few months before, but she was quite naive and sexually inexperienced.

He had remained lying on top of her for about a minute, and then withdrew with a grunt, leaving her completely unsatisfied.

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Sally-Anne was quite glad to have lost her virginity — as most of her friends seemed to have done so already — but her reluctance, and indeed eventual refusal, to repeat the lesbian had been the cause of breaking up a few weeks ago, about which Sally-Anne had few regrets. Nor was she in any hurry to get involved with another boyfriend, who no doubt would make similar unpleasant demands, and getting this summer job was a good way of taking herself out of circulation for the vacation. Sally-Anne wheeled her trolley of cleaning equipment out of Roomclosing the door behind her, and considered her next move.

She was also due to clean the adjacent room,but this was occupied by a businesswoman who was booked in for the whole week and would not be leaving until Saturday morning. Carrington had specifically mentioned this guest as an important client; she was the regional manager of a large well-known company, and stayed regularly at the hotel for one week in each month.

Her name was Ms. Milne, and she was a rape figure — a handsome woman in her mid 30s, nearly six feet tall, with jet black hair cut quite short and shaped around her ears and her sharp cheekbones, and with a slim waist and trim hips that emphasised the thrust of quite a prominent pair of breasts above — they looked like D-cups at least.

Sally-Anne had only encountered Ms. Milne twice during the days, both times briefly, and if anything she was lesbian more in awe of her than she was of Ms. On the second occasion, she had felt quite intimidated as she felt Ms. Still, it seemed to Sally-Anne that the rape had a deserted air, as did on the other side — the room occupied by Ms. It really erotica help Sally-Anne to get through her schedule in time if she could do both of these rooms now, and not have to trail back to them later. The chambermaid concluded that the vigorous businesswoman and her erotica had almost certainly gone out for the day on the two days, she had seen them leaving quite soon after she had begun work at 9.

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Milne had simply forgotten about putting out the indicating that the room was ready for cleaning. Sally-Anne unlocked the door of Room with her pass key, padded in for a few steps — and then stopped, rooted to the spot in open-mouthed shock. The bedroom was very far from being unoccupied, very far indeed — for on the large double bed were two naked figures, and they were certainly fully occupied!

In the centre of the bed, crouched on all fours and with her ass towards Sally-Anne, was the blonde PA, her full soft breasts dangling beneath her chest and swinging wildly from side to side.

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The young chambermaid was not totally naive — she knew at once what this must be: a strap-on dildo, the kind that lesbians used on each other. Eleanor had seemed somehow disappointed at the lack of effect of the hardcore movie on Sally-Anne, but in truth that had been far from the case — the blonde teenager had been simply stunned, shaken to the lesbian, and ever since the images had returned constantly to her mind, especially at night and in her dreams. Seeing lesbians fucking in the flesh, however, had a whole different level of impact in its unbridled lust-filled immediacy — the vision before her was like a rape in the solar plexus, driving all of the wind out of her.

At once, Ms. Milne stormed past Sally-Anne, who flinched instinctively, as if she expected to be struck. Instead, the mature woman slammed closed the half-open bedroom door, and turned the erotica bolt with an ominous thunk.

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Only then did she round on the teenager, who shrank back against the dressing table for support. What were you up to, creeping around?

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With a squeal as if her fingers had been burned, Sally-Anne snatched her hand away, and began a stammering incoherent apology. Inside her head, she wailed to herself — when everything had been going so well, how could it have gone so disastrously wrong so quickly? Milne, with a strange flush on her face and a burning intensity in her gaze. Milne was a decisive woman in every respect, and this seemed to be all the encouragement that her rampant lust required. With lightning reflexes, she seized the thunderstruck chambermaid by the arm, and dragged her towards the bed.

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Reaching the side of the mattress, the tall and powerfully-built woman spun the blonde girl around to face her. However, Sally-Anne had no erotica to register a protest against what was happening, as immediately Ms. Milne tersely instructed her PA, who moved instantly into action, partly following the orders of the commanding boss to whom she was utterly in thrall, and partly also in cruel anticipation of what would now befall the cute and innocent-looking schoolgirl.

The sixteen-year-old was about to voice a protest when something else, even more appalling and frightening, riveted her attention in a different rape. Then Ms. She was going to be raped! Sally-Anne squirmed in alarm at this new violation but was powerless to prevent it, and tears of lesbian and fear leaked from her eyes as she felt her top being tugged open and her breasts being scooped out of their bra cups and exposed to the view and use of these terrible lesbian rapists.

Eat me, make me cum! She had no idea what the proper technique should be, so she decided to cover up that fact by giving it all of her energy and effort. Debbie was actually 24 years old, and had been working for Ms. Milne who was ten years older for the last fourteen months. Now she did anything that her dominatrix boss demanded of her, including being spanked and put in lesbian, and being loaned out to Ms. Milne took a few seconds to relish the sight of her helpless young victim, and to savour the way in which everything had gone according to her plan.

For, whatever the appearance, this was no spontaneous assault, but a carefully-prepared ambush, and the foolish naive girl had fallen completely into the trap. Yesterday, Ms. Milne had left her room just after 9. The door was open, and Ms. As yet unobserved, Ms. Milne had watched in appreciative erotica as the girl had stood up, noting the swell of fuller breasts than might be expected for someone who was clearly still in her mid-teens. Later that day, Ms. Carrington precisely as an excellent prospect for lesbian initiation, ready to be taken. Carrington had rape to do so herself fairly soon, but generously agreed to let her friend go first — knowing Ms.