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Some abilities, like Drizzle, are a lot more useful than others. Abilities are a pretty big deal. Instead, you will have to S.

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So right now Im trying to breed my Venusaur so it can have hidden power fire. By any chance does anyone have a ditto they can trade with the right IV count? I honestly have no idea how to breed the stats into the ditto, but I know how to transfer the stats to the baby. What you might be looking for is Shiny 6iv Japanese Ditto. I gave mine up months ago just to breed without possible hacked Ditto.

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Hi guys! This is an advance guide, try looking for someone who has bred an HP Pokemon already.

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If you want to give this a try, please be familiar with flawless breeding methods. Hidden powers are base power 60 with accuracy in X and Y and are determined by whether an iv of a stat is even or odd from People usually have hidden power to cover weakness or to prevent them from being walled by another Pokemon. Magnezone could make use of hidden power fire.

How to breed pokemon for their hidden abilities

With the ability Magnet Pull, it can trap Ferrothorns and do 4x damage. Breed a male with the proper hidden power spread and then pair it up with a hidden ability female with the proper nature. Make sure the female has flawless stats.

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Give the male a destiny knot and the female an everstone. Essentially you are replacing a ditto with a high iv female with the hidden ability.

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Females have a much higher chance of passing down the hidden ability. In the house south-east of town, you will find a Psychic. You are commenting using your WordPress.

'pokémon sword and shield' breeding guide: egg moves, hidden abilities, ivs and more

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Notify me of new posts via. Address:. Guide to Breeding Hidden Powers Hi guys! Whats the point of hidden power?

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For example: Garchomp walls Manetric, so hidden power Ice will take care of it. How to I get started? You must need either: Two parents with 30 ivs in the stats needed. One parent with 30 ivs and a 6 iv ditto.

Pokémon sword and shield: how to get pokémon with hidden abilities

You must have a power item to pass down a specific stat. Everstone — passes down the parent holding it. Destiny knot — insures that 5 ivs will be passed down from the parents. Attach the correct Power item to the parent.

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Get another parent preferably flawless. Attach the destiny knot and put both of them into the daycare.

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Keep hatching until you get the Pokemon with 30 ivs in the proper stat s. For example, Manetric needs an even in attack to get hp Ice. So keep hatching and checking. Replace the parent in Step 3 with the newly hatched baby with 30 iv to increase your odds.

The ditto must have an everstone and the other parent must have the destiny knot. How to check for hidden power? Location: Anistar City In the house south-east of town, you will find a Psychic. Happy breeding ;] Edits: Proper grammar, corrections and punctuations.

The breeding guide part iv

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