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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It started when I caught Dad looking at my boobs. Somehow I had thought that after Mom died, he never had a sexual thought. It just that you It brings back memories.

My age I'm 43 years old
Available for: I prefer guy
Eyes: I’ve got enormous brown eyes
My sex: My sex is fem
Color of my hair: I have reddish hair
Body tattoos: None

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Jun 1, by anonymous views 32 comments. I think he thought the bedroom door was closed but it was open a crack and when I walked by to go to my room I saw him sitting on the corner of his bed holding his phone in one hand and jerking off with the other. Immediately I walked away but I came back and looked for a few seconds.

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I know this makes me weird but it was exciting to see him knowing he was watching porn and doing that yourself. Plus not to sound weird again but I wondered what his penis looked like before.

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Maybe thats something all daughters do? It was big but it wasnt huge or anything. It was fat. I watched him for maybe 30 seconds and then I went to my room. I keep thinking about it. Not in a pervert way. It was just exciting I guess?

I think he would be upset if I saw right? I kind of hope I see him again maybe one day.

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Some fathers do want to have sex with their daughters. Incest does happen more than you'd think. He may have been thinking of you while stroking one out. Maybe let him catch you masturbating in return to see if he'd react to the show in front of him.

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If you do see him doing it again, ten stay and watch him shoot that load he's been saving up. My kids have caught me jerking off in my room. I would pretend not to know that they could see me. Just tell him you saw. If he left the door open he wants you to see. I leave my door open when I stroke off because I know my son and daughter both watch me.

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He wants you to at least stroke it. Let him show you what a real cock feels like. You should have helped him out. He supports you you should support him. When I was 14 I had this friend i experimented with. We always traded bliwjobs. It was like a I do this you do the same type deal. And one day I had been over and I sucked his dick while he got a phone call from his cousin.

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He talked while I sucked his cock. His cousin asked if he was jerking off and told him "nah getting a blow job from this fag" his cousin didn't believe him so he facetimed him and let his friend watch as I made him cum in my mouth. He didn't even warn me. I was butt naked and before this would get a blowjob in return but he like showed his cousin my cock and was like "look his dick gets hard just from sucking mine what a fag" and left. His cousin was literally outside to pick him up. He told me ask his dad for a ride home or walk.

So I went to ask his dad.

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He was in his office so i walked in and he was fully nude jerking off to porn, and guess what Looked like his sons but bigger. I walked over to him and uncovered his dick and took it in my hand.

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He got harder, so i did what I did best. I gave him a blowjob. I had my now ex bestfriends dad's cock in my mouth. He told me i was good and asked who's cock ive sucked to be this good.

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When I told him his sons I swear he got harder. He pushed me off and I swore he was mad but instead he got me out of my clothes and started blowing me. Asked if his son sucked me ever I said not lately but a lot before yea. He spit on his finger and slid it in my ass. Next thing i know he's squirting live all over my asshole and fingering me. Then he pulled me to the edge of the bed, lubed up his cock and slid right in. His dad fucked me for about minutes in different positions. I spent the night with his dad while he was out with his cousin.

I'm now his dad's secret boyfriend. His dad is widowed btw so no mom around. I have the room above my parents and there's an air vent under my bed that looks right down on theirs. I've watched them do everything you can imagine, oral, 69, every position.

What shocked me the most was when I heard my mom call him daddy, and he replied calling her by my name. Back then I didn't really understand what I was hearing.

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Every time my husband fucks me I imagine it's my father drilling me on that big bed of theirs. I hear my daughter up on her phone across the hall and I was going to early morning stroke in here but this thread convinced me to crack the door a little. A similar situation with me only I sucked the other brotherfirst and then their dad.

Not at the same time, but different times I sucked all three and they sucked ne too Many times the dad wouold pick me up at different locations and we would go to one of his divorced bi buds plses and have threeways and fourways. Mmmmm that's hot. He eventually caught us, his dad was fucking me doggy and was balls deep cumming in me when he walked in. His jaw dropped. He wanted me again but I told him I was his dad's. But then his dad got caught with a couple other younger boys in a park bathroom.

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Not in my story lol I just barged in and didn't knock. This is no bullshit.

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But it is so true I think people want to get caught. I was a boy toy for my assistant scoutmaster. We normally made sure the door was shut tight on his home office. As a teen I was definitely an exhibitionist.

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I love streaking. I get a hard on when I was naked in front of anyone male or female. He picked up on this and I go to his house to pick up weed. He showed me porn magazines, one thing led to another.

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Of course. The crazy thing was, his wife had like a fucking hairdo from the 50s and he was like this super cool California dude. No bullshit one night the door was cracked and she was literally watching me get fucked by her husband.