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Francais breeding Hucow men especially for story

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Age 43
What I prefer to listen: I like to listen folk
Hobbies: Fishkeeping
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Smoker: Yes

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You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times. Sue and her husband got into an awful fight. A slight disagreement led to a shouting match, which led to throwing picture frames, and ultimately ended up with Sue in tears and wanting out of her marriage gone bad.

Sue, ran out of the house crying and pissed off, got in her car, slammed the car door behind her, and sped off.

What an ass. Why would he cheat on me? Sue Hucow a 28 year-old long haired brunette with a soft sophisticated face ready and willing to take control of and experiment with her lover in bed. She is an athletic woman active in physical story, giving her a trim yet tone figure. Despite being in good shape, her breasts remain a full, firm, and a bouncy d-cup with nipples pink-ripe for sucking. Her narrow waistline gives way to curvy hips, a meaty ass to grab, and sexy long flexible toned legs.

She pulls over, breedings the car, and gets to see what is wrong. Vapor rises from the engine as she opens the hood. It smells of burned oil and rubber. Sue is somewhat calm, yet does not know anything about fixing cars. She paces in front of her car thinking of what to do. Hopefully I remembered the cell phone, Sue thought as she frantically dug through the suitcase that she quickly put together on her way out of the house.


She was too upset at her husband and wanted out so quickly that the cell phone was forgotten. Now how am I supposed to get out of here? The time is still before nine pm, so they should still be awake, she analyzed.

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Or maybe they could give me a tow, or a couch to sleep on for the night at least. No one came quickly, so as Sue was about to knock again a woman opened the door. Can I help you miss?

Yes, please help me. My car broke down just a few hundred yards away east of here. May I use your phone to call for assistance? Oh yes, please come in. Have a seat on the couch next to the phone in the living room. Sue hastily dialed her friend Kathy. Hi Kathy, this is Sue. I really need your help right now. My car broke down, and this nice woman kindly let me in her house to use her phone. Could you pick me up tonight?

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Oh Sue, did you and your husband have another fight? Yes, it was real bad this time. Good for you dear!

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But I have a date over right now and would hate to end it too quickly. Would they let you stay the night?

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Miss, would you have room on your couch tonight? My girlfriend will pick me up in the morning, if that is ok. Oh yes the woman said, I will do my best to make you feel at home. Make yourself comfortable.

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I am close the corner of county ro 32 and 4, in the blue house. My car is still on the side of the road. See you later, bye. Thank you for letting me into your home for the night, Sue said. I see you have a bun in the oven.

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Oh you can just call me Ingrid. This is the most recent of many. This is our fifteenth. Would you care for a cup of tea to sooth your senses?

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Yes, green tea of any kind would be nice if you have it. You bet we do. Ingrid is starting to show her age because of her multiple pregnancies, but her beauty still radiates from her face and body. Her long straight hair is pulled back in a ponytail, obvious full breasts press firmly against her button down shirt, and her pregnancy seems to give her an absolute wholeness and sense of well-being. There is something about her; however, that Sue finds sinister or out of place. Despite the comfort given by the host, something seems elusive.

It is making Sue slightly uneasy. As the two women were having conversation in the living room the kettle whistles. I better attend to our tea.

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Ingrid walks to the kitchen to prepare the tea. As Ingrid walks into the living room with their cups of tea, there is a rumbling coming down the stairs. Ingrid gave Sue her cup of tea and set her own down on an end table. Her nipples were dark, in large diameter, and a half-inch in length.

The other breast was beat out by the others by the eight year old boy, who was suckling quite ferociously. The other four children cuddled up to their mother awaiting their turn. I never turn them down, really, even my oldest kids sometimes ask for quick treat. Over the years my breasts have been nonstop drinking fountains. Four older daughters appeared, ranging from sixteen to twenty-two, and all of them were pregnant! A couple of them were just showing, while another was half ways through, and the other about ready to pop. The older daughters asked mother what was breeding on as they noticed the visitor.

The four of them lightly hugged and kissed their mother good night and said Hucow Sue that they hope she enjoys her stay at their farm. One after the other, all but two children got their contented fill and went to bed. Ingrid insisted that it was getting late, and that she should attend to her husband now. Sue got comfortable on the couch and was fast asleep as her head hit the pillow. After Sue crashed to the couch, Ingrid and her story carried Sue out of the house, through their main barn where hundreds of cows were daily milked, and into a secret barn for their captives.

Sue was laid down into her own stall where she will probably spend most of her remaining years.

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She felt like she went through a seizure; therefore, struggled to regain consciousness. As her eyes opened, her vision was blurred. All she saw was fuzzy white and unrecognizable shapes. There was also a noise she could not pick out.

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It was a constant, low machine-like sound. When she was fully awake Sue jumped up in surprise of not knowing where she was.

Sue was in a small room, about a seven by fifteen feet dimension. There was a single bed, a toilet with a mirror above it, a treadmill, and a TV in a ceiling corner. The wall behind the toilet was a solid white wall, while the rest of the walls had blinds shielding what lay behind them. Her clothes were removed and replaced with a bra and short skirt made of Holstein cow hide. The Holstein hide pattern matched the comforter on her bed as well.