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It happens to many women and it can happen to you: You get attached to a man who seems to show he has an intention to be with you. You want to know whether you should move to the next step or move on from him. It has become so confusing when he says he cares for you, even loves you, but he is not making any moves to commit to you.

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Wrapped around her finger is the worst place you can find yourself in. If you want to do something, just do it. If you want to hold her hand, kiss her, etc. Take the risk.

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Kirsten Corley September 8, Simply put, you were acting with your heart, instead of listening to your head. If you have a wound on your knee, do you keep picking at it? You wrap it up and leave it alone until it heals. Your emotions are no different.

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It may take him longer to approach you, than it would take you to approach him. Men work on their own time and this could be for a of reasons. Sometimes it's because they have a fear of rejection. Other times it's because they don't realize. As women, we get swept off our feet too easily.

How to know if she has you wrapped around her finger – 12 s

Yes, they really are that clueless. It has everything to do with being you and not apologizing for it. You may have to wait awhile for him to come around, but he will come.

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He wants to spend his time with you. He picks up the phone when you call.

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You can depend on him. He helps you with your problems.

Women with men wrapped around their finger get in here!

He doesn't disappear. It makes a man take interest.

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He sees a smart, hard worker, who has her own life. Your time is valuable and therefore, men will know not to waste it.

23 ways to get a guy wrapped around your finger

He waited patiently. He treated you right.

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This is a good man and he deserves a good woman. Give him your all.