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I am back with another experience of mine which took place a couple of months ago with my aunt. She is in her late 30s, short height, slim and very hot.

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My age 18
Tone of my eyes: Enormous hazel green eyes
What is my hair: Golden
Tattoo: None

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I am parthiv sawant 20 years old with average dick size and lived in mumbai.

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My dad had a brother who also lived in mumbai but was financially weak and had leg problems he lived in chawl it was a pretty small room it consists of my uncle ,aunt ,their daughter and my grandfather. It was pretty aunt room i do not story how they used to live there so the main heroine was my aunty shobha sawant she was 36 year old was not slim but also not fat it was perfect shape for me she was petite and was brownish in color with medium breats and huge ass she was good looking but was not that beautiful that all male living near would want her.

The story really begin when a series of death happen all of a sudden in her family first my grandfather he was 97 years old then her mom died and many months later as my uncle was not so fuck it started to increase and he died he was the only sorce of income in thier house so my aunty now had no income source to feed herself and her daughter she then shifted brothers house it was already small enough for people living ther they addition of 2 people made it worse and her sister in law did not like her living there and used to taunt her my aunty did not like this disided to move in our house with her daughter.

My mom decided that she should also do a job to increse the house income then even my mom started going to work so i was left with my aunty the whole day cause my sister would go to school come home eat food and leave for classes and my parents used to work the whole day.

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My aunty felt bad that everyone is working so hard for them but she can not contribute to the family so she decided to lear to make blouses as my alredy had sewing machine. Let me tell you how we used to sleep the house was 1bhk so normally before my aunt came we all used to sleep on one bed which was big enough for three in the bedroom but when my aunt came my mom ,aunt and sister used to sleep in the dedroom and me and my dad used to sleep inthe hall on floor but as days passed my aunt could not sleep properly cause she had habbit of sleeping on the floor but my sister was super comfortable on the bed so she diceded that she would sleep outside in the hall and we all would sleep loke we used to but my sister disagreed cause she loved to sleep on the bed my mom also loved the bed so there was no chance of her sleep on the floor and ofcourse she could not sleep with my dad not that he had an eye for her but it would had been weird so it was decided without any choices that i and my aunt would sleep together.

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Starting couple of weeks we used to sleep normally she used to sleep soundly and deep i on the other hand normally put my legs and hand on anyone who slept next to me. But because i was sleeping with her i did not do this for couple of weeks then when i got comfortable i started to put my leg and hand on her in the sleep first she felt weird and removed my hand and leg but afterwards it was ok to her as she had the habit of legs and hand on her body at night as she used to sleep with her daughter.

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Home Incest stories How i fucked my aunt. So lets into ghe story directly I am parthiv sawant 20 years old with average dick size and lived in mumbai.

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