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It shows the two kids attempting to play a prank on their sleeping dad by fishing his stinky jockstrap out of his gym bag then dropping on his face. They bury their young faces in the soft, sweet-smelling fabric and have a similar reaction. No, folks, this is not a parody. And it has people very divided. ProcterGamble What the hell is that Gain ad with the kids sniffing a jockstrap?

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All you athletes out there, take out your jock strap. Go ahead and put your nose into it. Take a deep whiff.

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Smell that? Judge Philip Kirk of Wisconsin sure does.

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Demonstrating his knowledge of sweaty undergarments, the judge not only declared that jock straps smell "sweet," but that they are also "gay. Gorges, who was a school bus driver for 33 years, pleaded no contest to charges that he sexually assaulted young boys, reports The Appleton Post-Crescent.

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Gorges has repeatedly denied that he was gay. Judge Kirk decided to school the former school bus driver on his sexuality.

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So, why bring up prom dresses and jock straps? According to Gorges' attorney, Judge Kirk "will tell you what he is thinking even if the expression of those thoughts is Judge Kirk apparently believes that Gorges himself was a victim of homophobia in the s and s.

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You know you had to be very careful, because you could have found your penis floating in the Wolf as a walleye bait. It was a terrible life to have to life," Judge Kirk said, reports Fox 6.

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Undoubtedly, the 40s and 50s were a terrible time to be homosexual in America. Rampant homophobia meant gays had to put up with demeaning insults.

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Kind of like a barb about how a "sweet-smelling jockstrap" is gay. Or people making a mental link between pedophilia and homosexuality.

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