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I suck my little brother until he gives me his cum 4k 11 min. I didn't know my m.

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Son bares his dick and gets sucked by his mother Your browser does not support the video tag. Daughter Porn. Moms Incest. Real Mother Son Incest Porn.

My age I'm 50 years old
Caters to: Hetero
What is my gender: I'm female
My favourite drink: Liqueur
Hobbies: Looking after pets
I have tattoo: I have tattoos

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Mar 10, by anonymous views 13 comments. Last time my son stayed with me I Sucked his dick and played with it. Crazy enough he loved it and always asks me if we are gonna play again.

Actually hes my stepson. His mothet and I were married for six years. We were very close so he still comes to visit. We joke and play fight all the time. Hes twelve. On one visit while wrestling he jumped back and said my elbow pinched his weenie lol. I said let me see so he took it out. I joked and said do you want me to kiss it or what? He said yes. I went for it and kissed it then inhaled it. I sucked him good as he lay there squirming and laughing.

I stripped him then shucked my clothes and rubbed our bodies together.

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I was glorious! Went back to sucking him to what he says was his first cum. We talk daily and cant wait for our bi monthly visit. No pun intended lol. When I was a boy, I gave my Dad blow jobs on a regular basis starting when I was It was not his idea.

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I offered and he let me. I would always do it in his workshop. He would sit in a chair and knelt in front of him and sucked. I loved it and we did it for about 7 years until I left for college. My dad sucked my cock when I was I loved it. Wish it would happen again. I sucked my 7 year old son's little penis. A moment where I was curious if he would get an erection.

My son would watch in awe as I sucked his dad's massive cock to him and show him my mouthfull of semen before I swallowed it. Now that he's 16yo, he floods my mouth and throat just like his dad still does!


I sucked my meohew. He was excited to show me he was growing hair and pulled his shorts down to show me. I touched him and stroked it as I looked and he got hard. I then asked if he wanted me to suck it and he said yes.

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He then sucked me. He said he wanted to suck me and thought this would be a way to see if I was into it.

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Smart kid cause I was into it and we did it many times and he even told me a couple his friends donit with him and invited them to. I was sucking 3 boys one 10, 11 and my nephew I got their assses too. Dad knew I was gay growing up wearing mommy panties and bra. He didn't get mad as long as I suck him off. The boys and I always got along great and I had got together with their mother when they were really young. The truck only has 2 beds in the bunk and we had to figure out who was sleeping where. We had been out for about a dick already and on this particular day I had a really long day and it just sucked.

I was glad when I found a parking spot at the next truck stop and we all got our bags and went to get a shower. After we had dinner in the restaurant and then we called it a son. My son and I both slept in our shorts and would take our shirts off. It was more comfortable. I was laying on the inside close to wall of the back of the truck and he would lay down in front of me so he could watch movies. My other son had sucked out as soon as he got in bed and we were still awake trying to pick out a movie to watch.

He begged me so I gave in and put the movie on. I told him that I was going to sleep already and I closed my eyes. He thought I had fallen asleep already and I could hear him breathing faster and I felt that he was jerking himself faster also. I just laid there and gave him his privacy even though he moving so much that he was bumping into me. Suddenly he stopped and went back to watching the movie. I was just about to fall asleep when I started to feel something between me and him.

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I was wondering what he was doing now and then I felt his fingers touch my shorts right on my crotch and he pushed them on me. Now I was really getting all these thoughts in my head and wondering what he was up to.

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A minute or so went by and I felt him reaching back and he touched me again and this time he rubbed his fingers up and down and then he pulled his hand back. I pretended to wake up and told him that I was outside to piss. He said ok and acted like nothing. I got between the cab and the trailer and it was pretty dark so no one was able to see me.

I finished and then I quickly took off my shorts and boxers and put my shorts back on and I put the boxers in my pocket. I got back in the truck and crawled over him laid back down. I took my boxers out and put them under the mattress. I was turning around so I could be laying the same way behind him. Only I took my time and as I was turning around I was also unbuttoning my shorts and I pulled the zipper all the way down. I told him that I was trying to get comfortable and I made sure to open the front of my shorts and I got myself and put the head right at the opening.

Son bares his dick and gets sucked by his mother

My heart was really going fast now. I told him good night and closed my eyes and waited. A few minutes later I could feel his arm moving and he was reaching back again. I felt his fingers sliding up my shorts and then he touched it. He touched me again and this time he kept his hand there and he running his fingers all over my dick. He slowly picked it up and held it in his hand. I started getting hard right there in his hand.

When he felt me getting hard he started jerking himself really dick with his other hand. I heard him say fuck it and he turned around to face me and he started squeezing my dick and jerking me off. He was rubbing his dick on mine and I decided to let him know that I was awake. I opened my eyes and was looking at him and seeing how his dick looked like and he looked up at me and all he said was if it was ok and I nodded my letting him know that it was ok.

He put his hand on my face and was rubbing my lips with his finger and then he put it in his mouth. He had never kissed anyone sucked and he was kissing me and licking the inside of my mouth and my lips and my face. I told him to slow down and to put his mouth on mine and put his tongue in my mouth and I would show him something that he would like. He did it and I started sucking on his tongue and kissed down his cheek and sucked on his neck. I asked him if he liked it and he said he did kept kissing me.

He told me that he wanted to taste me and I said taste what and he said that he wanted to taste my saliva so I kissed him and pushed some of my spit in his mouth saw him swallow it. He said that he was close to coming and I asked him where he son to do it. He did it in my mouth and he was still hard. He rolled me over on my stomach and took my shorts off and he laid flat on my back. I felt him moving his hips trying to get it in me and he kept missing. I told to wait and I grabbed it and helped him get the head in me.