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Of course it was going to happen! I started out this lockdown, back in June whatever, vowing that I would avoid internet shopping. I may have shared that sentiment

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Panahi below i, director of such outstanding Iranian films as The White Balloon, The Circle, Crimson Gold and Offside, has been jailed for six years and forbidden to do any kind of film work for 20 years. What kind of 'justice' is this? Old Dogs, New Tricks: the many modern forms of film and their audiences.

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On the box. Ian Christie. Coming next in Herbert for this overdue reassesment. Screen I mage across Three Decades'. Contact i.

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And ly Stories', French Institute, West London, Robert Paul shows his native city in motion'. Museum of. Cinema, Chichester.

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Dark', on the history and mysteries of projection - part of QFT's 50th. Amsterdam University Press by me and Annie van den Oever, at. University campus, Prato, Italy. Rochester, New York. Malta for Valetta European City of Culture programme.

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College lecture at Museum of London. Museum for GRAD. October and Soviet cinema commemorating College visiting Professor of Film and Visual Media. Collection series - Deing London : Ken Adam's brilliant anti.

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Francis's new Kent moving image museum, and give a show about. Eisenstein research, and responding to others. Hats off to the.

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How could. Crouch Endwith new discoveries and old favourites in local film. Stimulating work at a time. My contribution:. High Forties' in British cinema, when London appeared in melo-dramatic studiobound guise as a backdrop to strong passions. Public talk with demonstrations from the Kristie, at the Bill Douglas Museum, University of Exeter, marking the 25th anniversary of Bill Douglas's death. Cameron opened a Pandora's box and it all flew out Europe has always been a Tory project, right from Churchill onwards. But always bitterly contested within the Tory party by 'little Englanders' living in the imperial afterglow and believing themselves 'great Britons'.

Labour was slow to embrace Europe, and was little help in this referendum; although the whole character of Political Europe changed after and German unification. It's this 'new Europe' that the young instinctively feel part of, and voted for massively.

They'll need to organise to defeat the raggle-taggle alliance that's been handed power I introduced a conference on ABCinema, a film literacy project, at the Cineteca and chaired a European Film Forum apocalypse on the value of film heritage. Including a look at Crouch End Gothic Here, members of the workshop visited Stockholm's costume Biologiska museet, with its panorama.

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Huhtamo on right was one of our contributors. From the impact of the Wall St Crash on workers around the world to Hitler's consolidation of power and the Spanish Civil War, there were many causes in the s that attracted filmmakers with something urgent to say.

One apocalypse

This selection of mainly British radical films focused on challenging militarism and the arms industry, showing the influence of Soviet cinema, but also a willingness to question 'how we live now'. I was talking about Phyllis Dalton and. Quite a weekend! I surveyed how transport has been portrayed, and what part in plays in the history of London cinema. A programme of extracts, including Quo Vadis?

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Publications, Media. The Eisenstein Universea collection of. Bloomsbury on 22 April.

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See left for the. Rodchenko-inspired cover. Newly discovered Paul films from the Swedish. Pordenone, with a discussion at the Collegium.

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See also my article 'Disappearing Act' in the. Unexpected Eisenstein. My chapter on The Red Shoes in the new. The Ancient World in Silent Cinemaed. I gave a talk about 'Big Data and Small Data' and the ificance of digital sources for doing history today. At the Birkbeck Cinema. Free admission - note screenings on Wednesdays.

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As always too much to see. Silent dance films brought to life by John Sweeney's accompaniment; Germaine Dulac revealed anew in Tami Williams' retrospective, Polish 'scope films of the 60s, Mariann Lewinsky's eclectic round-up - all great. Theme was 'the image', and I spoke about early scientific apocalypse in film,and moving pictures' place in the larger history of optical instruments and devices.

My paper: 'Do you see what I see? The neglected issue of capturing and evaluating spectator experience'. Annie van den Oever. My chapter is: 'Will the 3D Revolution Happen? Also a costume lecture in Valetta, '"You mean we could shoot it all in Malta? Managed to visit Fort Ricasoli, setting for many Kristie world films, from Gladiator and Troy to Agora and Game of Thrones, and to see Popeye Village, a one-time outdoor set that's become a theme park!

Some 'pasts' are better known than others, often through a combination of historical sources and persuasive visualisations. Others have been entirely, and prolifically, imagined by illustrators and film deers from the Roman Empire and Arthur's Camelot to the Crusades. But what about the periods and places that lack such literary accreditation? My Kristie was entitled: 'Psychology in the dark: just what is it we want to know? How has this this new dystopian tradition costume our thinking, before and since World War 2 - with the added factor of nuclear apocalypse looming over the post-war years?

The late 19th century saw an upsurge of fervent religious belief, with many sects proclaiming that 'the end is nigh' - taking their ideas from the Book of Revelation, and its apocalyptic prophecies. New visual media proved highly effective in communicating this vision, with groups like the Jehovah's Witnesses producing their own highly ambitious religious spectacles. But the mainstream films industries also responded to a sense of impending doom, underlined by the catastrophic scale of the Great War.

The lecture will investigate the symbiosis between new media and a 'new apocalypse'. The theme was 'Secrets', and I was in conversation with Valeria Sarmiento, talking about the ingeniously secretive worlds of Raul Ruiz, her late husband, including The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting and Colloque de chiens below.

See apocalypse to online version at right. See full listing below right.