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Jordan asked: "I am a 14 year old bisexual teen and I try to use clothing to help state I am bisexual and I am proud. I want to use clothing to show that we are stronger then them. They look at us like we have a mental illness.

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Growing up, I picked labels that I felt I could fit into, and stuck with them rigidly. Coming out as bisexual wasn't something I even considered at the time, because I was so busy trying to fit myself into. Looking back, I can see that journey in my fashion choices: My sexuality and my style paralleled each other. When I wasn't exploring one, I wasn't exploring the other, either — and when I got a boost of confidence from delving deeper into one, it fueled me to analyze the other. Early on, I didn't want to be perceived as "girly," so I dressed like a tomboy.

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We often use clothing to express our identity and for Lucy Smith, 22, this is especially important. She talks to us about how her fashion has evolved through the years as she aims to express different aspects of her bisexuality at different times.

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When I used to dress like that, I certainly felt like I was further down the gay end of the spectrum. Lucy wonders whether her fashion would have eventually become more femme even if she was with a girl since she reckons she would play a very femme role in any relationship. Overall, Lucy just dresses to feel as confident as possible. It makes me laugh thinking about it now, but everyone just sees you as straight until told otherwise, in my opinion anyway, and so I guess I tried to project the otherwise in my clothing.

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I was always too much of a coward to ever speak to them though! Reading Using fashion to express her bisexuality.

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Share Tweet. Lucy left has found her style changes depending on which side of the spectrum she feels drawn to at the time.

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Using fashion to express her bisexuality. See all .

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