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I liked bounty friend who half orc

I use mine to find fugitives in the slums of Sharn. I always find my mark.

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The Urban Bounty Hunter has a pretty exciting premise, while being entirely flexible with how you shape the actual background The "velvet mask" idea from the background implies you could be like a spy, blending in with nobles or rich folks who think they are untouchable The first class that comes to mind is Ranger, as they are "trackers" in a natural sense, who could have Humans as their Favored Enemy. But say you didn't want to do Ranger Barbarians have advantage on strength checks; and so they might be particularly good at chasing down bounties and twisting their arms into a grapple.

Few could contest them, and Eagle or Elk Totem barbarians are particularly swift. Intimidation gives them a way to shake people down for info.

Urban bounty hunter: class suggestions?

Monks are even faster than barbarians in generaland their "Stunning Strikes" can paralyze their target as they require. Bards are an unconventional choice What do think makes for an ideal class or character for this background? Perhaps share a character you've played as a bounty hunter and your exeriences with it?

I would probably go with the Rogue: thief for second storey work, inquisitive to sniff out the bounty or skirmisher for the maneuverability. I feel fighter could be a decent shout too: samurai hunting down their enemies, cavalier riding down their enemies, battle master has lo of stuff like disarming and tripping attacks to help detain targets. I did laugh thinking about a bard whose performance is shouting either "Freeze!

Urban bounty hunter: class suggestions?

Your surrounded! Cavalier Fighter.

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That's perfect I love the idea for that bard I suppose you could make one of any class you just got to flavour it. Vut glad you like my ideas. I always liked the idea of an urban-based ranger who knows all the nooks and crannies and side-streets, exploiting shortcuts while blending in with the crowd whether it be high society or the dregs.

The urban bounty hunter in my campaign is a Dwarf forge cleric. I think just about any race and any class can make this background work.

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I set up his backstory to where a distant cousin in his pre-Warlock days got him into the business. He would do odd jobs for well-placed people.

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Cantrips like Friends and spells like Tongues allow him to flow through social situations like water through a chain link fence. The DM has to be a little creative in finding a Patron who has use for this particular skill set. Ranger is a great choice with hunters Mark and advantage on tracking.

The dump stat mailing list!

But you don't want to do that, so I think the next best option is the inquisitive rogue. You'll get lots of bonuses to investigation. You'll need high Dex, high int, and high wis. It's doable but your con will suffer.

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Int could probably be your third stat, just take expertise in survival because that's the skill used in tracking. It could be pretty interesting to investigate and track down your Target. When you find it, you'll be adept at incapacitating it or just fighting it outright.

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I was planning a Shari kai elf 4 levels. He was sent here to search for an artifact stolen from his tribe. Several of his tribes mates were. He cannot return home untill he finds it. So learning the ways in prime material Plane being a bounty hunter seems to fit his style. But a fellow player begged to play a thief. So I gave in took a half orc warlock cavalier fighter.

Slightly different circumstances but worked the bounty Hunter in nicely. Only lv 2 now but going well. Pact of blade with glaive. Preorder here!

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In Free Up. They're are a lot of ways to build a Urban Bounty Hunter, but where I'm stuck is the class. What are some thoughts on the Urban Bounty Hunter? Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. I, like most, suffer from "Too many characters; not enough campaigns". I went with Kobold Fighter Samurai for mine. Tayn of Darkwood. Lvl 10 human Life Cleric of Lathander. Viktor Gavriil. Anzio Faro.

Mark of finding half-orc

Lvl 5 Prot. Aasimar Light Cleric. Anything works, just depends on how you want your character to go about doing his stuff. Ranger: hunters mark :. Last edited by Lehrer : Dec 6, Here's my character.

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I play a mark of finding half-orc gloomstalker ranger in Eberron. Posts Quoted:.

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