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I'd wife want up lady that spank titfuck

Or how do I tell my ificant other I want to spank them…? Welcome to the world of kink! Try answering the following questions as a start:.

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I find them on the internet and in brothels. But what I want is for my wife to do this to me. I don't find it difficult asking strange women to do it, so why can't I find the words to ask my own wife?

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All spanking must be safe, sane, and consensual.

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My blog relates to keeping the Loving and sexual aspect of your relationship alive and well. No one model fits all couples. We play to keep the spice in life for fantastic sex. We have been married over 45 years. If you have other suggestions, do let me know! I am always looking to better our lifestyle! Don't let the only use of fuck you be a bitter statement. Adults only RED I occasionally get very personal letters like the following, and thought it was maybe time to share this topic with everyone again.

I was wondering how you spoke to your own wife when bringing up the subject for the first time. More towards the beginning of the blog I have addressed somewhat this issue. This way you will see our evolution Give me more info on your situation, PRIVATELY, before I would ever consider recommending, and if this is your regularthen please setup one solely for adult rated content regarding spanking. Hope to hear back from you soon. Also, maybe if both partners read this blog, I might request the extra encouragement that only a spanker can give to a spankee.

Please promise your partner a spanking, but temper your mood on how fast a reply is sent to this blog, with a copy to yourself. This knee is waiting for you to bend over.

How do i get my wife to spank me hard?

Depending on how you answer the request above, it may be a happy woman who is administering the spanking. I have learned that it is always better to have a happy woman administer the spanking. If you have ly described how you approached your partner on the spanking issue, could you look back and see what date of the posting or the comment that explained how you were able to broach the topic, and eventually convince your partner of your need to be spanked, and the benefits that would be derived by both of you in your relationship.

By your remembering about when you discussed it on this blog, you should be able to find it easier than I can.

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I can then build a short posting of relevant dates for those who have ly posted. THUS: If you have as yet not explained how spanking began in your present relationship, maybe you might post a comment explaining as much detail as you are comfortable with, without anything that would lead to your identity. If this blog has helped in any way, this is how it could be most useful. Remeber, I am commissioning the spanker to be certain to follow through if you do not post. May you be soundly spanked as your reward Posted by dwcmike at Let me add my own help in the research.

A person just added yesterday a comment to the posting: Tuesday, February 07, why be a dwc wife? I guess mine will be a happy wife spanking!!! On her birthday I gave her a nice handmade paddle.

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She told me only on this occasion, she should have the priviledge of introducing it to my bottom. A disciplinary session followed with a lecture about things she didn't like at all.

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You can't stop an angry lady, you know. Better this, though it hurts a lot then all that whining and complaining. I had told her that I had been into being spanked before The best advice is to take it slowly. Buy a man size wooden hairbrush and leave it on the dresser. A few weeks later come home with a bat brush and start using it in the shower.

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Wait for an upcoming birthday, yours or hers, and on the day make a comment about one or the other of you taking a birthday spanking. If there is no positive reaction let it ride.

Should i spank her

If she accepts then you might be on your way - don't make a big thing of it. If it is you that gets spanked you can mention later that it got your blood racing. If you get to spank her make it light and playful nd see what her reaction is. When your birthday comes around you can remind her that you owe her the right to take a spanking.

If the birthday spankings are not taken up by her then let it ride. After a while make a couple of mistakes with the internet. Download one of Mikes photos into your pc and leave it where she might find it. When she does apologise and say that taking a punishmnet spanking from her has been on your mind. Good luck.

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My apologies for the spelling mistakes in the last comment. I did not preview. Guess that it is an extra 6 for spelling from my partner.

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We started as a mutual way of controlling my temper. She would spank me if my temper got out of control. Then it slowly moved to spanking for anything she thought was wrong or annoying her.

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Now she spanks me when she feels like it. Everybody is happy. Sara has told me to respond to this question.

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As you may recall Mike, Sara is a second generation spanker. My mother in law has spanked Sara's Dad for many years.

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When we married I knew nothing about this. About a year into my marriage I foolishly began drinking a bit too much and way too often. As a result Sara left me.

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I was lost and wanted to win her back. I went to her Dad and he revealed that he and Sara's Mom had faced a similar situation and then revealed to me how he submitted to domestic discipline as a way to hold the marriage together. He in turn talked to Sara's Mom and she told Sara how she had solved the problem with her dad. Long story short Sara agreed to come back home and so we began my being spanked for any infraction of the rules Sara had set forth. It was amazing how it changed things for the better.

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That was 13 years ago. I will confess I don't always want to submit but I do. But when I don't want to do itI do. I think how sad my life would have been had I not submitted. Not only did it bring us closer but I learned how erotic it can be to be over her knee or even standing in the corner with my bare buns blazing. However, my advice would be-get her to do it one time.

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Beg, do something she like, etc. Chances are she will comment on it. If she does, just tell her that really put you in the mood to be an equal participant around the houses. Then start slacking off again, to the point where you become a real pain.

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I would be willing to bet that she will do it again. Then you reinforce with positive actions again. This Pavlov-like conditioning should work for you. However, as I have said before, after the genie is out of the bottle, you may not be able to close the lid again. We were having trouble and had seen a counselor.

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After our sessions ended with the counselor Ann began reverting back into not communicating and letting frustration build up.